Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam

Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam

Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you will find out the answer to all your questions regarding the face mask.

Are you scared of going out to buy essentials due to Covid 19? If yes, you will be happy to hear that there are so many websites providing almost every essential at your doorstep. In this information, we will talk about Masqd Face Masks Reviews so that you come to know if this company is legitimate or not. 

The demand for face masks is increasing speedily due to coronavirus, many online stores can be seen selling the masks. However, with the increase in online stores, many fraudulent activities can also be seen. Many websites in United State claim to sell quality products at very reasonable rates, but they are a scam. 

So before buying anything from search websites, it is essential to look at their customer reviews. As you have visited this page, it means you are interested in knowing more about In this Masqd Face Masks. According to the reviews, the company is doing good job and gaining a lot of positive feedback from the customers. 

Read the complete article to know more about the company and the product it is selling. 

What about Masqd Face Masks?

Masqd Face Masks is an eCommerce website which is recently built, but it has gained a lot of popularity not only in the United state but popular in various country.  

The mask sold by this website are quite different. These are beautifully printed and packed. You will find a variety of mask on the site along with the designs available for all age group & for kids also. The mask is made up of high-quality material, plus the price is quite affordable. 

There must be many questions arising in your mind like- Is Masqd Face Masks legit? Will the mask provide proper protection? Why is the company selling products at such a low rate? 

Once you go through the article, you will find all the answers to your questions. 

Specifications of this Breathable Face Masks 

  • Website type: Face Masks
  • Mask Description: Washable and reusable mask, unisex, comfortable, 95% cotton
  • Shipping hours:  – 72hours to 120hours
  • Modes of Payment : Apple Pay, Debit Cards, Google Pay,  and Credit Cards.
  • E-mail ID:  – (
  • Return Policy: Not Applicable

Is Breathable Face Masks a legit? if yes than highlight.

Masqd Face Masks are made with a breathable material, which is the most highlighting point. Everything about the product given on the website. Also, it has mentioned that some amount from the masks sold will be donated for the patients suffering from covid-19. Moreover, the site also has several secure payment modes. 

Masqd Face Masks Reviews also state that all the customers who have purchased the product are happy with its material. Also, the product comes with removable filters in different sizes. 

Overall, all the provided information state that product is a legend and by it without any fear. 

What Are Pros Of This Face Masks 

  • Available in two sizes
  • Removing and adding a filter option is available
  • Comes in different colours and designs
  • Reusable unisex mask
  • Easy to wash and comfortable in wear
  • An excellent collection for children is also available
  • Made up of a breathable material which is 95% cotton 

What Are Cons Of This Face Masks

  • Product is non-refundable
  • Time of shipping is not impressive
  • The website is newly built.  

What are customer reviews on the product?

Although the company is new, it is getting a lot of popularity in the market. Customers are happy with the product quality and price. Masqd Face Masks Reviews are good, and the customer says that a product received is the same as shown on the website. 

All in all, customers are happy with the product, and they have given it a green flag. Some customers are also impressed with the deed that the company will donate some amount for the treatment of covid-19 patients. 

Final Verdict

Overall, it can be said that the doubting mind is obvious, and clearing it on time is essential. When you see any new website in the market, the office question is to find out if it is legitimate or not. So, do some research on your part, and you will be familiar with the answer. 

As in the case of Masqd Face Masks, we have done a lot of research and conclude that the website is legit. Masqd Face Masks Reviews are positive. The product gets a thumbs up! 

0 thoughts on “Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam

  1. I think Masqd is a scam. I’m on Day 16 awaiting an order. Their customer service stinks. They sent an automated response to my request for tracking my order. Do not recommend this company. Side note: I ordered masks from two Etsy sites a few days ago and they’re already on their way.

    1. Terrible experience with them!!!! I left one comment on their FB site and they blocked me from FB and Messenger. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute this charge. They are a complete SCAM and need to be shut down!! Please don’t waste your precious money and time buying from MASQD!!

