Mosolake Reviews (Jan 2021) A Possible Scam?

Mosolake Reviews (Jan 2021) A Possible Scam?

Mosolake Reviews (Jan 2021) A Possible Scam? >> To get information about legitimacy and website reviews that claim to deals in various products, then read the below article.

Mosolake Reviews: Fashion of clothing is continuously changeable across the world. Further, women’s and men’s fashion choices depend on their physical appearance and particular area culture. 

For example, in the United States, business people or office workers prefer traditional culture while others love formal clothing. Also, except for the stylish clothing people, they converter their homes in stylish and modern homes with modern decorative products or appliances. 

Besides this, shopping in the modern world is change, and everyone prefers to do shopping from online stores. Here we have a website where people can shop for clothes and other products. 

Let get some details of this store and also check its review with the store legitimacy.

A few lines for Mosolake com store

It is an online store that claims to sells accessories, beauty & cosmetic products, home goods, women’s clothing, and clothing. Further, it has products like hats, casual pants for men, key-bag, t-shirts, dresses, double-sided blankets, waterproof lipstick, floor lamps, and many more products are available in it.

Furthermore, this store does free shipping worldwide on shopping of $49. Also, it gives a discount on shopping for more than two products. People can get a discount of 10%, 15% and 20% on shopping for items of more than 2, 10 and 15. 

Let get more detail about the website and its legitimacy by Mosolake Reviews.

Details of Mosolake com store

    • URL: If you are looking for above mention product, then go to
    • URL creation: The URL of the store was made on 16 October 2020.
    • URL expiry: The Domain of the website will expire on 16 October 2020.
    • URL Age: The age of this website is nearly three months yet.
    • Company name: The name of its company is Jinan Roof Cannot Live Trading co. Ltd.
    • Physical address: It mentions its physical address as 403, Unit 1,B- 1, Number 51 Beiyuan Street, Licheng Distt., Jinan, Shandong Province.
    • Email support: It use as email Support.
  • Phone number: It uses +8614959843694 for communication with their customers. Let get more details of available products, website conditions, and policies by Mosolake Reviews.
  • Available products: This has products like clothes, beauty items, home products, and accessories. People can buy clothes for men, women, and children from this website.
  • Products description: In the description of items, people can get information to choose different colors, sizes, fabric details, manufacturers’ country, washing conditions, dimensions, the weight of products, and other details.
  •  Size chart: A size chart is available in the description of products.
  • Social media: It has share links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Shipping: It does free shipping on shopping above a certain amount, and it takes 7 to 17 days to deliver Products inside the United States.
  • Return:  This website accepts the return of products within two weeks after receiving the product. 
  • Payment Options: It accepts payment through PayPal only.

 Pros of shopping from Mosolake com 

Here we found flowing positive points by Mosolake Reviews.

  • It has the return, refund, and cancellation policy for products.
  • It has discount options from shopping above more than two items.
  • It does free shipping worldwide on shopping of $49+.

Cons of shopping from Mosolake com

  • The mentioned physical address is misleading and used by a scam website.
  • Further, the company name is also mentioned by scam websites.
  • Email support is used by other websites and not on the website email server.
  • The provided number is also a spam number and used by fraudulent websites.
  • It has no reviews for its product and services on the internet.
  • The mention links for its social media account is not working.
  • It only accepts payments by Paypal not have alternative methods.
  • It used Fake reviews for its products.

Is Mosolake com legit?

During Mosolake Reviews, we get that it is four-mont old and has so many opposite points. Like it used all misleading information, and dubious websites use this information. Thus this is not a legit website.

Customer opinions

We get that it has no reviews on the internet platform, and few reviews on its website is found. But they are older than website creation dates. Thus these reviews are fake.

Final verdict

We get that website is not legit and use fake or dubious information. Thus we suggest reporting this website and stopping shop from this store.

For more details about Mosolake Reviews, please write to us in the comment section.

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