Loyida com Reviews {Jan} Is It a Legit Website Or Not?

Loyida com Reviews {Jan} Is It a Legit Website Or Not?

Loyida com Reviews {Jan} Is It a Legit Website Or Not? >> It is an online store for seasonal uniquely designed themed clothes, read here for more details.

Are you looking for some cool trendy clothes at this end of the year? Mainly looking for thanksgiving and Christmas themed ones? We just came across this online clothing store where you can only get what you are looking for. This website has accessories as well. Let’s read more for a quick tour of the website.

Here in this article, Loyida com Reviews, we will be disclosing facts about this online store named Loyida and their website, i.e., loyida.com. Shipping is available in the United States and over the globe. For all the customers who are in a daze about the legitimacy of this website. Let’s learn more. 

What is Loyida.com?

An exclusive clothing e-store hosted by Shopify and powered by shoplazza is based in Hong Kong. The store has different merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, and trousers, and various accessories like masks, earrings, and decorating items. The store changes and adapts accordingly to the festive and holiday themes. 

They have international shipping available. Their primary target audience is based in the United States as they go according to their seasons.

Loyida com Reviews is here for the buyers’ safety purpose and alerting them against any scams and fraudulent people. Continue reading the article to know the details.

Specifications of Loyida.com

  • The website can be accessed via www.loyida.com It is a clothing store that includes hoodies and t-shirts etc.
  • They also have accessories.
  • They have not mentioned any physical address or their origin. 
  • Only mentioned their email Id for queries, i.e., support@loyida.com.
  • No reviews available on the website
  • Thirty days return policy and exchange policy is available.
  • Refunds are done within 2 to 3 days period of time.
  • Payment modes like PayPal and credit cards are available.
  • Credit card details are regulated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 
  • No contact number mentioned as per the discovery of Loyida com Reviews

Pros of buying from Loyida.com

  • Themed hoodies are available for different holiday seasons
  • Various special offers and coupons are available.
  • Shipping is available worldwide.
  • Thirty days refund and exchange policy.
  • Available in many sizes and designs.
  • Affordable and reasonable cost.
  • Soft and cotton material used for hoodies.
  • Fashionable and trendy designs.

Cons of buying from Loyida.com

  • The store has clothing for one gender, i.e., women.
  • No complete information is available; hence the absence of address makes it dubious.
  • The products are not sold on any other website besides their own.
  • There is no space or section for the buyers to mention their Loyida com Reviews.

Is Loyida.com legit?

The web page is dedicated to holiday-themed clothes; in other words, they design their outfits based on the seasons, whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. Currently, it has clothes available only for women.

The store is recently launched in 2020; hence, there are no reviews available anywhere and because they have no customer review section, making it a bit suspicious. Also, there is no social media presence as of yet. The return, exchange policies are acceptable, and the credit card payments are under the regulation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

But as there are no reviews out, it is difficult for Loyida com Reviews to establish legitimacy at this point.

What are the customer’s reviews regarding Loyida.com?

As there are currently no buyer reviews available on any platform, we cannot determine any reactions. And there is no social media presence as well for any sort of review about the website. The products are only sold on their website and not available on any other shopping sites or platforms. This only makes it suspicious as there are no reviews or traffic.


We conclude that this online store has its policies up to a point, making it seem dubious. Still, due to any reviews and many buyers’ reactions, it isn’t easy and a bit too early to establish its legitimacy. It is recently launched. There not much audience aware of this online clothing store. The owner of the website should indulge more in promotions and making an excellent social media presence.

Hence, Loyida com Reviews suggests people interested in buying products from this website to do shopping from some legit website. Please tell us your views and what you think about the website in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “Loyida com Reviews {Jan} Is It a Legit Website Or Not?

    1. I ordered Thanksgiving and Christmas tops…just got an email that there was damage to one top (their last one) and they would refund my money but it would take 30 days. I am very suspicious of this company and I think it might be from Hong Kong…big mistake….77.00 worth…

  1. I ordered 2 Xmas shirts on Nov. 6, totalling $51.52 I haven’t received nothing yet but they did 5ske my money , I figured by now I would have the shirts I think I got took got my money .I’m very upset about it n no way to contact them ,beware buying from that web site

  2. I ordered a hoodie and a pair of pants and received them in 16 days. They are one size smaller so, if you order, order 1 size up. Not the best quality but, i love what i ordered.

