Mar A Lago Membership Cost (Jan) Find Details Inside!

Mar A Lago Membership Cost (Jan) Find Details Inside!

Mar A Lago Membership Cost (Jan) Find Details Inside! >> Do you want to know the details of the most extensive mansion? Then please read the complete article here.

Mar a Lago Membership Cost: In this guide, we will give complete information about the resort or hotel located in a beautiful prime location, so please stay tuned here.

According to Forbes, the estimated value of the resort Mar a Lago is around $160 million; its luxurious features, comprehensive renovation, furniture, and beautiful location are appreciated in the United States and the United Kingdom

About Mar a Lago

It is considered a historic landmark; national and a luxury resort situated at Palm Beach, Florida, owned by the 45th President of the US, Donald Trump. It is the second-largest mansion in the state of Florida and the 22nd largest mansion in the U.S.

In total, it has 126 rooms where the Mar a Lago club members will be the only club with a spa, guest rooms, and other hotel amenities and facilities. The club has a total of 500 members and admits every year about twenty to forty new members. Want to know the Mar a Lago Membership Cost, then referring to the below sections may help you.

Some Key Details

  • Location: Palm Beach, Florida, United States 
  • Total area: 110,000 sq. ft
  • Built: 1924 to 1927
  • Architect: Exterior – Marion Sims Wyeth, Interior – Joseph Urban 

Mar a Lago Name Origin

Mar a Lago is a Spanish word that refers “Sea-to-Lake” resort that extends the entire distance of Palm Beach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway. In 1985, the resort was purchased by Mr. Trump for $10 million, after which the entire renovation of the resort is done. After Mr. Trump became the US president, the resort is used to host crucial meetings for all the international leaders.

Mar a Lago Membership Cost

Unlike other hotels and resorts, you cannot book a room and stay there; you need to be a club member to enjoy the hotel amenities. The United States and the United Kingdom people are curious to know how much it costs to be a club member. 

To become a group member, one needs to pay $200,000. This is not all; to remain a member, one needs to pay $14,000 every year and an extra $2,000 yearly for food. Isn’t Mar a Lago Membership Cost is expensive? 

What is the Benefits Mar a Lago Club Members get?

  • Members can use the formal dining area, spa, salon, pool area, and lavish guest rooms.
  • Members get the benefit of award winning tennis courts, fitness center, lawns, and entertainment area.
  • You get to hang out with celebrities, sportspersons, and also presidents.
  • Few selected members get the highest entitlement of elite lifestyle.


Mar a Lago club is the primary business source that operates as a resort and hotel, even gives estate venue on rent for private use. Unlike other alternatives, you cannot directly go or book a room and stay. One needs to pay membership cost details, which is mentioned above; we hope this post is helpful.

If you know anything about the Mar a Lago Membership Cost, please leave your comment in the section provided below.


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