Lovekeys net Scam {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Lovekeys net Scam {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Lovekeys net Scam {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> In this review, you will read about an online site that claims to sell affordable products at your doorstep.

Would you be interested in buying daily home items at a discounted site? If your answer is yes,

Read our unbiased review to know about one such site – To find out about Lovekeys net Scam, read our complete review until the end. is an online website launched recently in the United States, only a few days ago. 

Currently, most of the people like to buy a product online. You can easily compare two brands-their prices, discounts and offers, features, USP’s, and most importantly, the buyers’ feedback. In short, online gives you a complete analysis of whether you should go for that particular item or look for something else.  

It raises so many concerns as well. Don’t worry because we are here to clear all your doubts with our unbiased review

Continue to read our article and know Is Lovekeys net Scam or a legit site?

Is Lovekeys net Scam?

Would you like to buy from this site or consider it as a scam? 

Whether the website is genuine or a scam depends on specific guidelines – how much the right information company has shared with the customers? Are customers happy with the services? How much popularity the site has gained? And so on. 

At first glance, we found many alarming signs – unprofessional design, missing contact details, grammatical errors, fake images, and plagiarized content. 

Moreover, the domain which just created is about to expire and has been linked to many fraudulent sites across the globe, it has a terrible trust score of 1% only, and no customer review is available online that claims it to an official site. Hence, the site is not recommended to our readers.

Hope you get the answer about Lovekeys net Scam 

What is Lovekeys net? is an e-shop that begun its journey only 19 days ago. It has a unique collection of products that are available to your doorstep. The site claims to deliver excellent products and pay attention to even the smallest details. 

The products they deliver are of the highest – quality. The collection includes – Remote control, Double-mats, Lamps, Carry Box, and many more. 

Let us read some more details about this site in this Lovekeys net Scam reviews.


  • Product- Home Item(Mats, Lamps, Carry Box)
  • Established Year-2020
  • Website link- 
  • Email Id-
  • Contact Number- Not Available
  • Address – Not Given
  • Contact Person- Not Given
  • Order Processing- 2 to 3 business days
  • Refund – You can expect a return within 7 to 10 days
  • Return- Within 45 days of purchase
  • Mode of payment- Online Mode (VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Pay Pal)


  • A valid HTTPS connection is used
  • Subscribe for “Newsletter”
  • The website is not listed as a suspicious site
  • Huge discounts are there
  • Hot sale for various items
  • Free Shipping Over $50
  • The domain name of the website uses commonly used TLD
  • There is no suspicious word founded in the domain name Disadvantages 
  • Custom charges have to borne by customers
  • The unprofessional outlook of the site
  • No categorization of products
  • Suspicious email id
  • Not a popular site 
  • The shipping cost of the site has to be borne by the customer
  • Lacks customer review section
  • Social media links are not working
  • The Contact Address and contact numbers are missing

Feedback from the customers

Input by the buyers serves as an eye-opener for other potential customers and tells the whole about any site. They reveal the information on whether the site is legit or a scam. We didn’t find any single review written by any customer about the site.

There are some general reviews that will give the answer to Is Lovekeys net Scam or not. Their findings disclose that this site has been ranked #0 amongst the thousands of websites as it is unable to win the customers’ trust. 

Final Verdict

We hope our research has already clarified the doubts in your mind to answer the question. To begin with, the website is too new to buy anything. It shows no many features of the fraudulent sites – fake content and images, missing contact address, linkage of the site with other bogus websites, and many more shortcomings we have already discussed above. 

So we can say it is merely a replica to fool naïve buyers across the United States. Hence, we suggest you stay away from it and find another better option. Hence, this also solves the query – Is Lovekeys net Scam?

If you still want to give it a try, proper and thorough research is recommended. We would request you to share your experience with us in the comment section given below. 