  3. I rec’d what I ordered in a timely manner, love the print. However the shirt is too small for me, rec’d NO papers with the shirt & no instructions on where to send it back to. I am now stuck with a shirt I cannot wear, Dang it

    1. Are you in the United States? Do you mind me asking? So far it looks like you are the only one that has actually received an item so I was just curious. I ordered on Nov 8, 2020, a week before you and I still have never received anything.

  4. I placed an order on Nov 14.2020. They claim that they ship orders in 3-7 days. Today is Nov 23, 2020 and they still haven’t shipped. It’s a Christmas sweater. Probably won’t get in time to wear . Slow!!!! I paid through PayPal so I can easily file a claim in a few days.

    1. I ordered a Christmas sweater around Nov 15 th (same time frame) and have yet to receive anything. It is now Dec. 8th. Have tried multiple times to contact them via the support email and it says that the domain does not exist.

      1. I ordered a sweater on NOV 15th and havent rcvd it or an email confirmation that it was shipped. I can no longer find the site .. Im going to message on paypal and request refund.

  5. I ordered a sweatshirt and did not like the fit. They have made it difficult to return the item.
    After several back and forth e mails, I got an undeliverable response saying the e mail was undeliverable!

  6. I just received my order and I love it all! I was skeptical as it did take a few weeks to get (ordered 11/14). Not a scam from my point of view for what I ordered and the quality is good for the low price. Thank you!

  7. I placed an order and received shipping information on November 19th I received tracking information now the tracking information’s not working and I can’t get through to the website this seems very suspicious$75 worth of merchandise and I may not get any of it.

  8. I received my order but even tho I ordered one size larger, much too small. I cannot reach anyone to get an address to return it as they said do not use the address on the label. Think this is a very bad website! Beware!

  9. I ordered a Christmas outfit on Nov 2nd. Nothing yet. I got an email saying my order had shipped. I watched the “tracking” for weeks until one day “this site cannot be reached” appeared. All the emails including the support email pings back as not a real email. So I think im in the same boat. Screwed out of $65. ? im really wishing I had done better homework on this place and not been drawn in by the cutesy stuff. I usually do. I say BUYER BEWARE. now im gonna have to fight it through my CC company.

  10. On November 15th I purchased a Penguin T-shirt, Order #VLZ51697, and still have heard nothing as to when I will receive it. Please check your records and let me know. Your attention to this would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

  11. I have had the same problem as Bonny in TN! Ordered November 17, 2020, On November 23rd, notified them I hadn’t gotten anything and they sent me a link to “track” the package. Supposedly, it got to Chicago and now, the link is no longer active and trying to email their support@loyida.com got bounced back with a Mailer Daemon message, so now my only recourse is to file a claim through PayPal. So irritated!!

  12. I placed an order on November 16, 2020 (2 pairs of jeans and a cute top). Received an email on November 25th from support@loyida.com that my order had shipped (I paid $15 for express shipping). I tried to track the package today but it takes me to a blank page that says “Can’t open page/connect to server”. I tried sending an email today to the address on their website for support – well, guess what? That email address doesn’t exist. Total scam in my eyes! I paid with PayPal so I will file a complaint and hope to get my $96 back. Just sucks that I now am scrambling to find something to wear to my Christmas gatherings in a week.

  13. I ordered 4 shirts and was excited to get sweatshirts in a large size. I ordered them in November and they took my money and told me they were shipped and gave me tracking number and a place to see the tracking. When I tried to see where it was it would not allow me to get the information. Then I emailed them to let them know. They sent me to a different place to track. That didn’t work either. Now I’m unable to contact them at all an tells me that the page loyida,com doesn’t exist. I still don’t have my order. Going to report as fraud and hopefully get my money refunded. I WOULD NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, SCAM!!!

  14. I ordered two Christmas shirts and only received one. And they don’t have a phone number to call someone and the email is not legit. So I’m out of 25.00. I will be ordering anything else from them.

  15. How do you contact them??? I ordered October 28th. Still nothing. Website won’t open and customer support gets returned back to me saying address doesn’t exist. There should be a way to address this.

  16. I ordered the snowman themed shirt and jeans and wanted a refund because they are too small… can’t get a return address. A ton of emails back and forth but nothing. So much for their hassle free return policy. They told me to give it to a friend!! 63.00 worth!

  17. Tracking number put into USPS, UPS, and Fedex tracking sites – all say the number is invalid. All emails to support @loyida.com are undeliverable. They took my money and I’ve been scammed. Buyer beware.

