Mistertecno Reviews (Nov) Is Mistertecno Real Or Scam?

Mistertecno Reviews (Nov) Is Mistertecno Real Or Scam?

Mistertecno Reviews (Nov) Is Mistertecno Real Or Scam? >> This article will help you in identifying the validity of the store that includes the latest electronic devices.

Want to buy a new phone at affordable prices? If so, then let’s check these Mistertecno Reviews. In these reviews, we will help you learn about the store and its products in detail, like what it sells, its specifications, pros and cons of buying from it, etc.

Nowadays, you can’t stick to the same technology that you are using for ages as every day there is a new technology, and an upgraded version is launched in the market. Still, everybody can’t buy the latest launch. For this reason, the Mistertecno store is created. This United Kingdom-based store contains every latest launched item like telephone, TV, notebook-pc, tablets, e-bikes, and smartwatches, etc., at best competent prices. 

But, what do you think Is Mistertecno Legit? Let’s read further to find out, as this post’s primary focus is to provide legit feedback to the readers regarding its authenticity.  

What is Mistertecno? 

Mistertecno is the ecommerce site established on 19th May 2020. The site contains all the new generation products like the latest mobile phones, gaming consoles, appliances, smartwatches, tablets, and e-bikes.  Besides this, the site has displayed its bestsellers collection and new arrivals on its homepage so that customers can quickly get what they want. 

Moreover, the site has a massive collection of Apple accessories and items on it. So you don’t have to check other stores for your already existed devices. 

For the bike lovers of the United Kingdom, the Mistertecno has different features. E-bikes are available on it like a rear-wheel electric bike with varying modes of speed and many more.

In the Mistertecno store’s appliances section, you will find all your kitchen, household, and beauty requirements. The store includes everything on it like a vacuum cleaner, microwave, mixer, electric brush, hair styling device, popcorn maker, etc.

For more information, please consider reading these Mistertecno Reviews until the end.  

What are the specifications of Mistertecno?

  • Store URL- https://www.mistertecno.com/gb/
  • Items – Electronic items and other products 
  • Mistertecno store address – Block 12 / A 35100 – San Fernando – Maspalomas
  • Phone number – +34 643993076
  • Customer service mail address –info@mistertecno.com
  • Product delivery price-  Free delivery on orders above € 1000.00 
  • Product delivery period- Not specified 
  • Return and exchange period- Not available 
  • Refund time – Not available 
  • Newsletter facility- Free subscription is allowed.
  • Tracking link/ no –Not available 
  • Cancellation of order policy – Not specified 
  • Guaranty/ Warranty- Not specified 
  • Discount – Not available 
  • Payment options – VISA, MasterCard, and Bank transfer 

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What are the advantages of shopping from Mistertecno?

  • It has a large assortment of latest technology products available on it.
  • The site has mentioned its complete contact details on it. 
  • It is not charging any delivery costs on the orders above € 1000.00.

What are the disadvantages of shopping from Mistertecno?

  • We have seen mixed reviews on the network.
  • It does not have any social media existence.
  • The website’s domain is only five months and 29 days old. 
  • It does not contain an informative user interface as several essential pieces of information are missing from the site.  

Is Mistertecno Legit?

Mistertecno contains highly advanced electronic products like gaming consoles, mobile phones, tablets, home appliances, accessories, etc., and the store is only 5+ months old. It does not hold any customer’s feedback on it, but from the online sources, we have found some mixed reviews regarding it where people have shared their positive and negative perspectives. Consequently, the site is not 100% reliable, but we leave the final decision to the readers.

In conclusion, we anticipate that you have received the satisfactory response to the asked question.

What are the shopper’s remarks regarding Mistertecno?

No customer has posted anything regarding the Mistertecno store on the website. Neither the site has mentioned any social media links on it to collect some information from it. 

Still, from reliable online sources, we have gathered dozens of customer reviews where people have shared their experiences. Similarly, some shoppers have posted that the site has terrible service, while others said they are entirely satisfied with it.

Therefore mixed Mistertecno Reviews are found on the internet

Final Verdict 

Indeed the Mistertecno store includes all the latest gadgets and other products. Still, the site is not come out entirely safe as there are mixed user’s reviews found from the online sources where some people mentioned that the site is a scam and has terrible after sell service while some are praising the site and its products.

Thus, we recommend you to do in-depth research regarding the store before doing any transaction with it. 

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  1. Still owes my son £444.22. Total SCAM. Read trustpilot, scum has literally thousands of pounds of people’s money and not send anything out. Only answers on trustpilot so that you can’t comment on the lies he comes out with. He has comlained to trustpilot about most of his reviews and had them removed, ONE of mine included.

  2. Ordered an x box, cancelled order after 3 days , promised refund not arrived after 3 weeks and no replies to email . Am now taking it up with my bank as others have said , scam ..Don’t use

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