Malzahar Shop Reviews {April 2020} ⇒ Legit? or Scam?

Malzahar Shop Reviews {April 2020} ⇒ Legit? or Scam?

Malzahar Shop Reviews {April 2020} ⇒ Legit? or Scam? -> In this article, get to know how you can get various online products at a reasonable price.

Do you wish to buy online products by just a mere click of the button? Why don’t you head over to this amazing online website? 

Online shopping is a boon to society. You can search and order any desired product, whatsoever you desire. These products can be of any desired field, either related to fashion, toys, construction items, electrical and many more. Recently it is extremely feasible to launch an online website and then communicate with billions of the customers.

Many buyers might be sceptical of these online shopping sites and would be scared of falling prey to any kind of online scam. But this is not true for the same.

In terms of the buyers, this online shopping site has been able to attract many viewers and is highly in demand in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Netherlands.

Prior to clicking a button to choose a product on this site, we would recommend you to go thoroughly through this blog and also figure out for yourself whether it is a genuine site or not.

What is a Malzahar shop?

It is an online shopping store which consists of selling various products related to the gymnasium, kitchen products, and indoor Playground items for kids and many more. Hence, they have a number of kid’s items.

The most appealing item in the kid’s section is the Indoor playground indoor Jungle Gym. Hence this is an online store which has various kinds of items aggregated at one place.

The buyers just need to search the product and get the product by a click of a button.

Why is unique?

The website is a recently registered and it has no negative response till now. The main feature of this site is that it offers its customers a 30 days money-back guarantee. The best part is that even if the customer returns the product in unpacked condition, it is acceptable.

Additionally, if by default you tend to receive any damaged product, you can immediately take pictures or even make a video and hence you can directly send to the company’s email. 

Also, the website is new and its domain is secure since it’s checked in the various domain checker tools. The best and unique part is that you can order any products at an affordable price. The kid’s jungle is luckily available in various sizes and pieces. They can be ordered according to the room size or the play area of the child. 

Another different feature about the website is that the company offers a gift card, which can prove to be a sweet gesture for your loved ones. You can buy the gift card of a particular amount and then further gift it to someone. That particular person can use the gift card to buy the desired product in parallel with the amount in the gift card. Isn’t this cool!

Specifications of

  • Products:  gym products, indoor products, outdoor products, kitchen shelves etc
  • Email:
  • Delivery time: 10 to 15 days
  • Shipping Fee: Free shipping for the order above $50.
  • Returns/Refunds: 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal

Pros of

  • It has lots of options for the children for instance Jungle Gym, which is an extremely helpful exercise of their brains.
  • It also consists of numerous gym sets and equipment which are indoors.
  • The best part is that it provides free shipping facility when ordered a product over $50.
  • It also has the facility to return the products with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • A golden opportunity of purchasing a gift to gift your closed ones is also available.
  • Last but not least, the arrangement of returning the damaged product is also provided.

Cons of

  • As this online website is recently formed, it can be less reliable among the buyers.
  • It has a lack of any social media platform.
  • There is no feedback of the prior customers available in the website.
  • The email id is displayed but the information of the owner is missing which is quite negative.

Final Verdict

As this online site is registered recently, there is no address mentioned on the website. But apart from this, other details like shipping policy, refunds, returns are shared with clear transparency. This website is quite unique with extra facility of buying a gift card too. All in all, buyers can surely get various benefits while shopping on this website.

0 thoughts on “Malzahar Shop Reviews {April 2020} ⇒ Legit? or Scam?

  1. it’s a scam. Instead of an indoor gym, they sent a small lego-rip-off toy. When I asked for a refund, they give a run-around and tell you how much trouble it’s going to be to return the junk they did send. They offered 50% refund. Right@!

    1. I received the exact same thing! So annoyed! Because 50% refund covers the cost of a tiny Mcdonalds lego set. I’m so frustrated. Also the shipping shows it came from Kentucky, NOT China but they told me the exact same thing!

  2. Completely scam,I bought for 30 £ what was suppose to be a Max Pro world gym ,that costs almost 630US dollar ,found after ,instead I received exercise bands that cost less than 10£,hopefully I can get my money back ,since I paid with PayPal

    1. for those how fell in this scam, and paid through Paypal, they dont help at all, i just got confirmation that i will not get my money back, until i send back the item, and vendor confirms the reception (which they will not do it of course… ) in addition, i have to pay for the return shipping and i will not get this money back, so I´m closing my paypal account

  3. Total scam, no indoor gym but a small lego toy. Took a month to arrive and complete disappointment. Facebook and PayPal should really be more selective on their clients. Don’t use!!!!

  4. This site is an absolute scam. Ordered a “Porfit-The World’s First Portable All-In-1 Smart Gym” for $19.99 and what did I get? A big green rubber band with some foamy handles on it. Worth maybe $0.50 – and now they’re insisting that I pay return shipping for this piece of bait-and-switch garbage.

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