My Hero Academia 343 Chapter (Feb 2022) Read Details!

My Hero Academia 343 Chapter (Feb 2022) Read Details!

My Hero Academia 343 Chapter raw scans are available here: The ultimate battle starts after discovering Aoyama’s real loyalties. Please read our post now.

As fans had predicted, chapter 343 of My Hero Academia heralds the start of the last conflict. The uncooked scans and comprehensive teasers published today in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Philippines, and India validate this theory and expand on Aizawa’s plans for Aoyama.

The Final Act reached a new climactic conclusion, and fans are eagerly awaiting the official scans, released on Sunday. So far, here’s all we know of My Hero Academia 343 Chapter.

Brief of the Story:

The heroes face up against the villains in My Hero Academia chapter 343 raw scans, marking the commencement of the battle. As a quick reminder, Recovery Girl seems exhausted and worn out due to her overwork. We have to be concerned about this since she is an elderly woman who may pass away.

Horikoshi is presenting us with a harsh truth. Heroes don’t live forever. Before leaving the U.A. premises, Class 1-A was briefed on the backup strategy in the previous chapter. They were sent to “Troy,” a facility 30 kilometers distant.

More speculations about My Hero Academia 343 Chapter:

Midoriya and Uraraka chat about their desires to understand and preserve Toga and Shigaraki, respectively. Bakugou, Iida and Kirishima were confident that Todoroki was ready to confront his bigger brother.

Aizawa visited Kurogiri, and Ragdoll reviewed combat tactics with the three leading pro heroes. Aoyama was seen to be always in seclusion, and Shigaraki was announced to be finished in four days.

The Tittle!

My Hero Academia chapter 343 is named “Let You Down,” according to the spoilers.

AFO sits inside his cave, claiming that he can detect falsehoods in My Hero Academia 343 Chapter because he stole a peculiarity long ago. All Might now function alongside the descendent of the quirk-user.

With his peculiarity, AFO determines that woman did not deceive him. He dials Aoyama’s mother’s number and the two talk about wine. He requests “Macallan,” likely referring to Mrs. Aoyama. Midoriya promises that her son will send “it” to him the following morning.

Midoriya sees Aoyama at an empty parking lot the next day after receiving a call and is startled to see him out of prison. When Midoriya tries to inform his classmates about it in My Hero Academia 343 Chapter, Aoyama informs him that his parents’ lawyer helped him out. Aoyama informs Midoriya about AFO’s whole strategy.

What do the users say?

Most users have said that “following the annihilation of the Warriors, AFO intends to devalue the Yen and drive the corporate sector into bankruptcy. The number of villains would grow due to the chaos, similar to the Rise of Quirks era or theGreat Depression .


As previously indicated, each nation will prioritize its own interests and pull away from Japan. With essential infrastructure failing, the nation will have no alternative in My Hero Academia 343 Chapter but to resort to AFO, which will give them access to water, gas, energy, and other resources through his oddities.

There is more to the story. Please share your suggestions with us.

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