Lyestore com Reviews {July 2020} Is it legit or scam?

Lyestore com Reviews {July 2020} Is it legit or scam?

Lyestore com Reviews {July 2020} Is it legit or scam?>> In this article, we have informed about the online website that sells disinfectant products.

Are you looking for that Lysol spray or Wipes on a store and couldn’t find any? One such store in the United States is operating an online store where you can get Lysol products for your home. 

To disinfect the home and our offices, most people buy Lysol products such as Lysol wipes and other cleaners. Due to pandemic, cleaning your surroundings are more important than any other. 

The demand for disinfectants has increased, and finding such products in stock is getting difficult. Lyestore com Reviews looked at one such website which sells all the hygiene products and disinfectants.  

But how you’ll know the online store is not a fake website that looks genuine. To “Is Lyestore com Legit,” we have checked the site’s legitimacy, which claims to sell these products. 

Read down below to check for new information in context to Lyestore com

What is Lyestore?

 Lyestore is an online store which is a trading company and offers all-purpose disinfectant products. The company is in the United States to give a fast and accessible shopping process. The Lysol products are tested and known for the best products for COVID-19 and successfully make the hard surfaces clean. 

The store has the following sections:

  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Disinfectant sprays 
  • Laundry Sanitizer

Specifications of Lyestore:

  • Type of Website – Online store of Lysol products 
  • Website link: 
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping – Free shipping over $49
  • Returns – Withing 60 days
  • Refunds- Withing 30 days
  • Address:- Not mentioned.
  • Contact no. and Email: Not mentioned
  • Payment modes – Major cards and PayPal 

Pros of Lyestore:

  • The policies like Refund and Return are available.
  • Lysol products are well tested and safe to use. 
  • Global free shipping is mentioned. 
  • All products have complete descriptions. 
  • Great deals and special offers on the product are available. 
  • Products have a quality warranty, which shows 100% authentic. 
  • Different modes of payments are available. 

Cons of Lyestore:

  • No order cancellation policy is available. 
  • The site does not have an HTTPS secure link.
  • The domain name a few days old.
  • The necessary information, like owner details, addresses, and contact details, are not mentioned. 
  • The customer’s reviews are missing. 
  • The site has no social media pages. 
  • The customer service page is missing. 

Is Lyestore legit or not?

We have done an online analysis of the site that claims to sell trusted brand products named Lysol. Most of the important information which proves that site can be trusted is all missing. Such as the site has no secure https encrypted connection that means the sensitive information of buyers is not protected. The domain name is also elven days old and thus makes it potentially suspicious. The necessary details, such as company contact number, email address, and owner details, are all missing. 

The site also has no social media handles, and the site has no ratings or reviews. From our research to “Is Lyestore com Legit”, the site is 100 percent scam, and customers should avoid buying any products. 

How are the customer’s opinions about the Lyestore store?   

For any website, the customer reviews and their views matter for other buyers looking for the same products. But Lyestore com Reviews found no online reviews about the website. The products on the website have no rating. Because they have no social media handles, the site can be trusted. 

Final Verdict:

As we know, Lysol products are popular all over the world, but the site who are selling the products can be fake.  And the same can be said about the Lyestore. We ask our reader to examine at your best about the company before making any purchase. The products should be bought from the site, which secures the customer’s sensitive information, and this site does not have that. 

We checked the site’s pros and cons that include shipping, refund, cancellation, and privacy policies. The site is very new and has eleven days old registered domain name. They have no social media presence and even no customer reviews. 

This all raises a red sign for the site, which is selling Lysol products. When most people are looking for a disinfectant for their homes during a pandemic, the scam like these takes advantage of such situations.  We highly suggest you not to buy any products from this online retailer. It’s a scam to take your money. 

If this company tricks you, do not keep quiet about it and comment below.

0 thoughts on “Lyestore com Reviews {July 2020} Is it legit or scam?

  1. In my opinion the site is scam. I ordered products from I was charged one price ($34.19) upon completion of my order and another price ($39.00) to my card. I never received a explanation for the additional money charged. I received a tracking number for the package, however upon further investigation, I learned that the was tracking number was linked to a package that had been delivered in my city prior to my purchase date. I sent an email to the email address provided by the company but never received a response. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!

  2. is DEFINITELY a scam! You can test this out yourself by putting over $1,000 worth of product into your cart and watching a miraculous 90% savings appear at checkout! As a matter of fact, you could add $10,000 worth of product in your cart and receive 99%+ discount AND Free shipping. The S&H on an order that large alone would easily surpass the $99 total sale price. Apparently their cart tops out at $99 regardless of order size. No doubt to hover under somebody’s (FTC’s? Consumer Affairs’? FBI’s?) radar.

    Also, every single product listed on their site is in stock — at any quantity your heart desires. Really???



  3. I was looking on line last night I was on Lysol site and they said it had wipe, spray and everything available. This is not a real site and yes II gave them all my credit card information. I did report my card as lost and asked for a replacement because I gave them my information off my card, got a new card and number issued to me. They took out the money last night. When I saw the email for Hale Nichol I saw this was a fake site. It doesn’t say what items I order but a bunch of numbers. I was on the Lysol site for sure how I got over to them when I was checking and it said items available, I truly don’t know. I am glad it was just 51.76 because I was going to order more. He stated items been mailed but the tracking number given show not such page. Please be careful I had told someone that Lysol was up and running and some type of way they are able to get order for Lysol once you pay then you see another name

  4. I made a purchase from this site. I was to pay through pay pal which I did, I received a message from pay pal via email that my card would not be charged until product shipped. Because I did log in under my Pay Pal account and logged in under as guest pay pal was having a hard time with returning my money. So I contacted my credit card and there working on it now. I closed out that old number and have a new card on the way. The web site is now gone. I emailed them 3 times no response. I was able to check on my order statice until yesterday now the page will not open or is completely gone. I will get my money back.

  5. I placed an order and was billed immediately via Paypal. It was just one at fee, no breakdown of what I bougbt.I received an order confirmation email. A few days later I checked the order status link and it said that my order was being processed. I asked for an update and the next day I received a shipping link which told me that it was delivered 2 days ago. I tried contacting PayPal, but the seller provided a tracking number which seemed valid. USPS did an investigation and said that tracking information was valid. Then I saw a review for this site where the same thing happened and they were provided a tracking number, but it was for another person at a different address. So weird. I have no recourse. I am out the money that I spent and no one will respond to my emails.

  6. I placed an order on July 27th, used my credit card.. they billed it through Paypal. $63.80. I was given order information and a breakdown of my order. When trying to use the tracking information that’s where the trouble started. Now to date I’ve had numerous charges on my credit card., totaling over 3,000.00. Card was stopped and credit card company is looking into it. This is a SCAM. I have contacted Lysol company and was told that they don’t sell their products online.

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