      1. SCAM,!!! Took 6 weeks to get masks!! CHEAP, POOR QUALITY, FALSELY ADVERTISED SIZES, MASKS ARE TINY, PULL EARS,. Here’s the SCAM part: My brother and bought ordered from this website and my brother NEVER got his order!!! I NEVER GOT MY “UV CASES” because they probably DO NOT EXIST! Spent over $300.00 and “company” will not refund for UV cases NEVER RECEIVED, so I am SUING MASQD IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT FOR ALL OF MY MONEY BACK!! SHAME ON YOU FOR EXPLOITING PEOPLE DURING A PANDEMIC!

    1. I got their shipment but the quality is super poor. The paisley print was blurred and the size was so small that couldn’t even fit on my face. The wire was long but also able to move to the earloop and you would have hard time adjusting that, and possibly hurt. CS did reply to messages but not helpful at all.

      You can also tell it’s a scam as I bought my masks at $24.99 or $29.99 but some days later the shop cut the original price to $9.99. Seriously?

      1. The exact same thing happened to me! I placed an order over 2 weeks ago, and they still have not shipped it. I mentioned that on one of their posts, and in a private message to them, and they blocked me. The only reason they have positive reviews is because they delete all the negative ones. I would highly suggest everyone that got scammed contact the local non-emergency police department and BBB to file a complaint.

      2. Too late. I already ordered and have been charged. Nothing has come yet. Wish I had received your review before. They just disconnected their phone number.

  2. I recently purchased four masks from them, because of their commitment to donate masks to first responders.

    While beautiful, the masks inner layer has too much fabric, making it hard to breathe through your nose properly.

    I asked of they offer exchanges, they do not.

    I should have known better, but the made in USA and offer to donate masks got me.

    It was an expensive lesson, since I also bought filters.

    1. They are horrible! I ordered on 8/23. Received nothing. Waited 3 weeks then emailed to check status. Took 4 days to get a response. Response indicated mask would ship in 2 days, they even sent a shipping confirmation (which generates when the shipping label is printed). My product never shipped, via their own tracking, so I disputed credit card charges and ultimately had to let them know I’d be reporting to my state Attorney General as well as theirs. The are complete grifters. It’s a scam. Same story over and over again on their reviews. Do not waste your time or money. You’re gonna have to spend a lot of time trying to get your money back. Dirty people taking advantage of the pandemic. Hope the all enjoy hell.

  3. I ordered mask filters on May 17th and have yet received my package. I’ve emailed twice now and they will not refund me for my order or discuss where my package is.

  4. I placed an order for 2 adult masks and 2 children’s masks, as well as filters for the masks on 7/4/20. The total was $71.99. I was charged immediately after my order. I received notification of a shipping label being created on 7/9/20. The tracking has not updated still as of today 7/15/20. It’s not even been scanned in by USPS. I still haven’t received my order. I sent an email 7/14/20 asking the status of the order. I received no response. I commented on posts on their Facebook and Instagram, but was blocked shortly after. I sent two emails again 7/15/20. One in the morning and another this evening stating that I’d be contacting my bank to dispute the charge, to which I received a canned response basically saying I’d receive my order and to be patient. SCAM!!!!!

  5. The past reviews are understandable since my first order took forever to ship and they were offered at full price, thus rather expensive, but I believe they were overwhelmed with orders. The prices have deceased and there are more offer codes available for discounts (including a 20% code for use on future orders). I have since placed two more orders. The second order was placed on July 5, 2020 and received on July 14, 2020 (shipping from California to Minnesota). The third order was placed on July 9, 2020 and was delivered on July 27, 2020. I have been very pleased with the quality. The masks are comfortable with or without the filters. I have received compliments when I wear them (especially the gold butterfly mask). I have also ordered masks from three different vendors besides Masqd and the Masqd products are superior. FYI, do NOT order masks from TeeChip. Those masks totally suck. Hope this helps.

  6. I did receive my order, and it was NOT worth the wait. The masks are subpar-meh at best-and only as good as the filter that’s used which is irresponsible and dangerous on their part. My bad for being a gullible fool. BTW-now when the sit pops up constantly/repeatedly on my FB feed, I can only share and not comment. Why? Because I wrote an honest comment. These people are not amateurs.

