Milkbeata Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Authentic Website?

Milkbeata Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Authentic Website?

Milkbeata Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Authentic Website? >> As mentioned earlier, the article is about a website named Milkbeata, that sells various items.

E-commerce has boomed fully in the last one decade. There are a lot of new websites popping up with each passing day. There is not a single item that is missed by these e-commerce sites. Be it electronics, home decor, furniture, fashion, daily care, medicines, you name it, and e-commerce websites have it. One can find various websites running in the United States

Today, we are going to review one of them by the name of Milkbeata. You must read Milkbeata Reviews to know more about the website.

It will also help you to understand whether you should place an order from the website or not.

What is Milkbeata?

Milkbeata is one of those United States-based websites that sell various categories of items. We found variety such as women’s fashion, men’s fashion, Innovative products, solar products, etc. There is also a great price range available. The shipping is done via airplanes as per the claim of the website.

When we scrolled down further to the ‘about us’ section on the website, we found that the site doesn’t have the information written about it. The site has a story written about another company. There is no mention of the name of the website in the ‘about us’ section. When we tried to get the website’s contact information, nothing was mentioned other than an email address. 

There is no information written for the website’s address, and there is no information written for the phone number as well. The shipping cost is free for all orders above 59.99 $, and, returns, the users don’t have to pay a single penny.

While gathering more information about Milkbeata Reviews, we found no information on the website on ‘other platforms on the internet. When we tried to dig for the website’s social media channels, we were disappointed as it doesn’t have a strong social media presence. All of this creates distrust on the website.

The website allows users to pay with convenience as there are various payment modes such as Amex, PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, etc. 


  • URL:
  • Products: There are various categories of items listed on the website.
  • Address: Not available
  • Returns: Free of cost
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: Not written.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, etc
  • Shipping cost: Free for orders over 59.99$

Pros of Milkbeata:

  • There are a lot of options available to shop for.
  • The items are available at a reasonable price.

Cons of Milkbeata:

  • There is not adequate owner information.
  • The site doesn’t hold a strong social media presence.

Is Milkbeata legit?

Based on the data collected during the research about the website, we think that the site is not authentic. There is a lack of information available for the website that can claim its authenticity. Moreover, no owner information is provided for the website. There is also a lack of proper contact information to help users take assistance from the website if they face any issues. All of this creates a lot of negative points for Milkbeata Reviews.

Customer Reviews:

While searching for the website’s relevant customer reviews, we were disappointed not to find even a single genuine review on the internet related to the website. There is nowhere that users have dictated their experience with the website.

We have also found that the website doesn’t have any section where the users can write down their reviews for the products they have purchased.  It is something that is a significant loophole in the authenticity of the website. Thus, this is a significant negative factor for Milkbeata Reviews.

Final Verdict

Thus, Milkbeata is one website that has various loopholes that makes it difficult to establish its authenticity. There is no mention of this website on other platforms on the internet. The website doesn’t have any authentic customer reviews for itself. The website is not famous. 

For Milkbeata Reviews, we would like to conclude by saying that the website lacks authenticity. There is a lack of proper information for the website. Thus, we would want to discourage our readers from making any purchase from the website until they are entirely sure of its authenticity.

If you have ever placed an order from Milkbeata before, you can write your experience with the website to us in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Milkbeata Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Authentic Website?

      1. I got the same plastic crap.

        They say it must have been a mistake by their shipping dept! They offered 15%, i demanded 100% and now offered 30%. I asked for 50% and havent heard since. Bunch of scammers

    1. I ordered three pumpkins. I paid close to $60 for 3 Halloween talking animated pumpkins with built in projector and speaker with 3 different faces. What is got was three cheap small plastic pumpkins look alike they are from the dollar store that play some type of sound. Probably worth $5.00. I emailed them and have not heard back. Do not order from here!! Wish I could post a pic! They are a scam!

