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Melbourne Mask Company Review {August} Is It Legit Store?

Melbourne Mask Company Review

Melbourne Mask Company Review {August} Is It Legit Store? >> Free delivery on all orders throughout the territories of Australia; read the blog post here.

In today’s scenario, as we all know, the mask has become the new life set or trend of our lives, so are you looking for a website from where you can purchase sustainable face masks? If so, then this article might help you, and we urge you to read it thoroughly.

In this article, we will inform you about an all-new online portal named the Melbourne mask company of Australia who is selling face masks and providing door to door services to their customers.

Let’s glance at the Melbourne Mask Company Review to clear all your queries and determine the exact picture of the site. The reviews will also assist you in deciding whether to shop from this portal or not.

What is the Melbourne Mask Company?

The Melbourne Mask Company is an e-commerce portal powered by Shopify, providing whistle-stop tour service and trading sustainable washable plus reusable cotton face masks to the native of Australia.

As we know that this year, the whole world strike by the coronavirus, and still, the virus has not finished up yet; therefore, to protect one-self from its consequences, it is essential to wear a mask and it has become a part of our routine life.

Therefore considering the above, they promise to sell comfortable protective cotton masks with triple-layered and adjustable ear strip plus claims that their product won’t get ruin after wash as the face masks are washable.

Furthermore, to evaluate the mentioned website’s authenticity and accuracy, we plead you to stick around the Melbourne Mask Company Review.

Specifications of the Melbourne Mask Company

  • Website trading- washable and reusable cotton masks
  • Delivery time- 1 to 2 weeks
  • Cancellation policy- the orders can be cancelled before the confirmation of dispatch notice 
  • Address details- Level 1/ 41-43 Stewart Street Richmond, Victoria, 3121, Australia
  • ABN- 906 4302 1014
  • E-mail id-
  • Modes of Payment- Google pay, PayPal, Amex Card, Visa Card, etc. 

Pros of the Melbourne Mask Company

  • The variety of masks can be accessible at a lower price.
  • They are offering so many great deals like buy 2 get one free.
  • The website got numerous positive customer Melbourne Mask Company Review on its Facebook page.

Cons of the Melbourne Mask Company

  • The website has 20% plagiarized content.
  • The portals’ domain age is less than six months.
  • The site didn’t perceive a satisfactory trust score.
  • They take long delivery hours for the product’s delivery.

Is the Melbourne Mask Company Legit?

The website is verified through SSL encrypted connection whose node name came alive exactly one month heretofore on 10-07-2020 that will expire on 10-07-2021. 

Even though they are providing an e-mail id to handle customers’ queries and various payment modes for the convenience of their client, the website has not been recognized on the WOT web service.

Melbourne Mask Company Review will give you a crystal clear honourable viewpoint about the website mentioned above. Whenever shopping online, it is essential to inspect it properly and look for red flags.

Moreover, while analysing, we realized that the mentioned e-commerce portals’ trust score on internet portal is just 40, which is very bad, plus the content on their website is 20% plagiarised. Besides, the website ranked zero on Alexa due to less traffic on their web page.

On the above of that, it had got so many positive reviews on their social media page. Hence, the website is just one month old; we can’t compute its authenticity as we feel it will not be fair, but we won’t recommend this website.

What customers say about the Melbourne Mask Company?

While searching, we go the extra mile for the Melbourne Mask Company Review. We discovered so many positive and negative reviews about their services and product on their social media pages and their official website.

Some wrote that their mask was so comfortable and beneficial for them as it didn’t lead to condensation while wearing glasses. Whereas some reported that they took such long delivery hours, and their product got delayed while some didn’t receive their confirmation receipt yet.

Readers in the comment section below do share your valuable experiences with this website and feedbacks as it will help others.

Final Verdict

To conclude, all the observation and inspection analysed in the Melbourne Mask Company Review will be taken into account. In the research, we have examined so many facts about the website that make it look shilly-shally.

However, the e-commerce portal has received so many good positive reviews, but we still can’t ignore that its domain age is very less so we can advise to go for research before buying. 

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