Loser Dot com (Nov 2020) What are its Benefits?

Loser Dot com (Nov 2020) What are its Benefits?

Loser Dot com (Nov 2020) What are its Benefits? >> This article explains everything about the trendy domain name.

With the United States2020 presidential election results just declared, the domain name, Loser Dot com, has reached the hype. But what exactly is this domain name? To whom does it relate? It belongs to whom?

Well, don’t worry because we are here to your rescue. We will address all your queries and update you with all the necessary information regarding loser.con.

What is loser.com?

Loser.com or Loser Dot com is a domain name that has been responsible for redirecting itself to various other web pages. And as of 8 November 2020, this domain redirects to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the former United States president, Donald Trump.

This domain name was registered back in 1995 in the name of Brian Connelly

History of the domain name:

Since its registration, it has been targeting several celebrities like Al Gore, Kanye West, and Barack Obama. It has redirected to the 2000’s website of the presidential campaign of Al Gore, a website that opposed Jim Hodges in 2002; in 2008, the presidential campaigning of Barack Obama; in 2010 to WikiLeaks and the Reddit website in 2012.

The domain, Loser Dot com, started getting more attention when it redirected to the Wikipedia page if Kanye West, an American rapper. Even in 2016, the domain name had targeted Donald Trump when he was campaigning for the US presidential elections. And in 2017, it became a news website that published only those articles that opposed Trump.

 On 20 April 2020, the domain redirected to a webpage (FactCheck.org) about Trump’s declarations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the domain had been very active and targeted many people, and now it has again targeted Donald Trump.

People say that Brian has been using the URL to troll celebrities for fun or hatred. Still, in many interviews, Brian Connelly has stated that Loser Dot com sometimes also redirects to the topics he considers positive to increase their popularity. He had also said that the domain was not against Barack Obama. Instead, it was a move to register and vote. 

Reports also say that if someone tries to search loser on the Twitter’s search bar, it takes them to Trump’s official Twitter handle. The social media platform claimed that this is not done on intention. When an account is often mentioned along with specific terms, they become algorithmically attached to an association. 

Customer Reviews:

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the domain name. Do you think it is the right way to troll or support someone? Is it a right step taken by Brian to troll the celebrities he hates?

Final verdict:

Well, this is no rumor that some domain name Loser Dot com or loser.con is redirecting to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia web page. It is right, and this very domain name has a long history of targeting celebrities to troll or support them. And this time, its target is Donald Trump.

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