  18. Ordered 1 sweatshirt on 11/15. Got an email the sweatshirt shipped on 11/26. Tracking link never provided information. Now the tracking sight is inactive and their server isn’t working. Should have known better. Irritated but it’s a cheap lesson.

  19. I would like to return my items but there’s no way to contact them. No paper work included for returns.
    Not happy with the quality.
    Save your money!!

    1. I would also like to return my items and didn’t get any paperwork with the order. Can’t get through to them. emails come back not deliverable. no reported address. Print on tops is cute, but quality of material is beyond awful. don’t waste your money. I will never again order from them. I believe they are being made in China/Japanese sweat shops.

  20. I ordereda Christmas sweatshirt. I received an email saying it had shipped. There was a button to track your shipment. When I hit it, it says the page is down and to reload it, but you can’t. I sent an email to support@loyida.com. I got email back that says there is no domain name for loyida. I used debit card. Probably going to have to get a new one.

  21. I ordered on November 8, 2020, I received an order confirmation e-mail with a tracking number but no carrier name. I e-mailed them back and asked them what carrier and this is their reply
    Dear customer,
    The tracking number you received is the logistics information when the warehouse just sent the package, so it is normal that it may not be found. Since it has just been shipped, we will need to wait for the update of the shipping information. I found your The package will be delivered by USPS. Please contact us in the next few days. We will continue to follow up the update of the logistics information and send the USPS tracking number.

    As of today 12/7/20 I still have never received anything and when I tried to e-mail them back the web-site is unreachable!! I tried to go back to check my order and that link is also unreachable! I believe I was scammed out of over $100 in merchandise. I am going to try to claim fraud with my bank since it would not allow me to pay using Paypal. That should have been my first clue!

  22. They are a scam. Any accounts of people getting “products” are fake. Ordered 2 shirts for the wife over 2 months ago, received a shipping notice with a “tracking number” but no carrier name. The link provided to track them is a dead end. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this place, you WILL lose your money.

  23. I ordered a Christmas shirt on November 17, 2020 and received an email that it shipped with a tracking number on November 25, 2020. It’s December 8, 2020 and I still haven’t received the shirt. I tried to track it through the post office and it says the tracking number Loyida gave me doesn’t exist. I tried to email Loyida.com and the email came back undeliverable. I won’t order from this website again. I did put it on my credit card so I hope I can get a refund.


  25. Waiting for status of my order. Was told it would be received by December 9th. Not received yet. Have been trying to contact company with no success.

    This must be a scam and you have my money. I want my order please.

  26. I ordered November 16th. They sent a “tracking number” but you can’t check it anywhere. Their website is down/gone. Was really looking forward to that top…. Should be able to get my $$ back from PayPal. They were advertising on Facebook—doesn’t Facebook vette their advertisers??? They should are they should be liable for the scam as well.

  27. I ordered in November, and still have not gotten item, they said they would refund, it would take 30 days, still nothing, got two items, and can’t return them either. Pissed off. Do not order from them , customer service sucks

  28. I ordered in mid November and have not received my order yet. After disputing this with PayPal I received an email with tracking information. The tracking is through 17track not sure if it is legit. As of yesterday it said my item was in my city and given to carrier. Carrier states DHL e-commerce. When I try to track on their site the tracking number is not found. If I do not receive my order in a few days I am suppose to escalate my claim with PayPal.

  29. They have changed their website address add an S to Loyida, it’s now Loyidas.com. I made my order 11/16 said it was shipped today from CHINA to the US. I’m really not expecting to receive it.

  30. My wife ordered 2 shirts on November 5th, one in 3x and one in 5x. and we JUST got them a couple days ago. She normally wears a 3x, this one didn’t fit and neither did the 5x, I think they’re sending children’s cloths. They don’t give a return address and no one is answering our emails or messages on facebook and their website is shut down so we have no way to to send it back for refund. Looks like we’re out $50. NEVER buy from a facebook page without researching the company, once burned twice shy.

  31. Total scam. Ordered Nov15. Now Dec 23. According to fishy looking tracking site, it cleared customs in Chicago after arriving from ….you guessed it…China. It cleared on 12/19. Nothing since that point. They offered me a $5 gift card to their store for the trouble. Yea, right. I will NEVER order product from China again. They are thieves as you can see from all of these comments. Very wealthy thieves. Why can’t they be shut down? If this were a US company, they would be imprisoned.

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