Omattire Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit Website?

Omattire Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit Website?

Omattire Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit Website? >> An online fashion store that practically sells Indian and western clothes at discounted prices.

Numerous ethnic-fusion labels started this trend and style of clothing in the last five years. In India, not entirely ethnic and not all-out Westerly, many brands can be seen mixing the two and merging a fine-line of such clothing styles. 

In the upcoming festive season and weddings, the customers are looking for a solution to all shopping decisions and ladies who want to rock the styles. Omattire Review is about women’s fashion demands that include fast fashion wear and globally fashionable apparel or accessories.

To check the unique style signature and the products attuned to the women of this century, this review is all about it. Below are all the points that mark the online journey of Omattire! 

What is Omattire? 

Omattire is an online shopping in India that sells Indian and Western wear like beautiful Saree, Salwar Suit, Kurti, Lehenga, Night Dress, and T-Shirt. The website also sells the product from other areas as well as and some lifestyle items. It claims of different apparel and jewelry designs available in a range of materials. 

All the clothes seem low at a price and come in different colors to choose from. The following section from which the customers can shop from are: 

  • Home Accessories
  • Bags
  • Women’s India and Western Wear
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty Products

Specifications of Omattire: 

  • Site Type: e-commerce Indian store 
  • Website’s address: 
  • Contact information: 
  • Company address: OmAttire, 400, Maradian Tower Godadara- 395010 Surat GJ, India
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy
  • Exchange: Available 
  • Shipping fee: Free Shipping in India
  • Refund: When the return is inspected 
  • Shipping: 7 days for national shipping
  • Telephone number: Not given 
  • Payment Mode: Visa Card, MasterCard 

Advantages of Omattire:

  • The products have an affordable cost. 
  • The products have the return and refund policies. 
  • There is an ample variety of all Indo and western collections.
  • Shopping can be done on a secured link and protected HTTP connection. 

Disadvantages of Omattire: 

  • The email address given is not professional. 
  • The customer Omattire Review is not given. 
  • The contact number is not specified.
  • The age of the website is young. 
  • The content in the policies and the product descriptions are copied and has many errors. 
  • The payment options are not exact. 
  • The whole design and the fonts are not uniform and look unprofessional. 
  • The social media of the website is nil. 
  • The home page is missing the About Us section. 
  • The address of the company is fake and not registered. 
  • Many images of the products are taken from other sources and pasted. 

Is Omattire an online shop a scam? 

Omattire Review gives all the proof and reveals the authenticity behind this newly established site. The customers shouldn’t trust the site blindly without seeing all the specs about it. Let’s go with the Omattire website that seems suspicious. As far as website age is concerned, many years old online shops are comparatively more reliable than others. This site is only 29 days old, and that is the first alarming flag about it.

This site also has no trustworthy company address, and they have listed the wrong location. The location was checked on the Google maps and then some other places were listed with the same location. The contact number is also not mentioned. Omattire Review found the extra proof that many pages and many contents on the website are copied and plagiarized. It looks like a fraudulent site, and about us is also not given. 

Their return, refunds, and other policy page are not perfect and highly plagiarized. The payment option is also missing. The website looks like a scam. 

What are customers saying about the Omattire?

Omattire Review couldn’t find the site’s social media presence and shows no customer has brought the products. The customer reviews are missing, and any trustworthy website has good customer reviews. 

Even the owner details are not mentioned, and any scam site will always hide its owner identity and operate the site anonymously. This online shop gives a massive discount and low prices on the product, which is highly suspicious. Omattire Review found the entire scheme shady, and the customers should be beware of this new site. 

Bottom Line:

This review has firmly resolved that Omattire is a possible scam site, and it is made to tempt the buyers with affordable deals and cheap products. The items seem fake, and even the product images are copied from other sources. This is accurate about this store, and many other websites are working likewise.

As mentioned earlier in the Omattire Review, the points will help the customers check the legit site from the scam. Leave the comment about the Omattire below!

0 thoughts on “Omattire Review {Oct 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit Website?

  1. I have ordered 3 bags from OMATTIRE website but haven’t received any information related to my order. It is a fraud website with scam profile details.

  2. I have placed an order in Omattire website and I have not received yet and I’m trying to contact them and I have not received any response

    I feel the website is fake.

  3. It is a fake website.
    I took risk n placed order for rs.200
    There was no option for COD also
    Thus I feel it’s a scam and looting people.

  4. I ordered pajamas from this website a month back. Didn’t get any mail or response when approached. It’s a scam for sure! Very disappointing.

  5. I have placed an order but did not get any information about the order yet. Even they did not reply to my email. Its a fake site and scam and now i am not able to see this site

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