0 thoughts on “Lovekeys net Scam {Sept 2020} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

  1. Hello, I was scammed by this company. They presented a 3-6 floating mat. I only purchased because on their site it talked about their refund policy and it was 100% guaranteed. My mat was a tiny piece of foam! I have gone back and forth with the company and they refuse to refund me. Do not buy from this company!

    1. Same thing happened to me. Could not believe what they sent; and their replies to my emails were shameless and provided no satisfaction.

    2. DAMN!!! Wish I knew this as well. I did the same thing !!! And now the website is gone! ordered same 3-6 mat, and received this 1×6 foot piece of foam! Total SCAM

    3. Same thing happened to me! bought the floating mat that was supposed to hold 3-6 people and after over a month and a half, it just arrived. Lucky if even one SMALL person can fit on it. I’m going to see if my credit card company will go after them!

    4. I too was scammed by this company with the same.3-6 person mat was ordered for $80 and received a Very small piece of foam that wouldn’t even fit 1 toddler 🙁

    5. Same here – total BS. Oh and their website is gone. Interesting they just started since reviews make it sound like its been around for much longer. I want to find the holding company or owner of this company and do everything possible to make sure nobody buys from them again

    6. Still waiting for ours. It’s been months so it should be here any day!! Unfortunately we fell victim to this scam also. PayPal refuses to refund the $ because the company provided a tracking number for a package to my town that weighs less than a pound.

  2. I bought the “Floating Island” that is supposed to hold 1-3 people. It’s a small piece of foam that is 24 1/2 inches long and 15 inches wide. I”ve been emailing with them and am getting nowhere to get a refund. Totally a SCAM!!!!

  3. Same issue I ordered the same 3-6 people mat and received a mat for 3-6 smurfs…

    Definitely a Scam.. now I don’t understand why would you go through the trouble of even shipping this…?

  4. Margie, I am with you. I just received mine and it isn’t even as wide as a yoga mat. I have been in contact with support and they assure me that I got what I had ordered! Ridiculous! I will never buy anything else from them! People will know for sure from me that they are scammers. Stacy

  5. Had the same problem. They presented the 3-6 floating mat and got the same tiny piece of foam! I am disputing with my credit card company. Do not buy!

  6. I also ordered a 3 inch thick floating mat in July. I haven’t seen it yet and can not get up with the company, Love Keys. I wouldn’t purchase !!!

  7. It’s a SCAM!!!!! Float mat advertised for 3-6 people and 3 layers was a $2 piece of styrofoam big enough for 1 child. I am sooooo angry and hope these scammers get the bad karma they deserve. DON’T BUY anything from LOVEKEYS!!!!!!! Disgusting that a company is actively scamming property during these rough times. What goes around eventually comes around……..

  8. Total scam. They lead you on like they are so helpful, and then after your product reaches you almost 30 days later. They say, oh, that’s what you ordered. I also ordered a 3 layer floating mat large size for 3 to 6 people. What came was a sample of that 15 3/6″ x 48″

  9. This place is a definite scam! I ordered the floating mat and 2 months later have still not received my order. When you contact them you get auto generated email responses. And if you want to speak with them you have to do so in the middle of the night due to the representatives being from China. Save your money and buy some place else.

  10. I bought the floating mat from them to and got the same thing. two mini pieces of foam that couldn’t hold 1 person. don’t buy from them.

  11. We just received our 4-6 person floating mat…What a joke! The mat is 18” wide by 6’ long.
    I’m assuming this item was made in the Willy Wonka Factory.

  12. I agree with the lady above. I waited almost 3 months for a 2-3 person mat that when I received it was a 18″ wide piece of foam. One person could have never fit let alone 2-3 on this and it was $60.00. They are joke and I’m getting no response back from Lovekeys.

  13. This is a scam site. We ordered a floating mat too and never received anything. We have disputed the charge with a our bank because of course there was no response to our request for a refund. Stay away from this company!

  14. I’ve also been scammed by this company from the lily pad mat. They continue to go back and forth with no resolution. Its was a foreign Asian company that showed up on my statement, which had since changed and the site is no longer active.

