Lux Blox Reviews (Dec 2020) Is it A Legit Platform?

Lux Blox Reviews (Dec 2020) Is it A Legit Platform?

Lux Blox Reviews (Dec 2020) Is it A Legit Platform? >> Do you want to give your child the best construction toys? We have talked about the same in the article- a website that offers next-generation construction toys for your child.

Do you believe that construction toys play an essential role in a child’s development stage? But then, do you know which pack you should purchase? Lux Blox Reviews have a suggestion for you. 

Lux Blox is a company that deals in unique new generation building toys manufactured in the United States. The company is quite famous for its products that have proved to be very useful and skill-developing for children at a developing and growing stage of their lives. 

This article will talk about the website and address all your queries, including- Is Lux Blox legitSo, let us begin.

What is Lux Blox?

Lux Blox is a construction toy manufacturing company founded by Mike and Heather Acerra after experiencing and observing their sons play with these types of toys. Mike was an artist by training, and Heather was a human resource executive. Their enthusiasm and passion for learning by playing drove them to design these great toys. 

Lux Blox Reviews would like to inform you that Lux has received notable awards like the 2019 FedEx Small Businesses Challenge Grand Prize, Top toy by the Centre for Autism and related disorders, Parents’ Choice gold awards, etc., certified by at the highest level. 

The products contain Lux Blox cells, which connect like a hinge and still can move. This characteristic of theirs allows truly unique inventions and creations by the children. It lets them understand the third dimension, space, and structure- a significant drawback among today’s construction toys. 

Lux Blox Reviews mentions the types of products available on the website- STEAM products, Educational products, and motorcycle and car products. The products include guides for making some structures, but the manufacturers believe that the children’s best companion is their imagination.


  • Email- customerservice@luxblox.comContact no.- 309-297-4430
  • Address- not provided 
  • Place manufactured- United States. 
  • The material used: ABS plastic.
  • Shipping charges- Depends upon the order total, but free shipping in the US for orders above $75. 
  • Return policy- within 30 days 
  • Refund Policy: To be eligible, the product must be unused, in the same condition, and original packaging. 
  • Payment methods- all debit and credit cards accepted.

Pros of the website:

Lux Blox Reviews presents to you the pros of using this website-

  • Award-winning company 
  • Highly recognized. 
  • Helps develop skills. 
  • Classroom approved products. 
  • Various educational products are available. 
  • High-performance blocks. 
  • Versatile products. 
  • Free shipping in the US. 
  • Safe and tested material used. 

Cons of the website:

  • No order cancellation option was provided. 
  • The different web pages for European and international shoppers. 

Is Lux Blox legit and safe to use?

The website was registered on 25 February 2015 by the owners. And since then, it has been successful in pulling customers towards itself. The website is legit and safe to use. 

Lux Blox Reviews informs you that the products available on this website are also safe and can be used by kids, parents, teachers, artists, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. 

Customer Reviews: has received numerous positive reviews for its products. People have posted convincing individual reviews all over the Internet. The website also provides a separate section for customer reviews, but they can be manipulated. Therefore, we looked elsewhere and found that the company is indeed a trustworthy one. 

If you have used the website, then tell us about your opinions and experience in the comment section of Lux Blox Reviews.

Final verdict:

If you have the ideology that construction and building toys will help your child better understand, creatively, and imagine the principles of the real world, then definitely try this website and its products. The products are proudly manufactured in the US. The website has been popular for quite a long time and is trustable and legit. You can buy the products online on the official website by using the mentioned payment methods. 

Though no address is provided on the website, there is a contact number and email displayed in any further query. 

I Hope Lux Blox Reviews proved to be helpful.

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