Which Best Matchmaking Services and How to Avoid Scams?

Which Best Matchmaking Services and How to Avoid Scams?

There are plenty of matchmaking services nowadays and they pop up every day on the Internet space. How to distinguish, which of them are the best matchmaking services and which ones it is better to avoid by all means? Check out this review and figure out what to expect from the best matchmaking service and how to avoid scams and not to pick an unreliable service.

All about the best matchmaking services

If you want to find a real matchmaking service that will not feed you with promises but bring you 100% results, it is necessary to pick something really valuable and reliable. Let us consider the example of the following matchmaking services.

  1. Best-matchmaking (https://best-matchmaking.com/)

This is one of the best matchmaking services — one of a kind. Why is it unique? It connects people from different corners of the world. Western guys have a chance to meet an eligible Slavic woman — a single lady from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus who is looking for a western man to marry and relocate.

How trustworthy Best-matchmaking is?

The website can be called one of the best matchmaking services. You can check it by visiting their website and seeing all reviews and testimonials. Many foreign men have used these services and left their opinions (including video reviews). This service has created many couples and this is the best evidence for their trustworthiness.

About the service

This best matchmaking service has been operating for over 10 years (before, it was called differently but was rebranded). It is the website that has only professional and certified matchmakers and psychologists who are specialized in dating and relationships. Moreover, they take into account cultural differences to make your search successful.

If you are not interested in a woman from your country but in someone from another part of the globe, you can sign up for this matchmaking service. Certified matchmakers consult potential customers and find out how serious they are.

You will be offered a couple of options to choose from — the matchmaking plan that suits your needs and expectations most of all. Regardless of what package you choose, you will be fully accompanied by your matchmaker from the beginning until the very end.

Unlike casual dating websites, the best matchmaking services do not offer online video chats with doubtful women hiding behind. They arrange full-fledged Skype or Zoom calls with a video on where you can see and hear your lady. You have a chance to talk to her directly if she speaks English (or another foreign language if you come from Europe, for example), or using the help of a professional interpreter who will translate your video call.

Talking on Skype or Zoom is a great chance to see how the woman looks, whether she is real and if you have any emotional and physical contact. This is exactly how the best matchmaking services are different from usual dating sites.

The benefits of Best-matchmaking

  • Fair pricing policy;
  • Online customer support;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • 100% verified women;
  • Professional and certified matchmakers.
  1. 1Matching (https://www.1matching.com)

This is another service that can be truly called the best matchmaking service. It is very different from the rest of the services in that niche. This is the first and unique website that offers not only matchmaking but at first, professional consultations of a psychologist.

About the service

Before you even start your search and the dating itself, you are offered 10 one-on-one consultations with a psychologist and relationship coach. They create your detailed portrait, figure out why you have been failing in your past relationship, and create the portrait of your potential match based on your personality, preferences, and needs.

Only after you pass all these sessions, you are eligible for matchmaking and, actually, dating your potential matches. After each date, your mentor gives you feedback on what was well and what mistakes you and your match made. You keep being guided through the whole process until you find your true match.

The benefits of 1matching

  • Compatible costs;
  • Guidance of professional dating and relationship coaches;
  • Online sessions with professional relationship and family psychologists;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Eligible and verified members.

The best matchmaking services are those that have official registration and are fully legitimate. They must have only certified matchmakers and psychologists (not some amateurs who discovered a talent of matching people). They verify their customers before accepting them to their matchmaking programs and have an individual approach to each of their customers. Every person is different and unique and when they work with people, a one-fits-all approach must be excluded. The best matchmaking services must arrange real dates and provide their feedback on each of them. They should lead you at every stage of the matchmaking process.

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