  15. I was also one who purchased the 3-6 people floating island for 59.99 and when it was arrived it was a one float wide piece of foam. When I stated it wasn’t what I order I was told it was. 100% guaranteed was not honored and unable to secure refund

  16. I ordered the same floating mat early in August 2020, claiming to be large enough for 3 to 6 people with photos to back up the claim. It finally arrived today and is a tiny piece of foam. I will attempt to obtain a refund but expect this company is a scam. AVOID LOVEKEYS.NET!

  17. Same here, total scam. Presented product online as 3-6 people size. It arrived after 2+ months and was merely a tiny piece of foam

    Do not purchase . Not a legit company

  18. Same as the above feedback. I ordered a 3-6 person floating aqua mat in red & yellow. It’s a rolled up styrofoam mat enough for one person. False advertisement, the website is also down & there’s no way to contact these frauds.

  19. SCAM! I purchased floating mat as well. Tracking number said it was delivered, but Never delivered. They supposedly resent it out, that was 3 weeks ago, no tracking info. Contacting PayPal for a refund. Looks like the site is down anyway.

  20. Ugh! I was just researching this for the same exact reason! I bought two of these floating mats and I’m furious that I can barely fit my 4 year old on it! That’s if I even attempt to put it in the water! It’s so small that I’m not even sure if it’s worth it to try. I purchased for the same reason and the reviews were just fine. Sorry we got scammed.

  21. 100% a scam & wish I could post a picture. We ordered the largest float size possible and are currently watching our 8 year old in her attempt to defy the laws of physics in the lake. Rose would have gone down with the Titanic if this were her option to stay afloat & no debate as to whether or not Jack had a chance of survival would have ever made it into conversation. Cheers to those who don’t scam others!!

  22. Same thing happened to me! I’m trying to return this joke of an item but can’t find an address to send it back to. Were you able to resolve the problem?

  23. I was also scammed with the water mat. Paid with PayPal and they are not helping at all. Anyone have any luck disputing the charges? They want me to ship the foam piece back to China and I h ave to pay the shipping charges.

  24. I ordered this floatable matt and still have not received it, almost 3 months!! Scam scam do not order from this BS Company!! Going through my bank for fraud!

  25. I guess if the product looks great and costs way less than other sites, it was to good to be true. Shame on me for believing. I do have an address to return it to China but the cost to return is almost as much as the price I paid, and no guarantee that I would eventually get my money refunded. I did learn my lesson – if it seems to good to be true, then it’s probably a scam. There’s another one other there advertising life like dogs – don’t fall for that one – it’s just a stuffed animal I am sure.

  26. Scam, and PAYPAL helped them scam us! refused to refund unless we shipped it back to china. The cost to ship was more than the matt cost in the first place.
    We sent proof this was a scam, and PAYPAL helped them!

  27. I have an awful experience too. It was battery operated/rechargeable saw for yard work. The same excuses I see from other people I got. Went to wrong address, shipped so give it time, sent out new order, just give us two more days. They actually said they’d give me a refund, but now they say they can’t cause it’s been shipped. Still no shipping info. Terrible liars —if someone wants to add me yo their list of filing anything against them if it’s even possible I’m in

  28. This happened to me as well! Well the joke is on them because I took that shitty 1′ x 5′ peice of shit foam and use it my hot tub so SUCK IT Love keys!

  29. Same here! Only after I harassed via email, was I given multiple tracking numbers. Lo and behold, 2 months later received it….. tiny skinny yoga mat piece of crap that had a rip in it. FYI I purchased the largest option. I guess I should have known that the normally priced $400.00+ item would be fake or fraudulent at $75.00.

  30. I never got my item either. They say it was delivered. I tried to dispute with PayPal. They sided with the company. I am out 59 dollars.

  31. I was scammed. I never received anything from this company. I ordered the 3-6 person mat in July. I never got anything and lost my money. Do not order anything from them

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