Marvin Roger Law (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews for More Info.

Marvin Roger Law (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews for More Info.

Marvin Roger Law (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews for More Info. >> In the above article, you read about a Canada based Sri Lankan social media influencer and her scam.

With an increase in the business’s complexities and the personal world, legal consultancy plays a vital role in dealing with all these complex issues.

One such legal firm is being admired in the United States for its expert and personalized services across multiple legal domains. This firm is Marvin Roger Law that has been successfully dealing with its clients over 20 years.

To know more about Marvin Roger Law, do read the following article.

About Marvin Roger Law:

Marvin Roger Law is a legal consultancy firm based in Canada for over 20 years. The firm aims to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions to its clients, that too at affordable rates. 

The firm provides consultancy in various fields such as family law, commercial law, etc. It is associated with organizations such as the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, the Canadian Bar Association, etc. which adds to its credibility. 

About Marvin Roger Law Team:

The core team of this law firm comprises of 4 lawyers. They are – 

  1. Marvin Roger – Senior Partner in the firm, he practices corporate commercial law and real estate law. 
  2. David Leroy – He is a senior partner in the firm who works in the Family Law segment of the firm. HE has been practicing in this field for over 18 years.
  3. Dorothy A. Davidson – He is a partner in the firm and deals with mostly financial contracts. These include mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and negotiations of commercial agreements.
  4. Jeff T. Burch – A partner in the firm, he primarily deals with real-estate developers and financial institutions majorly selling in lending funds.

Services provided by Marvin Roger Law:

Marvin Roger Law is well-known for its personalized law services. These services are broadly classified into four segments – Family law, wills and estate planning, real estate law, and corporate and business.

Besides these services, the firm also runs a blog. It talks about various latest cases and ways to deal with it, topics related to legal literacy among ordinary people, etc.

How to contact Marvin Roger Law:

To get consultancy from Marvin Roger Law, one can directly call at the office to schedule an appointment. Email can also be used to reach out to this office. Another way to reach out to them is to fill an online form available on the website, on the receipt of which the office team will reach out to the concerned person at the earliest.


With its expertise in multiple fields and customized services, Marvin Roger Law has certainly earned goodwill for itself in the field of legal consultancy. It has provided solutions to clients for 20 years and aims to continue to do so in the upcoming years.   

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