Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK (Dec) Top Player Game!

Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK (Dec) Top Player Game!

Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK (Dec) Top Player Game! >> The stats for the year 2020 in review for the famous gaming console is here. Read to know how you can access it and from where.

Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK is here to give a great end to the year 2020 of all the Nintendo Switch players. Yes, there is a surprise created by the company for its beloved users.The year 2020 had been tough on everyone, and the gamers worldwide seem to have made the most out the pandemic. As per the data, the total number of active players had increased the most during this time. Many games gained popularity and fanfare.

To mark a great end to this year, the famous gaming company, Nintendo is sending each player the complete statistics of their Switch games played in 2020.The official website is only for US or Canada players, and hopefully, the United Kingdom players will also be able to see their stats. Read the article to know-how.

What is Nintendo Switch?

As can be interpreted from the name of Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK, the topic is about Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is a video gaming console released worldwide in March 2017 by Nintendo. Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game and consumer electronics company.This gaming console is a tough competition to Play Station and Xbox One. It is a tablet that can be used as both: a home console or as a portable device. This makes it a hybrid console that comes with wireless detachable Joy-Con controllers.

It can be used in two modes: TV mode and Handheld mode. The TV mode consists of the controllers attached to a different grip whereas, in the Handheld mode, the controllers are attached to each side of the screen. 

What is Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK?

The company provides all the registered players of Nintendo, the chance to see all the statistics of their games played on the Nintendo Switch. As the end of the year is here, they give the players a year 2020 review of their account.

The statistics include the kind of player you were this year; the total number of hours played; the total number of games played; the most active day by hours and the most played games in 2020.There was news that only accounts registered in the US and Canada could access these statistics, but now the company is sending emails to Europe and the United Kingdom.

People’s reactions:

Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK made everyone happy. The players were excited to check their year in review after listening to the news. And most of them were shocked to see their total number of hours played in 2020.How was your year in review from Nintendo? Do you love this initiative of the company? Do tell us in the comment section below.

Final Verdict:

There is excellent news for all the Nintendo Switch players. They can now check their personal statistics of playing different games on the console. The stats include various information like the total number of hours played, the most played games and the most active day in 2020 on the console, by hours. Nintendo Switch Year in Review UK increased excitement in all the players with the unique year in review stats.

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