Luxmore Realty Review {August} Curious to Know, Read!

Luxmore Realty Review {August} Curious to Know, Read!

Luxmore Realty Review {August} Curious to Know, Read! >> Looking for information on Luxmore Realty, then read reviews here.

After you have reached a certain age, you have the uncontrollable need to buy a home. Home is a space you proudly call your own and an expanse that makes you feel secure.

This Luxmore Realty Review will help a potential home buyer uncover all that this property giant has to offer. 

The company has made its name in Canada‘s realty market and recently landed itself in murky waters for indecent conduct by one of its employees. 

As you read further, you will find out that the company’s apology is not well received with the country’s populace. 

What is Luxmore Realty?

The Luxmore Realty is a company that deals with the buying and selling of property. The company calls itself one of Canada’s most ‘cosmopolitan’ estate companies. 

This company will research for you when it comes to finding the perfect house for you. They are a dynamic lot and involved in the shaping of the local community. 

Luxmore Realty Review will tell you that the agent was caught in the CCTV footage provided by a customer. The agent in it can be seen picking fruits from their garden when they weren’t present on the property. 

Luxmore Realty and one of its agents, Peter T. Yang, were in the news for all the wrong 


This appalling behaviour has been apologized for by the company, which has received significant backlash from people. 

Points to note about Luxmore Realty

  • The real estate company is one that is based in Vancouver, Canada
  • They provide its customers with buying and selling their properties.
  • They have managed to acquire Luxmore Realty Review in their bouquet
  • There is CCTV footage taken from the home of a seller that wasn’t home at the time 
  • This customer complained of there being seeds all around the ground and being appalled by this behavior 
  • Furthermore, the customer complained of the family being distraught as the garden is their pride and joy
  • The company has made a public apology about this indecent conduct on Facebook and even its official website. 

What did the people have to say about this? 

Many people took to comment on the apology letter posted on Facebook. People said that the letter was full of grammatical errors, and the agent should have been fired. 

Luxmore Realty Review by people questioning why the company’s agents require education and why shouldn’t respecting somebody’s property and belongings being common sense. 

Others are also miffed why he would take a person’s belongings, which cannot be called a mistake but theft. 


The episode of stealing fruits and invading somebody’s privacy has made people question whether Luxmore Realty is trustworthy. 

No apology can take away the feeling of distraught the family currently feels and has single headedly led to the downfall of this real estate company. 

There is no news of termination of the agent responsible for this crime, and numerous ask why that hasn’t happened yet. 

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