National Chocolate 2021 {Feb} Read To Know The Date!

National Chocolate 2021 {Feb} Read To Know The Date!

National Chocolate 2021 {Feb} Read To Know The Date! >> A day is entirely dedicated for Chocolate! Do you know which date is it? Read to know more about it.

Do you know on which date people will celebrate National Chocolate 2021 day?

Are you aware that a whole day is dedicated to celebrating chocolates! Yes, there is a specific day where you can enjoy and celebrate with your favorite chocolates.

Chocolate lovers in the United Kingdom and United States are showing passion about this year’s national chocolate day celebration. Some of them have asked which date it would be! So keep reading the entire writing to know the date and much more related to this.

On which date the ‘National Chocolate Day’ generally celebrated:

Chocolate is loved by every aged people, from kids to young adults or even old people are also fond of chocolates

We researched on National Chocolate 2021 and found that there are mainly three types of chocolates available in the market- Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Our survey reveals that 60% of people love milk chocolate, 25% love dark one, and 15% love white chocolate.

To celebrate the rich tasty sweet and its incredible creation, National Chocolate Day is celebrated on 28th October.

History of National Chocolate Day:

If we check the history of chocolate invention, we need to go 2500 years back when Aztecs invent the liquid form of chocolate. He loved his creation so much that he thought the god of wisdom- Quetzalcoatl handed it over to them.

Interestingly that time, chocolate was used as currency. National Chocolate 2021history tells, in 16th century in Europe the Chocolate turn into sweet dessert after adding sugar into it.

The current famous chocolate producing company started their business in the 19th century. In England, the Cadbury was begun to be noted in 1868. 

Is chocolate a fermented food?

Yes, chocolate is produced by the fermentation process. After cleaning the cocoa pods, the cocoa beans undergo fermentation. Then the shells are removed, and it is then ground separated into cocoa butter and cocoa solids and mixed with sugar and milk. For white chocolate, combine the chocolate butter with sugar and milk.

Why National Chocolate 2021 celebrated?

National Chocolate Day is to give gratitude to this culinary invention. In India and Canada, every aged person is passionate about chocolate. We all know the taste of this lavish dessert is divine, alongwith it has several health benefits.

According to a study, Chocolate plays a crucial role in lowering body stress. It helps in the secretion of Dopamine, Endorphins, and Serotonin that reduces our mental stress.

It can also help in reducing body weight. Eating dark chocolate can lead to weight loss as it includes a small amount of sugar.

Chocolate is good for heart health. As per the American Heart Association, cocoa, dark chocolate helps in removing bad cholesterol- LDL from our body and prevent from clogging arteries.


National Chocolate 2021 will be celebrated on 28th October, and the day will be Thursday. Do not miss the chance to celebrate this day with your favorite chocolate recipe. Try a variety of recipes; share them with your friends.

Which chocolate do you love to eat most? Please comment below.

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