Review  [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? Review [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? Review [July 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> In this post we review a mask that is made of Nano technology and can be used day long.

Masks are the new norms of life. When the phenomenon of COVID-19 struck the world, it was unknown whether it would create such a huge impact. However, to protect ourselves, masks are currently the best shield with us. Here, we have tried to bring forth some Review that will help you to get better clarity.

The company is gaining popularity in the United States, Philippines and catering to the needs of all its citizens. If you are searching for face-masks, then you are at the right destination. At Nano-Air Mask, one can get a good quality of products that helps you to protect yourself. They have become a crucial thing at this time. It is due to face-masks that the situation is in a controlled state.

What is

Masks have been part of life for those who accepted that Environmental risks exist forever. When COVID-19 hit America, the lockdown was imposed to fight the situation. But putting everything under halt stopped the economy. Nano-Air Mask is the invention of opportunity created during this time. It came out with a product named PURE MSK. 

The manufacturing unit is in Long Beach, California. The product has received FDA certification. Nanotechnology, the most advanced scientific convention of the time, has been used to make these masks. It offers high filtration efficiency and breathability.

Here are the Specifications of Nano-Air Mask:

  • Product name: Nano air mask
  • Material: nanotechnology
  • Payment Options: Google Pay/ American Express Card/ VISA/ Shop Pay/ Apple Pay/ Venmo/ Discover/ JCB
  • Refunds & Returns: Not Applicable amidst COVID-19 times. If any item has arrived damaged, one can contact the firm at
  • Country : United States and Philippines 

Currently, only Adult Nanofiber Mask is available that is in white colour. The black colour edition will be coming soon. For the kids’ section, Nano-Air Mask is currently working and will update once it is launched (The website displays this information once you land into the homepage).

What are the benefits of wearing a Nano-Air Mask?

The benefits of wearing a Nano-Air Mask are:

  • Filters more than 95% PM down to 0.3?m in size
  • Lighter weight – 4.38g
  • Cutting edge technology used – Nanofibers.
  • The average pore size of 0.2μm to restrict particles
  • 3D Ergonomic Design
  • NIOSH Compliance standards
  • High Adhesion Area towards the nose
  • Anti-fog venting
  • Filtration of efficiency of 95%
  • Can stop dust particles from making an entry
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Combination of Mechanical and Electrostatic filtration restricts the entry of different size of particles that may be harmful
  • Active filtering function even after being washed
  • Different sizes available for all age brackets
  • High adhesion and anti-fog venting stops the fogging of the glass
  • Better than N95 masks as it exceeds NIOSH standards

What are the cons of the

The cons of the are:

  • Some people do not find these products of great quality.
  • Few of the customers have even posted reviews regarding the authenticity of the product.
  • Even some of the deliveries took more than the expected time.

Do you think is a legit place to do online shopping?

We do not find this place a legitimate one, because it has a very recent domain name. Moreover, the address provided by the company does not seem to be a genuine one. So we advise you to check this company from every aspect and then go ahead with your shopping procedure.

What are the customer reviews regarding

The product has received mixed reactions from the people. Some of the customers have extremely liked the product quality. Therefore they have recommended this company to their friends and family. Here, we have shared Review with you.

Final Verdict:

Here, we have reviewed the website and provided you Review, and therefore we came to know that this website has received mixed reactions from the people. Thus, the products can be trusted. But with lack of the refund and return policy offered by the company is really a questioning one. 

Currently, due to the unavailability of services of refund and return policy, one needs to re-think. However, the masks are very cheap. But the price order available on the website for a minimum of 10 masks.

You can also share your review with us, if you have purchased anything from this website. 

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