Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype?

Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest 2020

Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest (Jan 2021) Worth the Hype? >> In the above article, you read about a new initiative launched in New York to avail of online learners’ permits.

What if you can skip going to DMV offices and get your permits online?

New Yorkers, it’s time for you’ll to skip the queues and DMV visits and get your learner’s license with the help of online tests instead of the written ones.

United States’ people appreciate this pilot project, as it has granted them ease in availing learners’ permits.

Continue reading this article on Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest to know more about this pilot project and its benefits.

About Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest:

Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest is an online platform that has recently been started for New York people living in counties with state-run DMV offices. These include New York, Kings, Bronx, Albany, Queens, etc.

This platform can be used by people to get their learners after clearing an online test. This online test is conducted license instead of the written test, which was completed earlier for the applicants.

The test has 50 questions, and its duration is around 60 minutes. It is available in 16 languages.

Who is eligible for Onlinepermittest?

Anyone who wishes to obtain a learners’ license can go for this test. This test is currently available for New Yorkers only, as it is in a pilot phase.

The applicants should be 15 years or above. All the applicants below the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian to accompany them during the test. The same person is then required to go for an office visit as well with the minor applicant.

What is the process for the online test?

To become eligible for the online test, the users must first fill an online registration form on the Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest homepage. After they fill in all the required information such as name, address, age, etc., they will receive the online test link on their email address.

The link received on the mail is valid for 15 minutes only. The approximate duration of the test is around 45-60 minutes, and the number of questions is 50. Once the applicants pass the test, they have to go to the office to get their permits.

If the applicants are below 18 years old, they must be accompanied by an older person during the test and the office visit.

Benefits of online test:

This online test has proven to be of great help to the applicants. Earlier, they had to go to the office to give the written test. Now, the test’s online format allows the applicants to provide the test from the comfort of their homes and avoid going to the office, hence saving their time and transportation costs. It is also beneficial in maintaining social distancing.


Nyakts Com Onlinepermittest has proven to be a great help for the people who wish to have a learner’s permit. Once the pilot phase is completed, this facility will be available to other people in the United States.

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  1. I attempted to take my online permit test but once i get to unique ID, I can not get past. I tried my Non-drivers ID and that number do not work. Can someone assist me with this?

  2. I attempted to take my online permit test but once i get to unique ID, I can not get past. I tried my Non-drivers ID and that number do not work. Can someone assist me with this? Thanks

      1. you should have received the email that you had inputed prior to the exam, try checking your spam folder or trash in your email. If you cannot find it not sure if you would be able to but take the exam once more, re-register and take the exam. Best of luck!

      2. you have to make an appointment with DM|V select you pass test and is ge\tting permit..
        i accidently booked pass test and made me return home because i didnt do the online test uggg\g\…. i schedule wrong.

  3. You are supposed to check you email for the unique ID, it is not given in numbers but through a link, if you click the link in your email after registration the code is inputed already in the website, you just begin the exam! hope this helps and good luck!

  4. I want to register to the do the online New York driving permit test but unable to register. can someone help me


  5. How can I take online permit test ? I am tryin nad it says “Thank you for your interest in the online permit test. The test is currently available through a limited pilot program by invitation only”. can smone help me please?

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