Milayo Shop Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website legit?

Milayo Shop Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website legit?

Milayo Shop Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website legit? >> This article talks about a website that has Christmas and Halloween related products.

Shouldn’t the customers become more and more careful while shopping online, especially making an online payment? The answer is always simple: yes, they need to become very careful because the loot has been worldwide. It seems that scamsters are just looking for the opportunity to deceive the people. 

They create online shopping sites, do many things, and use several tactics to lure people to visit their sites. As far as the article regarding this Milayo Shop Reviews is concerned, we will find out the truth of a website operated from the United State

In this article, we will also know the authenticity of the site and how it’s giving offers to the customers, and what are the reactions of the people who have any experience with the site.

What is Milayo Shop?

The website with the address of milayo. shop is a site that has several products related to Halloween and Christmas, and those products are available in large numbers. In this Milayo Shop Reviews, we will list those products so that all of you may know about the site in detail. 

The products include Christmas glass tree, red rich velvet trimmed l st nic, Christmas wiper, hand-made coral skin shells for the Christmas tree. There are other products on the site’s pages, and they are amberetch Christmas toilet seat three-piece set, kid’s DIY Christmas tree, Christmas nozzles kit, hand-made Scandinavian Santa.

 The price range of these products ranges from below Rs. 1000 to above Rs. 2000. Several Halloween products are also available, and they are lighted Halloween witch decoration set, Halloween illusion doormat 2020, holiday living hanging ghost girl, etc. All these products come with the price, which is more than Rs. 1000. The website also mentions on the top of the page that there will be free shipping of the products worldwide if their orders exceed Rs. 2872.39.

Specifications of Milayo Shop

  • Website Products: Christmas and Halloween related products.
  • Email Address:
  • Processing time: within 48 hours
  • Shipping time: seven to fifteen business days to the USA and shipping to other countries worldwide will take more time.
  • Return Policy: the products have the guarantee of only three days, and the customers can return only within this period.
  • Refund Policy: it is there only when the return is approved according to the terms and conditions of the website; otherwise, the refund will be rejected, and the information regarding this will be sent to the customer’s mail.
  • Payment method: American Express, VISA, Master Card, and other online modes. 

Pros of Milayo Shop

  • The products look dashing due to their varieties.
  • The contact information is available on the website.
  • The products are available according to the categories of Christmas and Halloween.

Cons of Milayo Shop

  • The contact information is there only in the form of mail, but no contact number is available on the site.
  • The reviews of the people on the internet are negative regarding this site.
  • The website has not mentioned any ratings of the product.

Is Milayo Shop Legit?

We found many things about the particular site, yet we could not find reliable sources to authenticate the website. Most of the site’s things are unreliable, and people have also not reacted positively to the site’s services. Hence, it becomes transparent that this is not an authentic site at all. This is what Milayo Shop Reviews could analyze through the information that it got from the official site.

Customers’ Reviews on Milayo Shop

As far as the people’s reviews on the internet are concerned, they have negative reactions regarding the site. Milayo Shop Reviews also found that they have to say that they ordered the products, and it has been a long time and yet they have not been able to get their products. Some people also said that they tried to contact through the email address given on the site, but they did not receive any response to their mail.

Final Verdict

Several things make it very easy for anyone to realize that this website is not legit. The reviews on the official site are missing, and the way people have reacted and criticized it ultimately makes it unreliable. We can suggest that nobody order any product from this site even if any product looks excellent because it will not reach them. Milayo Shop Reviews will say that customers will only lose their money if they go ahead with their orders. So, they should better heed to this suggestion.

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0 thoughts on “Milayo Shop Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website legit?

  1. I want my money returned NOW!!!
    You should be ashamed of your selves sending the crap out !!!
    If you can’t send what you post close your doors!!!
    I better hear from someone ASAP!!!

  2. My order # 1796
    I better have a refund back on my husbands card ASAP!!!
    You can have you piece of crap back!!!
    You will have 7 days to refund his money or I will be filling a claim on you and will be asking for more than the $27 he paid!!!

  3. Did receive items but NOT what I ordered!!!!! What i received was no better quality, maybe less than what I can get at dollar tree!

  4. Order # 1667
    I ordered a “handmade seashell Santa for $19.99.
    What I received is insulting sub-par replacement for the $26.98 that I spent, and probably illegal!
    Do NOT shop here. I also want my money back ASAP!!!

  5. Wish I had looked here before I ordered. I ordered a beautiful SeaShell Santa like looked around 12″ in the photo for $19.99 and shipping,
    What I received was some crappy 6″ Santa with not 1 seashell on it and I wouldnt give you $5 for it. Have sent numerous emails for a refund with no repsonse.

  6. I ordered 4 handmade seashell santas on Oct 26th, on 27th got email order had shipped. Have not received my order, got no response from email I sent to them and now when I check on status I get this shop is unavailable! To say the least not happy!

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