Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit? Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit? Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit? >> In this article, we are informing you about a site that sells air furniture and pools.

Are you looking for a perfectly cozy place at your home? Then you must check out this United States-based web portal ‘Oneaonline.’ 

Recently we stumbled upon this new website, which tends to sell some products which were related to several fraud sites. So we decided to check its legitimacy and provide unbiased Reviews for our readers. 

This website has several facts that were suspicious. So, we take the responsibility of answering your related queries such as ‘Should we trust’ Or ‘Is Legit?‘ You will find vital information about the site in our review, which will help you make a smart choice. 

We understand the value of your time and money, so let’s jump into the review part of the website without wasting any more seconds.

What is Oneaonline? 

Oneaonline is a type of web portal situated in the United States and seems to be very professional and user-friendly. The site sells air beds, above ground pools, air furniture, and boat set of Intex. The most suspicious thing about Oneaonline is that it has the same template designs and products, like the US are recently found fraud sites.

There are other aspects which raise a question like Is Legit?‘ So let us see whether it’s claims or right or is it another scam site. 

Specifications of

  • Company URL-
  • Company Address- Not mentioned by site
  • Contact Number- Not specified by site
  • Email Address- 
  • Shipping Time- 3-7 working days
  • Shipping Charges- Free of cost
  • Delivery Location- United States
  • Tracking Order- Available 
  • Return and Exchange Policy- Available under terms and conditions.
  • Refund Policy- Available under terms and conditions.
  • Privacy Policy- Available
  • Cancellation Policy- Not mention by site 
  • Payment Mode- PayPal and credit cards

Pros of

  • The website looks proficient.
  • It has a valid HTTPS address and SSL certification.
  • The site has a wide variety of products.
  • It is providing great deals and policies.
  • Any other company does not blacklist it.
  • It pretends to provide 24*7 client service.

Cons of

  • The website has a new domain registration on 23.03.2020(less than six months).
  • It shows low traffic and no active social media handle.
  • It has no promotional post or Reviews on the internet.
  • It is linked to other fraud sites in the United States and has no customer feedback.
  • It does not share the essential company and contact details.
  • McAfee or Norton does not protect the website, and none of the famous sites have rank Oneaonline.

Is Legit?

If you haven’t yet guessed the answer to your question, Is Legit? Then the answer is NO. This website is a scam site of the United States. The website does not provide any new point to trust it, but it is excelling in creating drawbacks for customers. 

We should never trust any online portal, which is not even six months old. Apart from that, while writing this Reviews, we found several issues with the return and refund policies. It also means you might not get back your money in case of any fraud or default. 

It does not also have any cancellation policy means if you change your money or are not available to take the parcel, your cash and product will vanish. 

What are people saying about 

While writing this Reviews, we searched every social media platform, and there was no customer feedback or comment about its products. We do not even find any video reviews about the product or website. 

There are a few reviews on ‘Is Legit?‘, but there were no comments on those reviews too. So, it is tough to determine the public perception of 

The website also does not provide any space for customer feedback in the future, which is fishy!! 

Final Verdict

We have said everything about, and it is your choice to decide whether to purchase from it or not. As far as its legitimacy is concerned, we would say that is a SCAM site. 

In this review, we will urge you to stay away from such websites. We know how vital it is to maintain a grand lifestyle and bank balance, so we provide these reviews to save your time and hard-earned money. 

Now it’s entirely your choice, and we hope you do a great job ahead. But in case you have already purchased from, we would request you to comment down your experience to help others.

0 thoughts on “ Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit?

  1. I purchased from them through PayPal, the next morning I received a tracking number showing it was delivered to my house the day before I even ordered it. Now there is no response and I have to wait 20 days to file a complaint to try to get my money back.

    I feel like such a fool

  2. My wife did a pool purchase a week ago. Money was taken out of PayPal and she has yet to receive a confirmation email of the purchase. Charge was for 98.99 USD and it seems as though this is for sure a scam. We are disputing it through PayPal right now.

  3. I researched the website and found nothing negative, so I placed an order. Everything seemed legit all the way thru checkout. I had even gotten a confirmation email but never could track my order. If I update the link it still says it’s processing. I have sent a few emails to the given address and have got no response. It doesn’t even show up I n my “sent email”.
    So now I have to get ahold of pay pal and hope they back up this transaction before my whole account gets drained or hacked.
    My advice… if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true.
    I also noticed it is now onetonline when before it was oneaonline.

  4. I purchased a pool from this site i got it from of course facebook now im out my money even tho i used paypal they wont rule in my favor because they sent a legitimate looking ups tracking number and it said delivered. Im so angry but mainly with myself. Stay away from facebook ads please. This is a scam they all are.

  5. I ordered a pool website looked legit and I was excited to get a nice pool for 98.99 still haven’t received the pool. Contacted paypal as I paid them at there paypal account I’m waiting to hear bk from them to see if they can find the shipper for me and possibly get my money back. It would let me pay them with my paypal account that nite so I used a credit card. I’m hoping PayPal will help me get my money bk.

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