Levinolin Scam (Jan 2021) – Check The Review Here!

Levinolin Scam (Jan 2021) – Check The Review Here!

Levinolin Scam (Jan 2021) – Check The Review Here! >> This writing will discuss an online site that sells generators, electrical and clothing products and we will explore the website’s authenticity.

Are you looking for a website that sells a wide range of products? Let’s analyze and calculate whether there is something about Levinolin Scam or not.

We all have witnessed the increasing number of new websites in the online market, especially on the servers available in the United States. This fact might keep us wondering whether we should ever give a chance to a new online business. 

Trusting a new merchant is a lot of risk for some customers. Therefore, it requires hours of research and technical analysis to decide whether a website is safe so that you don’t become a victim of cyber fraud. 

This writing provides you with a clear insight into levinolin.online’s authenticity and presents you all the aspects we have taken into consideration before judging this website.

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Is Levinolin Scam?

At first glance of the site, you would consider it a place where you can find gas generators, but once you dig deeper into the other section of the website, you will find many other products of different genres

The most crucial factor is that the website has not reviewed any reviews from the customers to disprove Levinolin Scam

The website showcases suspicious activities that are not acceptable and create extreme mistrust in our view. The website doesn’t have any social media involvement in expanding their marketing techniques so that their products are more visible to customers. 

The Shipping and privacy policy section of the website is not available. The tabs to click are open, but once you click on the button, it will redirect you to the same place. There is no information about the estimated delivery. The website does not provide any order tracking link for the customers. 

The product price mentioned on the website are meagre for such heavy machinery. There is no information about the delivery time shipping charges, return, cancellation or refund policy. 

Due to the absence of customer reviews, there is no assurance whether the website is legit or not. The majority of the sections on the website have their content copied. We do not have any information about the customer services provided by the site. 

The FAQ section of the website is not informative and contains some random text and do not makes sense. Hence, we do not find this website legit and this answer about Levinolin Scam.

What is Levinolin.online?

Levinolin.online is a too new website launched on 14th November 2020. The website is not even a month old, and therefore many have considered this website a Levinolin Scam

The other products available on the website are women’s clothing and accessories, Durometer, men’s clothing, gift cards, video games, Oil Primed. The website seems to have a blog for apparel and fashion. 

The website has safe HTTPS protected network to avoid cyber frauds. The payment gateways are SSL encrypted. 

Specifications of Levinolin.online:

  • Product Types: Generators, Electronic and clothing 
  • Website Url: https://levinolin.online/
  • Email Address: Not Offered 
  • Phone Number: +420.221.890.381
  • Address: Parizska 125/16 110 00 Praha 1 Prague
  • Delivery Time: Not Clear 
  • Shipping charges: Not Clear
  • Delivery Time: Not clear 
  • Cancellation: Not Clear 
  • Return / exchange: Not Clear
  • Refund: Not clear 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and DHL

Pros of shopping from Levinolin.online:

  • The HTTPS network protocol protects the website 
  • Low price range 
  • Detailed product description
  • SSL Encrypted Payment Gateways supported 

Cons of shopping from Levinolin.online:

  • Suspected Levinolin Scam
  • No social media availability
  • No contact information provided 
  • No Policy section 
  • “About Us” page missing 
  • FAQ section not informative 
  • No information about shipping and delivery
  • Deficient price range 

What is customer feedback about Levinolin.online?

Since the website is not even a month old, there are no significant reviews available from customers. 

Technically the website is safe to browse, and the viewer would not fall for cyber frauds. But there is no claim that the site provides satisfactory services to the customers. 

Final Verdict: 

The website lacks important information that are required by the customers to shop from the site. Lack of legal policies are alarming signs that cannot be avoided. 

The website seems suspicious, and it is not advised to shop from this website. If you are looking for legit electronics in the United States, we would suggest you look for other trusted site. 

After going through the research, all the essential factors support Levinolin Scamand hence we would highly recommend you to be aware of this highly suspicious site.

We hope this article seems helpful to you. Please comment below and let us know. 

0 thoughts on “Levinolin Scam (Jan 2021) – Check The Review Here!

    1. If you were scammed as I was your gonna have to file a dispute with PayPal if that’s who they used to process your card. Good luck it’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with PayPal so far. If not try disputing it through your financial institution but this way doesn’t always work sometimes you still get stuck with the charge.
      Z. Wilson

    2. Good afternoon Melissa, I don’t know if you was able to settle your dispute with your financial bank. I was scammed this month and I have contacted amazon, since that is were I first seen the product. My financial institution to they can be aware of any future transactions with this company and also to refund my monies. I also reached out to PayPal and sent them all i had on this company. I also contacted the local post office and made a report as well.

  1. Ipaid $99 for a55”HisenseTv which I thought was cheap, but because of black Friday,I decided to take a shot at it.I was sent an order#with notification.but no time for delivery.I must say I felt a little doubtful.Thanks for the info.

    1. I also got brought the same tv. And got tge same information. But know date or anything about when it should arrive so im going to call my bank and put a return with paypal

    2. did you get the tv or your money back ??? I emailed the contact person with no result as of yet I ordered the same TV on 12/22/20

  2. approved.
    Ipaid $99 for a55”HisenseTv which I thought was cheap, but because of black Friday,I decided to take a shot at it.I was sent an order#with notification.but no time for delivery.I must say I felt a little doubtful.Thanks for the info.

  3. I purchased a 14 cup food processor for less than $90 last night..I was charged by PayPal but nothing from shipper or email of purchase..I even sent an email for tracking since I bought it for a victim of COVID-19.. they are at least 7 hrs ahead in time and as I write here I have contacted PayPal to probably dispute this purchase. why off PayPal if you prove to be scamming..seems PayPal puts the pressure on us not the sellers esp overseas..Why? isn’t the buyer always right…hmmm

  4. Seems like PayPal should be responsible for allowing them to operate, exchanging money as a business, without properly checking them out first. If they are a scam, and PayPal is most likely charging them fees when $ exchanges hands, that makes PayPal a participant by gaining a portion of the money being scammed, right? That what it sounds like to me! I have never been able to receive cash thru their site without them taking their piece of it! Every bank that opens a business acct, throughly checks the business’ info first, & requires an EIN or DUNS #.
    PayPal should’ve also.
    File the complaint against them BOTH, and that will get PayPal’s attention!
    You might try BBB complaint on both that company AND PayPay.

    1. I’ve been trying to get in touch with PayPal and each time they say they can’t find any activity from my account I received a email telling me that money wouldn’t leave my account until the seller proved to them that the product had been sent out..well after I didn’t receive anything I got curious went back to see the message and it was no long there this is so not right and PayPal of all companies want even Nswer a phone e call im about to give them some very bad reviews..its unfair to us all..I just wish I had looked I to this scam

  5. Feel like a complete idiot should have known better like people say it’s good too good you good to be true it probably is should have listened but I’m out $300 and PayPal should pay us it’s their fault we’re having fraudulent company you are liable PayPal

  6. Yes I believe PayPal is involved as well doesn’t seem right to me I also have been scammed by levinoline as well I bought a trampoline for $99 I thought that was a bit cheap and no tracking information but I’m going to get my money back you can believe that scamming peice of shits

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