Modeie com Reviews [Dec] Is This a Legit Website?

Modeie com Reviews [Dec] Is This a Legit Website?

Modeie com Reviews [Dec] Is This a Legit Website? -> The post is about a website that got recently launched for selling various items.

Have you shopped on a newly launched website ever? It is too risky to do so, hence we will be analyzing a new webstore, To get Modeie com Reviews in detail, you should read the entire post thoroughly. That will help you in judging the new store correctly so you can move forward. 

The webstore is from the United States and is relatively young. Such an immature site needs analysis, and you should not make any transaction before knowing all details about it.

What has to offer you?

The webstore that got established only a month ago sells Christmas gift items, decoration items, and household use products. Most of the products are available at a discounted rate, and the shipping cost is free above $49. They take around 14 to 30 days to deliver the product to you. The returns are acceptable within 24 days, and cancellations are accepted before the item gets shipped to you. You may not find any Modeie com Reviews on the website.

You can make payments using PayPal only, on their website. There is no office address of the United States available, nor any phone number is present on the website. Only one email address is present, which you can use to make any query. 


  • Webshop Kind – Sellers of Gift items and household products
  • Webshop Country – United States
  • Shipping Charge – Nil above $49
  • Returns and cancellations – Acceptable
  • Office Address – Not available 
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Email –
  • Payment Method – Only PayPal
  • Social media – No presence

Useful Aspects of

  • The website has a broad range of items available for Christmas and household purposes.
  • They accept returns and cancellations on most of the products. 

Non-Useful Aspects of 

  • The website is exceptionally young, and you cannot rely on it entirely. 
  • There are negative Modeie com Reviews present on the internet that make it a doubtful site. 
  • There is no contact address or phone number given on the website by the owners. 
  • There is no presence available on social media sites, which is a big drawback.

Is Legit or a Scam?

For your benefit, we researched a lot on this website and found some details. The website is new and got launched only one month ago. It has no contact details available for the customer to develop a trustworthy relationship. There are negative Modeie com Reviews present on some websites like YouTube and some scam checking sites. That shows the unpopular nature of the new website that sells gift and Home use items.

You will not find any association with leading sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. And that indicates how unreliable the website is for shopping needs. The website also has links with high-risk nations that are commonly known for being fraudulent. The absence of positive feedback and the presence of doubtful links make this website a possible scam site. You cannot trust such a webstore and hence cannot call it legitimate. 

What are Modeie com Reviews given by People? 

Several websites give customer feedback, and new buyers can know about a budding website through them. However, on researching we found only negative feedback and alerts given by some people. There are scam alerts available on some YouTube channels related to this website and its products. They warn the news buyers to beware of such possibly scamming sites and safeguard themselves from falling prey to them.

There are no reviews present on leading sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. And that shows the unpopularity of this new website. The website is too new and has almost nil customer strength available. All this information tells about the website is rarely known among internet shoppers. There are no positive Modeie com Reviews present anywhere on the web, and hence we cannot trust this website for shopping. 

The Conclusion

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying that the newly established website is not a trustworthy site. People are calling it a possible scam and asking others to avoid shipping on it. You can give a newly launched website a second chance, but only when it is transparent in its dealings. The owner is hiding his identity and has not provided any contact details for the customer to contact.

We recommend our readers to be careful and avoid this website that has no Modeie com Reviews that are positive. You can avail of these products anywhere else on the internet by shipping on well-known platforms that sell the same products. For comments, please give them below for your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Modeie com Reviews [Dec] Is This a Legit Website?

  1. Is there a phone number for this company?
    I placed an order and can’t even get a tracking code. I tried emailing someone but was not contacted. And that was a week ago.

  2. I also got robbed . I ordered 2 sets craftsman tools for Christmas for grandsons. Fuckers took my money n never shipped my stuff.

  3. Definitely a scam! Took way too long to receive some fake crap I didn’t order! Now they are unreachable! Ordered 5 tool sets for christmas gifts and received 5 wrenches that were totally useless!

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