Lin Miao Scam (Jan 2021) Know About Scandal!

Lin Miao Scam (Jan 2021) Know About Scandal!

Lin Miao Scam (Jan 2021) Know About Scandal! >> Read this out to know about the big scandal or fraud related to the mobile company.  

As we see many scams and frauds in different fields worldwide, this Lin Miao Scam was done in the United States, which was related to text messaging fraud to consumers. So we are to acquaint you with the details and discussions related to this massive fraud.

Six men were charged for this criminal act, and the scandal was so massive that the US government gave heavy penalties to those involved in this scam. The media authorities said that the involved person is charged over a mobile cramming scheme in which hundreds and thousands of users of mobile phones were ripped off by sending unwanted messages text service.

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What Is Lin Miao Scam?

Miao scam was massively done five or six years ago in the United States in which six men were accused of doing this illegal act. It came to in knowledge by the US attorney when several corporate and Lin Miao surrender all of its assets of dollar ten million, including Mercedes vehicles, Beverly hills, Bentley, and Beverly hills.

According to some news, the scam ran for two years from 2011 to 2013 centred on the massaging company that was owned by Miao, and its chief technology manager Yong Jason Lee, the defendant.

The fraud came to be known as Lin Miao Scam, and the accused used to text messages about horoscope, jokes, celebrity talks to the users of mobile phones. In this victim was charged dollar nine per month even if the users deleted or ignored the text.

Penalties Given To The Accused Ones:

According to government officials, the accused were given heavy penalties for doing this massive scam with consumers:

– For doing consumers fraud for million-dollar, the main culprit Christopher Goff was given thirty months imprisonment.

– Apart from thirty months of imprisonment, Goff was granted the supervised release of two years

– He was charged a fine of approximately 3,52,780$

So, this was Lin Miao Scam penalties Given by the government to the accused ones.

Ling Miao was arrested on Wednesday. Three of them got arrested namely Christopher Goff, Lee and Pajaczkowski on the next day of Thursday. Pajaczkowski, Christopher Goff and Miao were charged for money laundering. FTC (federal trade commission) filed a case against the accused on December 2013. 

It is said that they used to receive fifty million dollars and more from the users. Christopher Goff used to receive fifty thousand dollars as a commission from Lin Miao. Further, it was said that six more persons were found guilty in participating in the fraud.


So this was the vast fraud done few years back in the UN, which came to be popular as Lin Miao Scam. This was the massive scandal carried out by six men, and they were charged penalties for doing such an enormous scam, and some were given two-year imprisonment.

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