      1. The exact same thing happened to me. I could buy these at the dollar store. I have been back and forth with apparently someone in their customer service Dept, and it’s terrible. They will Not refund 100%. They offered a 10% refund but I will have to pay shipping, which is to China and will cost me $20-30. A complete rip off and scam. I am SO annoyed.

        1. I was scammed too. $67.67 for 3 cheep pumpkins that are not anything like what was described. I contacted company and PayPal. The company charges $20 to return the items plus shipping so I agreed to a 50%refund . They still made $34 on $1 pumpkins. Disgraceful ethics.

    2. Received 3 dollar store pumpkins for $60. One of which was broken. Finally able to reach someone by email and they said they could give me 10%off. Informed them of the product I ordered, and they said sorry we will send it to the marking team. Also my bank card was blocked when I first placed purchase. Overall company is a big scam.

    3. This is a fraud website. I am in a battle with PayPal to get my money back and I just got an email from PayPal that they are requesting me to report this incident to the FBI.

  1. Placed an order on 9/7/20 for the 3 pumpkins also. Sent an email on 9/21/20 to question when the order will be filled, still waiting on response. Will give it till 9/25/20 to fill a claim with PayPal.

  2. Ordered pumpkins on 9/11. Got an order confirmation email. That’s all so far. It*s now 9/24, and still no shipment notification. Thankfully, I used Paypal. If I don’t get a delivery before 10/1, I will open a dispute, and demand a full refund.

  3. Placed an order for pumpkins and holographic projector on 9/22. Got order confirmation via email. Nothing since and order link says shipment information will follow. Used PayPal also. Was hoping to have this for Halloween.

  4. Order the same pumpkins!!! Received 3 small plastic pumpkins that light up. That is it.
    SCAM!!! I emailed them today and am waiting for a response for a refund. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

  5. I order the three talking pumpkins the varity pack silly, scary, and funny. They are just cheap plasic pumpkins all with the same face and it only lights up and laughs. So not worth the money I spent and I don’t think I trust the return policy to bother returning and hoping for a refund. But that’s what I get for an impalse buy I guess. Very disappointed.

  6. Stay away from this company. I ordered two sets of pumpkins. Arrived today nothing like what I ordered. I spent $207.67!! We received three small plastic horrible pumpkins that did not do what they advertised. They are like dollar store plastic pumpkins. Waited forever to receive them and that is what we got. I have a dispute with Paypal over this now. Terrible stay away. They shouldn’t be allowed to operate Facebook Ads!

  7. Ordered three pumpkins for $67 about a month and a half ago and basically got ripped off with three miniature $.99 Type laughing Gag pumpkins with no projection Technology. Not at all like what they advertised.
    stay away from this site!
    I guess the jokes on me and they’re laughing all the way to the bank

  8. I ordered 3 of the talking pumpkins. 6 weeks later I received 3 very small plastic pumpkins that had a light inside you can switch on and off. Product was not even close to the product advertised. Can’t get a refund because items were not bought at full price they were a sale item. Do not order anything from this site.

  9. It’s a scam. I ordered the pumpkins also and then disputed the charge with Pay Pal when I didn’t get a shipping notification for a week. Then I got an email saying they shipped them. When they arrived approximately 3 weeks later they were 3 small 5” diameter hard plastic pumpkins with poorly painted faces on them with a switch on the bottom that produced an annoying screeching laugh. I wouldn’t pay $1 for them. Total rip-off false advertised product. Milkbeata is a shop full of dirtbags and should be marked as fraudulent.

  10. Ordered the animated talking pumpkins on 9/11. It’s October 20 and they just arrived. However, what I received was not even close to what I ordered.
    My order was 3 animated talking pumpkins, usb charging, 12 and 16 inches in size. What I received was 3, 4” pumpkins that only laugh and blink with faces on them, extremely cheap plastic, not usb. I’ve written to them for a complete refund but, not sure if I’ll hear back. Will be curious regarding your pumpkins should you receive them.
    Wish I had checked out their site before ordering.

