Orsele club Reviews [June] Is it a Possible Scam Not?

Orsele club Reviews [June] Is it a Possible Scam Not?

Orsele club Reviews [June] Is it a Possible Scam Not? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store offering home décor items.  Do you consider yourself an avid seeker of attractive home décor? Try orsele.club.

Who amongst all of us doesn’t like to adorn our homes with elegant and stylish décor? Uniquely crafted home décor truly makes our homes and their interiors more appealing and charms any visitor who we welcome inside. It lifts our mood and fills us with a sense of peace that we so desire after a hard and long day at work.

Quite a few brands have come up these days that to cater to our growing interest in investing in stylish home decor. These online stores have begun to provide a range of innovative home décor and related accessories that can be suited to each and everyone’s preferences and ideals. As they keep coming up with increasing variety in their interior decoration pieces, so it has become easy for us to order any artsy furniture, wall or tabletop accessories in the convenience of our homes. Today you’ll get to know about Orsele club Reviews an online brand which deals in home accessories and decoration.

But due to the steadily rising number of websites dealing in interior decoration pieces, you need to verify Is Orsele a Legit Website or only a way to ravage your hard-earned money.

A  newly launched online store in the United States is Orsele.club.

What is orsele.club?      

Orsele.club is a newly launched E-Commerce platform that provides an extensive collection of innovative home décor items as well as women’s clothing.

All the items found in this store are categorised into lanterns, switchplates, night lights, hats, and boxes and bins. Currently, the site is offering free shipping as well as returns on almost all of their purchases. It also features a newsletter subscription that would assist you in knowing a lot more regarding their services.   


  • Website type: Online platform dealing in a vast range of home décor.
  • http://orsele.club/
  • Processing time: Not provided in the site
  • Email: orsele@outlook.com
  • Processing time: Not provided in the site
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Return: Within 30 days of receiving the order
  • Shipping charge: Shipping is free 
  • Delivery time: within one day 
  • Refund: Within 30 days
  • Order cancellation: Not provided
  • Contact: +12563695004
  • Company address:  South 67th Street, 1926 Omaha, Suite 250, Nebraska 68106
  • Payment modes: Discover, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Amex

 However, before thinking to buy from here, go through the review to know is legit or not.

Is orsele legit?

We searched for the authenticity of this site from various sources. Unfortunately, we have concluded that Orsele lacks credibility and isn’t free of risks for many unsuspecting first-time buyers.

Firstly, what seems extremely strange and provokes doubts in us is the fact that majority of the content which consists many photographs and written content especially in the ‘About us’ page is undoubtedly copied from elsewhere. Many social media links are also listed on the home page, but they aren’t functional. It raises concerns regarding user safety in our minds.

Besides, the site has also mentioned clearly that it offers women’s clothing apart from home décor. But this is not true. Their clothing link does not work. It shows that the site does not stand real to its claim and has not been appropriately updated.

  Pros of buying from orsele.com:

  • Innovative home décor as seen on the website 
  • Several payment options through cards
  • Currently offering free shipping and returns

 Cons of buying from orsele.com:

  • Lack of customer reviews on its products
  • COD is not an option
  • Copied content and graphics

What customers are saying about orsele.com

Inspite of our many attempts at finding out customer feedback of people who might have purchased something from this site, we could not get our hands on even a single review of their product. Not only is the traffic in this site non-existent enough, but elsewhere too, it seems to have attracted little or no customer attention.

Final verdict:

Our decisive conclusion, after thoroughly examining this site is that it will be best for you to keep a safe distance from it. Despite so many red flags that we came across regarding its authenticity, we would deem it dangerous for you to trust this site with your money. There are no customer reviews to fall back upon and get an idea of the quality of the products that they offer. This site is undoubtedly a scam one intended to fool hapless customers by exhibiting a range of tempting and intricate home décor pieces on it.

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