Movie Theatres Are Bouncing Back After COVID, See Why!

Movie Theatres Are Bouncing Back After COVID, See Why!

Movie theatres are finally bouncing back after a hard year or so. From showing new theatrical releases to entering the streaming playing field, here’s why!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most impactful events of modern history. It basically brought the whole world to a standstill and affected the global economy adversely. Every industry faced its issues, but cinemas were particularly hit. Lockdowns and social distancing protocols meant that movie theatres were shut down for a long amount of time. While this seemed like a dire situation, things are now slowly coming back to normal. Vaccination drives are in full force and the world is now reopening. 

However, the past few months have done a huge amount of damage to the sector, and new movies were slow to roll out because of production and filming hold-ups. People kept up with their Charter Spectrum bill pay, and watched more cable TV. However, now that things are normalizing, theatres are now reopening and expecting to recover. Here’s why this recovery should work out well for the industry. 

Social Distancing Protocols

While movie theatres are opening up, they’re making sure to keep safety measures and social distancing protocols in place. This will make their visitors feel more secure about watching the latest releases without worrying about catching the dreaded virus. 

Of course, movie theatres need to take these protocols seriously for the safety of their patrons and employees. Therefore, they need to make sure they implement social distancing and hygiene standards in a strict and thorough manner. 

New Theatrical Releases

Now that many restrictions have eased up, and studios got back to completing the production stage, there is a long list of blockbusters waiting to be released. Many movies were delayed because of COVID, but are now starting to come to the big screen. Many of these are much-awaited fan favorites, so people are sure to clamor to movie theatres to watch them. 

These releases are sure to attract people to cinemas, especially as many of them are action and superhero flicks that are best enjoyed on the big screen. From MCU hits to the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, this is an exciting year for movies. 

Restrictions Easing Down

Previously, people had to follow various state rules for social distancing and travel restrictions. These rules varied all over the US, so no cinema chain could properly respond to the fluid changes in each area. Now, however, restrictions are considerably easing down. This means that there’s no more uncertainty about whether people will actually visit movie theaters or not. 

Vaccination Numbers Up

Vaccine drives all over the world are taking place full steam ahead, and numerous countries have vaccinated significant chunks of their populations against COVID. This is also happening in the US, so people are now getting back to their normal lives in a more secure manner. 

These vaccines have not only controlled the spread of the virus, but also prevent severe symptoms if someone catches a newer strain. So, the world is now steadily reopening, with movie theatres included. Many industries are implementing a vaccinated-customer only policy at their facilities, so it is an option worth considering to create a safer environment for patrons.  

The Social Aspect

What made a trip to the cinema worth it was the social aspect. There’s nothing like watching a movie with friends and family in a hall with others around you. You can join others in reacting to certain scenes and enjoy their reactions. 

In addition, the whole experience of getting popcorn from the concessions stand is part of the enjoyment itself. Therefore, people do miss the theatre experience, and are coming back now that more of them are vaccinated and things are slowly normalizing. 

Entering the Streaming Game

There’s no denying that streaming services have really succeeded during the pandemic. When people were home, they would watch TV shows and movies on their own devices. These services also make their own content, which has proven to be a strong contender for theatrical releases. 

So, many theatre chains decided that if they couldn’t beat these services, they’d join them. These days, many movies are releasing simultaneously on streaming services and in theatres. While the legalities and actor contracts around these need to be ironed out, this is a welcome development. Furthermore, big screen owners are also working on their own streaming services to keep up with the times. 

In conclusion, movie theatres are steadily bouncing back after a hard year or so. Now that top-notch releases are steadily coming in, this recovery should speed up a bit.

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