  11. Ordered the felt Christmas trees on 24th August. I received shipment notification but nothing has arrived. Contacted them via email, but lve yet to receive a reply. Will give them another week, and if nothing happens, I’ll contact PayPal. Thank goodness l used them.

  12. Ordered the 3 jabbering jack pumpkins. Received 3 very cheap tiny plastic pumpkins that are obviously not anything close to what they advertise. This is absolutely a scam. Even the PayPal receipt says payment to “new boat” with the email address as
    Order took 2 months to get here from CHINA, so not an American company as advertised. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  13. Ordered what was described on the website as three talking animated pumpkins with built in projector and speaker. Pumpkins were supposed to be themed with three unique character themes (spooky, traditional, and funny) provide over 70 minutes of fun animations. Website also said each character has three built-in songs and 40 lines of jokes and phrases. Website says each pumpkin has configure skip and volume keys allowing you to only select songs or jokes, and you can also adjust the volume. It said the pumpkins each have USB charging
    and it can be connected to a power bank for charging and can be charged through a socket. Website said the product size is 16x 16 x 12 inch
    After almost a month waiting for the shipment what we got is a cheap plastic toy I could by at a discount center for less than a dollar. I ordered three Halloween Talking Animated Pumpkin with Built-In Projector & Speaker. What I got was three tiny plastic cheap toys with a painted on face and tiny light inside. No projector no speaker. And I paid over $60 for them. I emailed several emails on their site and the main one came back as undeliverable.

  14. Same happened to me when ordered the pumpkins. Got some cheap one that you could get at a dollar dollar store. Complete rip-off.

  15. Update: Received my order 10-22
    3 Pumpkins are maybe all of 3″ tall. Hard cheap plastic. All faces the same. No recorded sound. Just like a dollar store pumpkin that flashes and makes a boo sound. A total rip off. I contacted the company and received an email saying I’m blocked. This was advertised on facebook. This is crazy that facebook allows rip off companies to advertise on their site. I blame facebook as much as the company. I’m out $67.67 . DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  16. I wish my son would have read these reviews. He ordered the Halloween pumpkins with projectors. Waited over a month, what arrived was total junk! Nothing close to what they advertise. So I send the company a message, definitely based overseas, get told they know the item is not as described and will give a 15% refund and he can keep the item.
    Total scam!!!!!

  17. I received the same 3 small pumpkins. I filed a dispute with Paypal and the company responded with an offer for a partial refund. Here is the response:

    “Dear customer,

    Thanks for your purchase on our store.

    We are so sorry for that the goods you received can not meet your expectation.
    Could you please give us more details about it?
    According to our policy, all items must be returned to us at the customer’s expense for a full refund to our Logistics Center address,it will cost more than 20 USD.
    Or could I suggest that we issue a partial refund about 50% and you do not need to return item to us which could save your time and money? Is it acceptable for you?
    PS: Please do not worry, we will provide the return address if you insist on returning item.But kindly note that we do not accept Unauthorized return.You may not be able to get the refund if you ship it to a wrong address.

    We are looking forward to your reply .

    Best regards,
    Customer Service Center”

    – 新舟信息科技(深圳)有限公司,

    We are sorry the item did not meet my expectations? Could you give us more details about it? They expect me to return these things to get a full refund!!! A partial refund to save me the time and money of shipping them back to wherever???

  18. Complete junk! Avoid this company!! I bought the 3 set Scary Pumpkins that advertised as animated with mini projector inside and multiple scary faces. Also advertised as buy 2 sets get one free. I was charged for 3 sets. Ordered on Oct 9 and stated I would receive before Halloween. I received on Nov 25th and they are 3 tiny plastic pumpkin heads with just a speaker making scary noise, nothing animated about these, cheaply painted face, no projector inside as stated. I have dog toys I paid less for that are better than these things. You would find these in a Dollar store or in an arcade as a prize.

    I have emailed every week since I ordered asking for my shipping status. Had 3 different emails listed for the company and I emailed all 3 with no response, ever!
    Avoid this company!!! SCAM!!!

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