Martin Lewis Bank Scam (Nov) All The Details Here!

Martin Lewis Bank Scam (Nov) All The Details Here!

Martin Lewis Bank Scam (Nov) All The Details Here! >> The article is to share full details about the bank scam to alert our beloved readers.

Martin Lewis Bank Scam: The bank scam is so common nowadays. The unknown call makes you believe that they are from authority and collect personal information to scam your bank account. The latest news that took place in the United Kingdom shook many people around. 

Here is the detailed information about the incident and Martin Lewis’s warnings on the bank scam.

Who is Martin Lewis?

Martin Lewis is an English journalist, author, and television presenter born on May 9, 1972, in England. He is the founder of the website He is also well known for his finance work and is named as the Best Personal Finance Broadcast Journalist in 2020 by ADVFN. 

Please read the full Martin Lewis Bank Scam article to know about the scam.

Why Martin Lewis horrified over the Bank Scam?

The lady named Beth, an ICU nurse reported on the phone that she losses £8,000 because of a bank scam. She stated that she received a scam call, claiming to be from her bank after she met with a car accident. The unknown person on call asks her to secure the money she had in her account. 

She was totally convinced it was a genuine call from the bank and provided bank details as she was panicked that she had a huge sum in her account. Due to this, she lost £8,000 amount, which the bank authority reject to refund. The lady reported this on call to Martin Lewis Bank Scam.

Martin was horrified to hear this news from a lady on call and said, “Sorry to hear Beth, this is a widespread scam right now, addressing all viewers watching.”

“You may get a scam call saying the call is from your bank, or a call from security service or police, a trusted person.” 

“Saying that your account has been hijacked, or may ask you to make online payments, and may ask for personal details, please beware of this fake calls and don’t respond immediately.” 

What are the suggestions for Martin Lewis?

Martin Lewis Bank Scam reaction– Being completely moved by hearing the scam, the money expert Martin Lewis has warned the people that be aware of these kind of incidents plaguing the United Kingdom. “You may get a call asking for your bank details and make payments online, but this is not going to happen; the bank will never ask your details on call.”

“Never continue talking with these fake calls, stay alert; Beth is the example for this incident.” Later Martin revealed that the lady should get some or all of her money back for doing the following things. 

Register the complaint against the scam to the financial ombudsman and concerned bank and tell them what all had happened. The bank which refused to refund her amount would change their mind and may help the lady.


The Martin Lewis Bank Scam write-up helps you know in detail the incident in the UK, where the ICU nurse loses a vast sum of money by trusting a fake call as it is an authorized call from her bank asking for details. And also, Martin Lewis’s reaction and suggestion for the scam is stated in the write-up.

 So, dear readers please read the full article and beware of the fake calls and take immediate action. If you have anything to share about the incident, please comment in the comments section below.

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