Old Man Sitting In Chair Meme Meaning (Feb) Know It Here!

Old Man Sitting In Chair Meme Meaning (Feb) Know It Here!

Old Man Sitting In Chair Meme Meaning (Feb) Know It Here! >> Do you want to know the most captivated meme over the internet? Then please go through the article below.

Old Man Sitting in Chair Meme Meaning: On January 20, 2021, the inauguration day widely shined when Joe Biden, the current president of America, took the new administration’s oath. The inauguration may be over, but one of the memes is going viral over the internet Worldwide; it is a photo of 79-year-old man sitting in his chair, keeping his legs and arms crossed. 

Curious to know the meaning of an older man sitting in the chair? Who is that older man? Then read the complete article here, which has a bunch of crucial information.

Old Man Sitting in a Chair Meme Meaning

American politician Bernie Sanders is being trolled for his appearance on inauguration day, his photo wearing a surgical mask, sitting on a foldable chair, his legs and arms crossed, wearing a simple coat and knitted mittens is being edited into anything and everything possible. 

From famous paintings to TV shows, movies to album covers, and many more, his photo is being photo edited Worldwide. Want to know in detail about the Old Man Sitting in Chair Meme Meaning? Then please continue reading the article till the end.

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is a United States Politician who served as a Junior U.S Senator from Vermont since 2007 and U.S Representative at-large congressional district from 1991-2007. He also served as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. 

People’s Reaction to Old Man Sitting in Chair Meme Meaning

Sanders sitting in his chair immediately caught many audience attention, and dozens of memes going viral on social media. People started to Photoshop the pic into every imaginable situation that is the most fun to watch. 

All the celebrities, including Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anne Hathaway, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, and many more, shared memes on various social media platforms.

Sander’s Reactions to Old Man Sitting in Chair Meme

To the trending meme that is going viral over the internet, Bernie Sanders in Seth Meyers’ show said, “I was sitting and trying to keep myself warm, and paying attention to what was going on.” 

In an interview with Gayle King, sanders added his words are saying that “In Vermont we know something about cold we are not much concerned about good fashion, I wanted to keep myself warm that’s what I did today.”

The Final Verdict

Where there is a special day and happiness, there is a meme. When a longest surviving Vermont Senator was there to watch proceedings of Biden being sworn in as president of America, his iconic costume and his sitting posture caught much attention, and the picture of Bernie sitting on a chair, crossed his arms and legs to keep himself warm is trending over the internet. We hope the article was informative yet fun to read.

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