  7. I have had a similar experience. Ordered 11 masks (not cheap!), never received order, no response from customer service through email, and blocked on FB. They are a scam.

  8. I can’t really review the product since I haven’t received it yet. I can say for certain that my shipping issue is with the USPS. They shipped my order and it seems to be stuck in a post office some where in CA. Hard to blame the company for a post office issue.

  9. MASQD must have written this article because I too think this is company is a sham. I placed an order 7/25 and it is now 8/12 and still no masks. Also, despite putting in the discount code for signing up for text alerts the 15% discount was not applied. Do not give your money to them.

    1. you can’t be this naive? they lied to you about shipping it. you can create a label without actually shipping anything and then blame the shipping company. this is what they tell everyone.

  10. Buyer Beware!! I ordered close to a month ago, and the tracking number they gave me shows a shipping label was created 3 weeks ago. That’s it. I called FedEx with the tracking number, and they informed me the package was still with the seller.

    Customer service is a joke and will not refund you, and instead they keep giving me an automated response about my order. This company also deletes any negative reviews on their FB and Instagram page, and block people wanting to know where their order is.

    I finally had to have my bank step in to get my money back. They have no intention of shipping your products.

  11. I placed two orders, neither of which I’ve received. They will not answer my emails and the phone number on their website is disconnected. I’m going to contact my credit card company and dispute the charges. Smells like a rip-off to me.

  12. I too am having horrible problems with Masqd. No customer service. When you email them, a canned response is returned. I ordered mid July. August 1 they “created” a label. That’s as far as it has gone. Still no updates and as I write this, it is late evening Aug 25. Of course…my cc was charged immediately. I am contacting my credit card company to remove the charge. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM.

  13. The website is incredibly opaque…it takes you immediately to some kind of 15 percent off coupon, then somewhere else. The fact that it is not straightforward is a red flag, big time. I wouldn’t trust it.

  14. So glad I checked here. I was smelling scam too. Charged my card immediately on August 17th and has not shipped yet although shipping label was created around Aug 25th but still no tracking and now its Sept 4. I contacted their email 5 days ago just to cancel my order and reverse charges (as there is no phone # to call) and got automated response but nothing after that. Calling my credit card company now!!

  15. I also feel this company is super shady. I ordered on 8/14 and I’m still waiting for my order. Every time I contact customer service they tell me my order has shipped even though FedEx has no record of it and Masqd can’t provide me any tracking info. There is no phone number to contact then, only an email and you get an automated response. I’m ready to report this company as fraudulent.

  16. Horrible experience with MASQD. Waited over a month with NO communication as to the status of my order, however they charged my card immediately. I repeatedly emailed and sent messages through Messenger ( as their website touted) but never heard from anyone. I contacted my bank and they opened up a billing dispute. Miraculously I got an email the next morning saying they were “resubmitting” my order. No explanation etc. It was from “Sarah”, head of customer service.
    I FINALLY received my order 2 weeks later. I sent “Sarah” an email politely telling her that she had a severe communications problem that I didn’t understand. I told her If it were not for the terrible customer service and total lack of communication, I might order again as I liked my mask.
    They have now blocked me from commenting on their website. This company is run by inept people and it’s quite sad. BEWARE!!
    FYI: I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau and they have an “F” rating which is as bad as you can get!
    My bad for not doing so before I ordered.

  17. Be aware! I made a purchse of 2 masks for 22us each and I am now surprised some people payed 9.99 and others 18us. Only this shows me this is not a professional vompany. You can not acess your account nor you can change shipping details nor shipping method. So I tryed to cancel the order and it is also impossible. They delete comments of fb and ig and only automated responses when trying to cancel the purchase. I think its a scam but if it is not its definetly a very unprofessional
    Only store. Trying to dispute my credit card bill w no sucess so far

  18. Ordered from MASQD on 5/25/20 and received my order on 6/16/20. I wasn’t impressed with the masks that I ordered. I thought the designs would be more vivid on the one mask I bought with the butterfly designs and it the design was pretty dull. I was disappointed about that. I bought the filters to go into them and realized I couldn’t breathe with them in. They are like cardboard. I wouldn’t recommend paying this much for masks. They have cheaper ones in the store now without all the inflation and those are washable as well. At least the filters could have been better because they are useless if you can’t breathe through that. Also, all sales are final and non-refundable. Don’t waste your money. If you really want to try it, maybe get one but I wouldn’t recommend it for the price.

