Lolcilik .com {Oct} Read Complete Details Now!

Lolcilik .com 2020

Lolcilik .com {Oct} Read Complete Details Now! -> Here’s what you need to know about a website of a toy company that offers exciting prizes to users who take part in the online contests.

Are you a parent who’s always looking for toy sites to avail of exciting deals? If so, then continue reading. 

Today we’re sharing info about Lolcilik .com. The site is gathering a lot of attention from toy buyers. 

There are many companies that put up contests on their websites. This is one such site that is making everyone in countries like Turkey curious about the contests and offers. 

What is 

It is a website that belongs to a toy company in Turkey. The company, Giochi Preziosi, is an established company with a strong social media presence. On Facebook and Youtube, there are thousands of people following the accounts of this site and company. 

On the website, you can see that the company offers prizes like toy sets to interested buyers. The site lets customers watch episodes of children’s shows and participate in contests. 

Specifications of

  • Lolcilik .com belongs to a toy company, Giochi Preziosi. 
  • The company is headquartered in Turkey. 
  • The website’s email id is
  • Interested site visitors can call on 0212 322 5958 to get in touch with the site. 
  • The company’s address is Giochi Preziosi Turkey, Eyup OfisPark, Central District Bonds No. 14, Block D, 2nd Floor, Kagithane, Turkey. 
  • The site lets visitors earn gifts online. 
  • The participants can watch videos and answer questions to win exciting prizes. 
  • The website has a strong presence on social media portals like and Facebook. 

Who should know about

People who want to buy cute toys should check out this website. Also, internet users who like to participate in online contests can explore this site for winning exciting prizes by just watching videos and answering questions related to it. 

How does it work? 

The site gives away gifts to lucky participants. People need to participate in the contest by watching videos and commenting or answering questions. Children interested in LOL Boys and other shows can enjoy watching these videos and taking part in the contest to win toy sets. 

Customer Feedback

We checked online to find what people were saying about Lolcilik .com. Though there is no user review shared on the website, we came across a few reviews on the internet. 

We came across a few posts online, especially on social media portals such as Facebook and Youtube. People discuss buying the toy sets and participating in the contest. 


The website is a toy company’s site. The site has earned many followers on various platforms like Facebook. The company often gives away prizes to lucky winners. It boasts a huge collection of toy sets that are bound to make any kid go gaga over it. 

Explore Lolcilik .com to get to know about the easy way to participate in contests that can let you win LOL Boys sets of toys. 

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