Living Robot Frog (Jan) First Living Robot From Frog Cells

Living Robot Frog (Jan) First Living Robot From Frog Cells

Living Robot Frog (Jan) First Living Robot From Frog Cells >> The post provides you with details of the new living robot called Xenobots. Please continue reading for more information.  

Living Robot Frog: A group of highly qualified scientists from the United States has created Xenobots. It is a small robot created using a frog’s heart and skin cells. It can heal naturally and walk like humans. Computer-aided algorithms are used to define the cells’ configurations, and using those configurations; humans have created the first living robot referred to as Xenobots.   

Xenobots are the living robots created from heart and skin stem cells extracted from frogs. Computer models, the dynamics of the building blocks and uses them to create different organism anatomies. As a result, the world got the first living robot made from the cells of a frog. 

What is the Living Robot Frog?

Scientists from Tuffs University in the United States repurposed the living frog cells and configured them to create new life-forms called Xenobots. The living robot can move towards the target, heal naturally, and even walk like humans. 

The Living Robot Frog is a novel living robot that differs from conventional robots and other known species of animals. It is a new type of artifact and a programmable organism. It was named Xenobots after the clawed frog from Africa from where the stem cells are extracted.

The machine is less than 0.04 inches. It is tiny and compact to travel inside human bodies easily. It has a long-life expectancy, and it can swim and walk and work together in groups. Since Xenobots don’t have robotic arms and shiny gears, it can’t be considered traditional robots. It looks more like the small blob of pink flesh that keeps moving. 

What is the Use of Living Robot Frog?

According to scientists, these are the living aquatic organisms that have a life expectancy of seven years. The Living Robot Frog is created hoping that it can be helpful in the future to deliver the drug doses into the bloodstream.  

Scientists have also clarified that it is useful for cleaning up the micro-plastics from the ocean and make it clean. The robot frog can also help control radioactive waste spills. 

Presently, the organisms can walk and move things and work together with other xenobots in the swarm. It has multiple benefits over the metal micro-robots as it can heal if it sustains any damage or injuries.  

Since it is created using organic material, it is less likely to cause damages inside the human body or any natural environment they are introduced to. After the robot completes the intended function it naturally biodegrades without causing any damages. 


Living Robot Frog is the Xenobots that survive in freshwater and can withstand temperature variations between 4 and 26 degrees Celsius. It is the first of its kind living robot that can serve multiple purposes.    

It has a longer life expectancy, and it can survive for weeks on protein and lipids in frog cells before it stops functioning. The interesting part is that it is easily reproduced, and life increases if they flourish in nutrient-rich cell culture.

The scientists confirmed, Xenobots open many exciting avenues at the intersection of biology, robotics, and medicine. 

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