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Math Easily by Using an Online Limit Calculator: The limit of the function may be finite or infinite and the limit calculator with steps helps us in this regard. The finite functions are going to be resolved by the substitution and the factoring method. The infinite function or the unresolved functions are going to be resolved by the rationalizing and the Least Common Multiple or LCD methodology. 

There are four types of limit resolving methodology we are going to use to resolve the limit. The limits calculator would make the solution of the limit easy for the students, as they can solve any type of the limit.  The main issue here is to decide, which type of methodology should we utilize. 

The limit calculator with steps is completely solving the limit, it would help them which types of methodology you are going to implement. Students need to improve their understanding of which limit type they are going to solve.  

The limit calculator with steps is helpful in deciding how to solve the limit manually, as it describes all the steps of the limit. The students are usually able to understand which method is perfect to solve the limit. The lim calculator is also helping the students to solve the limit, we have to implement different techniques.

 Some limits are easily solvable by the substitution or by factoring method, these are the finite limits. The infinite limits are usually solved by rationalizing methods and by the  LCD method.

In this article, we are discussing  how to solve the limit by the different methods:

The limit by substitution method:

The substitution method is used, when we have defined the value of the denominator if we are putting the limit and getting the value of the denominator “0”. Then it would become an undefined limit. The limit calculator assists to solve the limit if we are not able to find the limit solution. Then we are pushed towards the other techniques,

Consider a function, we are going to implement the substitution method:

                    F(x)=  x5x2-6x+9x-4

When we are putting the value of the limit, we can solve the limit, in this case the limit=5, you need to solve a limit by the substitution method, if the denominator is solved by the applying the limit, the limit calculator with steps would provide you the clue at the start of the limit solution. It  provides you the answer that infinity or unsolved limit, this turns our attention to another method as the substitution method is not applicable here.

                  F(x)= (5)2-6(5)+95-4 = 25-30+95-4 = 25-30+95-4 = 4

The answer of the limit F(5)= 4, as the denominator, is getting our limit value. When we are using the limit calculator, it can be more reliable for the students.

The limit by factorization method:

If an polynomial having the roots, then we know that factorize the polynomial on the function, having the roots like the functions like:

                 F(x)=  x2x2-8x+12x-2= x2 x2-2x-6x+12x-2= x2 (x-2)(x-6)x-2

                                             F(x)=  x2(2-6)= -4

Now when we are putting the limit, then the factor (x-2) is available in the denominator and also in the numerator. It  would be cut down in this situation, when we are applying the factoring methodology. In this case, if we are applying the substitution method, it would make the polynomial unsolvable. 

It is imp[ortant to find the roots of the polynomial , if you want to solve the limit by the factorization method. The numerator and the denominator are going to cut down by each other, and we can implement the limits after the values.

So we are solving the limit by the factorization method, as it is impossible to solve the limit by the substitution method. The limit calculator with steps provides us the clue, what to implement in the limit, the substitution or the factorizing methodology. 

F(x)=  x4x2-6x+8x-4= x4 x2-4x-2x+8x-4= x4 (x-4)(x-2)x-4

Now look at another function, we are going to calculate:

                                  F(x)=  x4(x-2)= (4-2)

                                  F(x)= 2

The limit by rationalize method:

When the function have the square root, then we need to create the conjugate of the function to solve it 

                       F(x)=x11x-6 -3x-11

Now when we put the “11” in the denominator, we get the “0”, This would make the fraction impossible to solve:

We would try to make the conjugate of the limit, and then cancel it out by multiplying the denominator and numerator:

  1. Now let’s multiply the conjugate with the x-6 +3
  2. x-6 -3x-11.x-6+3x-6+3
  3. The conjugate would make the limit solvable for use, we can make the limit adjusted after we solve all the functions.

The limit by LCD method:

When we are working with the rational function, then we are going to use the LCD method. The

Substitution and the factorization method fails here. The  limit calculator, the denominator is unsolvable here, we are not able to make the conjugate of the limit, let see the  

 F(x)= x01 x+7x17

We would try to make the Least common denominator, as there is no possibility of making the conjugate of the limit. 

The last word:

The limit calculator is one of the easy ways to find the limit. If you are finding difficulty to understand, then use a limit calculator with steps. The step wise solution of the limit, would increase your understandability, and you can implement it,  helps you to decide which types of the methodology you are implementing. When you are using the limit calculator with steps, it would make the solution most probably in your range, which type of the method is best to solve the limit. You can apply different methods like Substitution, Factorizing, Rationalizing, and the LCD. The most difficult thing in solving the limit is which method is best suited for your convenience.

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