Letterboxd Year in Review 2020 {Jan 2021} Enjoy Movies!

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020 {Jan 2021} Enjoy Movies!

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020 {Jan 2021} Enjoy Movies! >> Are you a movie lover? Then you need to visit this website! Read article to learn about website.

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020; pandemic gave us spare time to stay indoors and show some love to ourselves and made us never watch before watched movies. We went from watching action-packed movies to top-rated ones.

Usually, once your taste improves in a particular genre, there is no stopping you from listing all the top rated movies.

People from the United States are searching for a platform where they can understand the movie’s rating to watch a worth full movie without regretting the time wasted on watching movies.

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020; about the website

The website is in existence since 2009 and has films being rated since 2012. The website gives a rating to movies based on the votes cast by the letterboxd community member.

One hundred twenty-seven million people voted in the year 2020, and the number of members keeps on increasing day by day. The movies here are rated out of five stars, and only the highest rank is above four.

The website has an end number of contents and categories, and the user will find what he’s looking for. The website has all the types of movies, you name them, and the website has it all.

Letterboxd Year in Review 2020; more about the contents

The website is gaining massive popularity in the United States due to the immense collection of genres displayed. The website has the following types;

  • Top anticipated movies in 2021.
  • Popular film according to the month and year.
  • Top popular movies.
  • Highest rated movies as per the genres and categories.
  • Trends of the movie throughout the years.

There is a never-ending list of categories on the website; the list is easily accessible for internet users.

How to access the website?

The website is easily accessible to all internet users, and the interface is straightforward to use and understandable. Not only that, as per Letterboxd Year in Review 2020, the website is free to use for all, and the user doesn’t need to pay any fees or charges.

But an account has to be created by the users; the store will keep a record of the movies the account holder has watched. The user will also be notified about movies after a clear overview of the user’s past watched history.

The website has also developed an app for android and iPhone users, which can be downloaded on respective platforms. 


We can recommend this website to all the movie lovers who want to expand their taste in movie genres.

As per Letterboxd Year in Review 2020, the website has a smart and appealing interface, making it easy for users to navigate their desired results. We would recommend our users as this website is safe and is free to use.

Websites like this can make watching movies more fun as there are lots of films to explore. We request our readers to mention your viewpoints in the comment box.

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