Lottie London Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It Valuable Store?

Lottie London Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It Valuable Store?

Lottie London Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It Valuable Store? >> As mentioned, the article is for a website named Lottie London, sells women beauty product online.

There is no doubt about the fact that the cosmetic industry has boomed in the last decade. New brands are coming up, offering their best products. One can even see many celebrities creating their makeup line to get the best of the business opportunities. 

Today, we are going to pen down the review of a website from the United Kingdom. It is a makeup website that has been making a lot of waves on the internet. The website has soon become a favorite for most influencers. So, join in for Lottie London Reviews.

We hope you will find all the relevant information about the website by reading this article, and you will be able to make a related purchase decision from the website. 

What is in Lottie London?

Lottie London is one of those famous brands over the internet. The brand is from the United Kingdom but has won a lot of hearts worldwide. When we got to the website, we thought that we had entered a world of makeup junkies. There are various pictures and display icons that promote the products sold by the brand. The website sells multiple categories of blush, sponge, oil sticks, brushes, lipsticks, etc. 

There are some of the best beauty products that can be found on the website that are cruelty-free. Also, there are vegan products on display. Once, we got to the ‘about us’ section on the website, and we found that the website has a lot of information on how it was formed and why it is different from others.

One can see various You tubers, bloggers, and Beauty influencers showing the tutorial of how these products are used. Also, they have a lot of good things to say about the consequences of Lottie London Reviews.

There is also a section for the summer collection on the website with foundation tint, nail paints—skin tints, gloss oil, etc. The standard shipping will take about 48 hours. The website also offers free delivery in the UK over the amount of pounds 20. The website also provides 28 days returns policy.


  • URL of the website: https://lottie.london/
  • The email address of the website: customer.shopping@lottie.london
  • Address of the website: Studio, 4th floor, Battersea Studios 2, 82, Silverthorne Road, London, United Kingdom
  • Free shipping: In the United Kingdom
  • The website has a strong social media presence: Yes.
  • Returns: 28 days
  • User-friendly website: Yes
  • Free shipping: In the UK, for orders over 20 Pounds
  • Customer service available: Yes
  • Notify for the damaged product: Within seven days


  • The website has a beautiful collection.
  • The website offers a reasonable price.
  • The website has a valid SSL certification.
  • The website has a proper email domain.


  • Some people have claimed that the products haven’t suited them.

Is Lottie London Legit? 

We are going by the reputation that Lottie London has in the market. There is not even a single thing about the website to be suspicious. We tried to find more information for Lottie London Reviews. 

The products offered by the website are of premium quality as per the feedbacks by the users. The website has an ‘about us’ section written in detail. There is sufficient owner information about the website.

The website has a valid SSL certificate, and it is not new. One can find detailed product descriptions on the website. The website has a proper email domain. All of this ensures that the website is authentic.

Customer Reviews:

When we were doing our research for Lottie London Reviews, we found many beauty influencers vouching for the products from the website. People think that the products are unique and suit them even on their sensitive skin. However, for some users, the products from this website have been drying on their skin. The majority of reviews for this product have been positive. 

Final Verdict:

Thus, according to our research on Lottie London Reviews, there are mostly positive factors for the website. There is nothing based on which we can ask our readers to refrain from purchase. So, we will give thumbs up to this website. We will recommend this site to our readers, who are fond of quality make up products and always admire their different looks.

In case you have experience purchasing from the website, you can list down your experience in the comments section below.

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