Nicole Junkermann Harvard {Mar} About His Achievement

Nicole Junkermann Harvard {Mar} About His Achievement

Nicole Junkermann Harvard {Mar} About His Achievement-> Please read the information contained in the following article about Nicole Junkermann, personal information, foundations and achievements.

She is the owner and founder of an international investment company with massive interest in venture capital, equity and real estate. Also, a founder of the online sports gaming platform winamax. She has done various foundations and portfolio plans in the United States.

Nicole Junkermann was born on the 27th of April 1980 in Dusseldorf, Germany. She is an investor and a women entrepreneur who lives in west London. As Nicole Junkermann Harvard, the founder of NJF holdings and had raised her equity fund privately

Brief about the historian

Nicole shares the qualities that make the young entrepreneurs and their businesses attractive and guide how they can provide the best safeguards for their investments and safeguard their future longevity. It gives an investor the knowledge and information about the health crisis’s learnings and her experience to work as a women entrepreneur and investor.

Nicole Junkermann has many achievements and positions as an holding, investment and an international company, including the other business like Capital, Finance and Real state. She has various foundations and functions. Have a look below!

Founder of NJF holdings

 NJF Holdings is a foundation of Nicole Junkermann Harvard, founded in 2012, which acts as a connection between traditional business concepts and the upcoming technological industrial. They invest in various companies related to health, debt and equities. 

It works and includes in-depth knowledge about business strategies, technical know-how. They have an excellent record of scale at the top with their effective processes and investment portfolio plans. She supervises an investment portfolio in the United States with strategic investment in many countries.

Co-founder of Football gaming portolwinamax

Nicole junkermann Harvard has co-founded it, and as proved as her first great success. She had joined sports and media and acted as a significant shareholder and vice-chairman. She sold it in 2001 and invested in newly founded sports and media agency. 

OWKIN: Nicole is a director of Paris-based OWKIN, which is one of the NJF capital’s portfolio investment companies, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence for medical research to develop faster, safer and to induce the most effective medicines and for the treatment of patients. 

Committee member:Tate Americans

Nicole Junkermann Harvard, as a committee member, also supports the Tate Americans Foundation. It acts as an independent charity. Nicole Junkermann went to harvard in a program that is aimed at management development. 


Nicole junkermann brings a different point of her knowledge in investments and provides identifying support to the companies and investors and their whole journey of acquisition. 

She bought an attractive and successful generalist support to analyse various business and investment opportunities. 

As Nicole Junkermann Harvard, she has also built and sold various highly successful media businesses with strategic investment plans and techniques.

 She has begun and made her name in male-dominated sectors like sports and investment and proved herself. 

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