Mewe vs Facebook {Nov 2020} Read About The Hot Debate!

Mewe vs Facebook {Nov 2020} Read About The Hot Debate!

Mewe vs Facebook {Nov 2020} Read About The Hot Debate! >> Read about debates that are arising between two social media platforms and are trending recently.

Today is the age of the internet and social media. There are so many social media platforms for people in the United States to use. There are millions of people on these social media platforms who share their life via these platforms. And one such popular social media platform is Facebook.

Are you also on Facebook? Do you like to use Facebook?

But Mewe vs Facebook is trending a lot nowadays. Mewe is another social media platform that is trending among the people, and debates between these two platforms’ users are erupting online. Let’s see what exactly is happening!

What is Mewe? 

Mewe is a social media platform like Facebook, but it will not scrutinize its users. There will be no spyware or ads on this platform. Problems like spreading political agendas and biases will not be an issue for its users. It has a clean and simple interface for easy usage and interaction.

Generally, newsfeed manipulation is a significant problem in major social media outlets like Facebook during any event. Mewe vs Facebook debates arises because Mewe claims that it won’t allow any such manipulations to occur through its platform. And therefore, the people of the United States are directing more towards Mewe.

Why is Mewe vs Facebook happening?

Many social media outlets like Facebook have increased the scrutiny of the content posted on their platforms during the elections. This is done to remove political biases and hate symbols that are being promoted through social media. Mewe is one such social media platform that is promoting itself as an anti-Facebook.

Due to Mewe claims about protecting its users’ privacy and not allowing advertisements, not allowing fake users, and monitoring censorship, Mewe vs Facebook is trending a lot.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

Debates all over various social media have aroused, and users of both Facebook and Mewe are torn. Many people say that promoting hate speech and symbols should not be allowed on social media platforms, leading to racism and sexism. People should also not promote their political agenda, leading to people believing in false claims. 

Others say that free speech should be allowed on social media platforms; people should not be censored and should post their views to the world. Since Mewe is allowing this, many users claim that this “Anti-Facebook” platform is better. Mewe vs Facebook is still trending.


Facebook is a top-rated social media platform. People are there on this platform for many years. And a lot of its users have shared their stories and experiences through Facebook. Mewe is a new platform that wants to reinvent the ways people consume social media; it wants to allow its users to complete freedom and want them to have a clean and straightforward interface to share their views. But people are torn between the two platforms since the privacy, and free speech rules and regulations are reasonably different on these platforms. 

We would love to hear your experiences on these platforms. Do mention your take on Mewe vs Facebook in the comment section below.

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