Oriba.space Reviews (July 2020)  Is It The Legit Business?

Oriba.space Reviews (July 2020) Is It The Legit Business?

Oriba.space Reviews (July 2020)  Is It The Legit Business?>> Read this review if you are looking to purchase amethyst quartz online.

Do you want to purchase amethyst quartz to place as a decorative item in your dining room or other? Then it would be best if you visited the Oriba.space online store. 

The Amethyst quartz stone has a beautiful color and has been used by popes and other men of the church as amulets or rings. The natural purple color of the stone could provide that pop of color your room needs. It can be easily purchased online from a variety of shopping sites. 

One such site is the Oriba.space. The Oriba.space Reviews aims at giving the insight regarding the seller. The review will bring some facts to all customers.

People in the United States and everywhere must be aware of before making purchases from a new online seller. 

What is Oriba.space? 

Oriba.space is an online seller of all things stone and offers everything from regular stone pieces to combs and jewellery. If you have been searching for ways to heal your chakras, then you are in for a treat. 

Their about us section talks about ensuring their customers have a rich experience as well as unlimited credibility. They also mention about making their products go through strict multiple checks to maintain their quality. Their customer services are at your service 24 hours a day! 

They currently deliver to 50 United States cities. The customer will be able to receive it within 3-8 business days. However, the website does not provide any customer reviews, and its creation date tells us that it was established in June of 2020. 

Such young sites are usually not trustworthy. 

What is unique about Oriba.space?

We in this Oriba.space Reviews believe that this online seller offers exciting products. Stones such as the Rose Quartz and Amethyst Quartz are known for their healing properties, apart from being beautiful.

If you are looking to bring some positive energy into your homes and life, then these stones could help you do just that. The other products, like the stainless-steel straw with the crystal amethyst, carved dragons/skulls, massagers and combs, etc., can be purchased off the site. 

There is something for everybody, even if you are on the lookout for simple decorative items to gift or just add color to shelves and rooms.   

Specifications of Oriba.space

  • Products- crustal healing items and other decorative items 
  • Website-  https://www.oriba.space/ 
  • Email- support@oriba.space
  • Phone number- (970) 539-1922
  • Shipping/processing time- 24-48 hours from order date 
  • Delivery time- 3-8 business days, 5-14 on international shipping  
  • Shipping fee- shipping and handling is free 
  • Return- from 30 days of purchase 
  • Exchange- follow steps mentioned on the site 
  • Refunds- 15 days from the company receiving the item 
  • Online payment- using PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Oriba.space

  • Products provided are perfect decorative or gifting items 
  • The shipping details provided by the site are clear 
  • They deliver to countries apart from the United States 
  • Customer can make easy exchanges 
  • Contact information clear for the customer 
  • They offer free shipping worldwide 

Cons of purchasing from Oriba.space

  • It was created less than 6 months ago 
  • The address provided belongs to a PO box 
  • You will find hidden pages on the site 
  • Business address and phone numbers belong to 2 different states 
  • No customer reviews available on the site 
  • Customers can only make online payments for purchases 

Customer reviews of the Oriba.space

The layout of the website is haphazard, and all the products seem to be dumped into one category, that is the ‘stones collection.’ Although the products are modestly priced and claim to be 100% natural specimen stones, we cannot be sure. 

As to begin with, there are no customer reviews, and their about us section gives nothing away about its makers. It only mentions about wanting to provide the best quality to their customers. The absence of reviews could be because the website has a 1-month-old creation date. 

But the absence is also a staple with all scam sites. Much of the information, like the address and phone number, doesn’t seem legit as they belong to 2 different cities. Would a legit company do that? 

Final Verdict- 

Keeping all the above specifications and information found in mind, we believe the website is providing false information and could possibly be a fake. Through this Oriba.space Reviews we have tried to provide our readers with ample information, like its address and contact number.

Both seem to be fake, and hence we do not recommend indulging in shopping from this site. 

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