  19. This company is a scam. I placed an order on 8/5/20. I received a notification of shipment on 8/15/20 that a shipping label was created and delivery pending. I have not received my masks. I have sent several emails to the company. Each time I send an email, I receive another email that says to wait for 48 hours or no response. I contacted Fedex. I was told that they received a notice to pick up; however, there has been no follow-through on the company’s part. I email the company everyday with no response. Save your money, go to Old Navy.

  20. Ordered on August 20th. A shipping label was finally created in California on September 6th and it is now September 14th and nothing has been shipped out. They said it was due to FedEx being behind in shipping yet I have received other orders that have come from California and arrived to my house AFTER the Masqd label was created.

  21. Same problem like all others. I had sent emails re shipment and mostly received “canned” answers. A shipping label was made on Sept 3, received info from them with tracking number and that was it. Finally on Sept 11 (8 days later) Fedex received my order for shipment.
    I think they are the worse company to do business with. Any positive comments are probably coming from the people who work there. Worse customer service I have ever dealt with. Not even a phone number to reach them!
    Don’t waste your time nor money ordering from them

  22. I bought masks on August 22 and on September 16 I don’t have them. I just received a FedEx email saying I’ll get my package on September 22 and again another email saying September 24th. Don’t buy from these people and don’t bother with customer service as they won’t respond.

  23. Same experience as the other commenters. I just disputed the charge with my bank as my order never shipped. All questioning or inconvenient comments on IG or FB are deleted by MASQD and the user is blocked from commenting. Talk about a scam company! I also co tastes customer service multiple times and received apologies and promises that my order would ship by a certain date which it of course did not. When I emailed them again I was told that my order has shipped a week after being placed but FedEx is just slow scanning their packages. It’s been 4 weeks! I’ve ordered other things during this time and don’t have any problems with FedEx not scanning their packages.

  24. Masks are super soft but that’s the only positive thing about it. I ordered 4 masks and they took 3.5 wks to arrive. When I tried them on the masks are poorly made. Everytime I breathe in th material pulls into my face blocking my nose. It feels like I have a suction on my face making it very hard to breathe. I’m a healthcare provider and have worn tons of different types of masks and this is the first time I’ve had trouble breathing. I would not recommend these masks even if they were free. Awful customer service. I’ve tried emailing them and IG msg them and no response. Do not buy.

  25. We ordered 2 gaiter style masks thinking that we would be able to breathe more freely. The masks are way too small for adults and rather than being able to breathe more freely they actually constrict your breathing because they fit too tightly to both your nose and mouth. Waste of money as far as I’m concerned. I would NOT recommend purchasing anything from this company.

  26. Worst company ever! They take your money and never send the merchandise. It has been over a month since my credit card was charged and their reply emails are nothing but excuses and broken promises! So frustrating! Don’t let this happen to you. Reporting to the Better Business Bureau!

  27. Run away, don’t walk. Horrible, horrible business practices! Predators who are profiting off of the pandemic and don’t have the integrity to at least advise you of the incredible delays in receiving the product. Then they use terms like “a label has been created” to lull you into thinking the product is shipping. And customer service responses, even more insulting. Disgusted with everything about this company.

  28. Terrible experiences! I thought the issues with my first order were because they were so busy. They promised to send the correct mask which we’ve never received. I selected to try and use them again and this time I only received one of the two masks that I ordered. Of course I received the less expensive of the two. Buyer beware! Their customer service tells you what you wanna hear but they don’t deliver.

  29. Buyer beware! I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with this company. My first order was Miss shipped and I promise to make it right and ship the correct mask which I never received. Decided to try them again and this time only received one of the two masks I ordered and it took almost a month and a half to receive. Of course the mask I received was the lesser of the two. Their customer service tells you what you wanna hear but they don’t carry through

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