7 Unique Facts About Offshore Credit Card Processing

7 Unique Facts About Offshore Credit Card Processing

Irrespective of their risk profiles, many companies are opting for offshore credit card processing nowadays. One of the reasons for this is the plethora of benefits that they can avail. While this is the case, not many know how and why an offshore merchant account is beneficial. 

The present-day e-commerce demands improvised methods of credit and debit card processing. As the outreach of businesses is widening, a secure payment platform has become a necessity. 

Why is offshore credit card processing unique? 

There are several kinds of payment processors out there. One of the reasons why businesses prefer offshore payment processing is its unique benefits. 

Applying and getting approved for a high-risk merchant account is a complicated process. Not all payment processors accept applications from all businesses. Even if they do, the cost of the procedure can be hefty. 

Offshore processing stands out because of its leniency in accepting applications irrespective of the risk profiles. It is why many low-risk business owners opt for offshore credit card processors to safeguard their transactions. 

Let us look at some factors that make offshore credit card processing unique.

Tax benefits 

Also referred to as tax havens, some countries allow business owners to run by paying lower taxes. It has become common to seek refuge in countries like these to avoid paying hefty taxes. Several countries ensure an effective and secure platform for businesses to handle their transactions. But with such a high level of security comes charges that might be heavy for business owners. 

Tax havens protect your confidential financial information with the help of advanced technology fit for the contemporary world. Offshore processors help business owners find a suitable tax haven that is economically and politically stable. Not every business owner has a similar financial background.

Other than this, offshore processors protect your assets from unwanted access. This way, offshore processing can save your money by cutting off unwanted taxes and payments. 

High volume business solutions 

Offshore processors charge more than conventional banks for transactions and other procedures. Industries that need more security and privacy opt for offshore processing. Some industries that need offshore processors include: 

  • Websites that have adult content 
  • Gambling companies and websites
  • Accounting firms 
  • Dating services 

Looking at all of these industries, it is evident that they have a diverse number of products and services to offer. Offshore processing allows liberal volume limits. Merchants in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries can benefit by opting for an offshore processor.  The generous volume caps make investing in offshore processing more profitable.

International opportunities 

With so many industries needing high-volume solutions, the market widens and thus leads to more opportunities in the field. Companies in one country can avail opportunities from all around the globe. 

So, connecting with companies that operate in the same industry opens doors to different clients. A survey found that several e-commerce websites run in countries that have lower taxes. 

Easy and convenient registrations 

Leniency is one of the perks of having an offshore payment processor. As we are aware, several low-risk business owners go for offshore processing to avail themselves of its benefits. 

The reason for this is the relatively easier registration process. Applying for a high-risk merchant account is complicated. Though offshore processing costs more than traditional banks, it is more approachable. 

Higher levels of security 

Business owners apply for high-risk merchant accounts as it offers a higher level of security. Transactions and payments need an inbuilt technology to ensure the secrecy of private and confidential information. 

Offshore processors take measures to keep their consumers’ data more secure. With secured servers, transactions remain safe. Protection against fluctuations in currency is another reason for the popularity of offshore payment processing.


Above everything, a service should be worth the amount of money that a business owner pays. 

An offshore merchant account can be an ideal investment for someone who is looking to save money. As you hire an offshore processor, you get: 

  • Protection from unwanted access
  • Protected servers for safer transactions

Also, by providing tax benefits, offshore processing proves to be an economical option. 

Better service 

All offshore processors do not offer services that are up to scratch. But reputable processors know and understand your requirements. 

As they have services backed by technology, clients get 24/7 assistance. 

Things you should know 

With the advent of technology, the number of online businesses has increased significantly. Having a virtual business can have higher levels of risk. Also, there is an increase in the number of cybercriminals. 

Offshore processing can protect you from unauthorized access. 

When should you apply for an offshore payment processing account? 

A corporate individual or a company needs an offshore processing account if: 

  • They involve in businesses that are not limited to a particular region and are international. 
  • Most of their payments and transactions take place online. 
  • They have a network of workplaces in countries in which they operate. 
  • They have a high-risk business. 

How to find out if your business is a high-risk one? Companies or websites that sell products or offer services that are not globally legal are high-risk ones. Similarly, high-risk businesses face frequent chargebacks. 

Industries that maintain the financial and personal information of consumers are high-risk ones. 

Setting up an offshore account involves application and fraud screening processes. Submitting the necessary documents can get you started. 

Avoiding scammers online is as essential as having a profitable online business. Some things that you can do from your end 

  • Choosing a reputable payment processor. 
  • Being honest with the processor. 
  • Submitting all the necessary documents, including your company profile and transaction history. 
  • Keeping track of the progress.

Bottom line 

Choosing a payment processor that has a similar business model to yours can ensure a better experience. Doing proper research about a processor can help. 

It is advisable to get a professional’s advice before processing with a processor.

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