Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews [Feb] Is It Legit?

Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews [Feb] Is It Legit?

Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews [Feb] Is It Legit? -> Does the current fragrance you are using is not enough to excite your olfactory senses, for trying wisteria read the review below.

Are you the one who loves the fragrance of different type and has a nose which can distinguish between white sandalwood and black Tulip? Females in the United States and all over the world are known for their strong olfactory sense and they also get offended by any bad odor.

Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews will discuss a scent which is for female and has a different fragrance. In this review we will talk about its pros, cons, features, and whether this product is legit or not. So to know every minute detail about this perfume keeps reading this wisteria blue till the end.

What is Nest Wisteria Blue?

When Laura Slatkin was visiting Charleston, South Carolina she came across a house that was covered in wisteria blue and white, it impressed her so much that she decided then and there to create a fragrance of wisteria.

Wisteria blue is owned by the brand nest and was launched in the year 2018, it is priced from $13.99 to $89 depending on the pack size. Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews found the price to be quite affordable as new shoppers can start with the small pack which will cost him only $14.

 This product is available in the marketplace like Amazon and eBay. If you have taken the seasonal or annual subscription of Fabfitfun then also you can get this product. 


  • Product: Beauty care, Perfume
  • Launch year: 2018
  • Fragrance note: French Wisteria, Bulgarian rose, and imperial jasmine
  • Price: $13.99 to $89
  • Availability: Amazon, eBay, Fatfitfun, and others
  • Discount: not available
  • Brand: Nest
  • Shipping: As per marketplace rule
  • Refund: As per marketplace rule


  • The pricing of the product is done in such a way that people belonging to different income groups can go for the product.
  • Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews believes that the availability of products at key online market places allows shoppers from all over the United States to buy the item.
  • Nest has made a place for itself in the perfume market with its different fragrances like paradise and black tulip, so shoppers can go for wisteria blue as a change of fragrance.
  • Different reviews on the digital platform give a feeling that females were just waiting for this product launch.


  • This product is not available for international shoppers and only people living in certain countries can avail of this item.
  • No discount is available on this item which is always a mood spoiler for the buyer.

Is Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Legit?

After doing thorough research about this product and the house it belongs to, we can say that there is no question about the legitimacy of this perfume. Before the launch of this product, Nest has a lot of other perfumes in the market with different fragrances.

The availability of products on the marketplace like Amazon and eBay also brings credibility to the item as they have very strict guidelines, which every seller has to follow. Nest has also other products in the beauty care category which is doing well in the market. 

This brand can also boast of a loyal customer base that awaits a new product launch from this house.

What are Wisteria Blue Reviews?

After discussing Is Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Legit, let’s move on to its reviews about which we can only tell that it is hard to find anything negative against the product. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from eighty-six ratings, which is quite good as amazon has a diverse customer base. has a rating of 3.88 out of 5 from 162 votes. On a review was written at the time of the wisteria launch and has around twenty-five comments and almost all the reviews were positive for the brand and wisteria fragrance.

There are also many more reviews that spoke positively about this brand and the product can be found on the digital platform. 

Final verdict:

There are many brands in the market and each one has its vision and mission. In the Nest Wisteria Blue Perfume Reviews team opinion, Nest through its quality of product and proper positioning of it in the market has shown to the world that people will wait for your product launch if you give them the value which they are paying for.

Though there are many marketing and promotional tools to sell the product, you can also do your task while keeping things simple.

If any one of you have used this perfume or has any opinion about this product, please do share your views about the product and review it in the comment section below.

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