Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120 {Feb 2022} See!

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120 {Feb 2022} See!

When will the release of Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120 take place? Please read the blog below and gather the latest updates on release date & time.

Do you love to read manhwa? Do you spend time daily reading manhwa? If so, today, you will get to know updates on the most trending manhwa ‘Legend of the Northern Blade.’

The popularity of Legend of the Northern Blade is undeniable; it has successfully garnered a huge number of fans Worldwide. Furthermore, the manhwa has again ranked top in viral news after publishing the 120 chapters.

So, if you’re excited to know about Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120, check out below.

What is the Legend of the Northern Blade?

Before heading to chapter 120, here is some fundamental information about this popular manhwa. It’s one of the Korean origin manhwa series based on action & fantasy genres. According to the manhwa wiki, the storyline of this manhwa is taken from the famous ‘Woogack’s Buk-Geomjeon-Gi’ novel series. The storyline tells that the brave warriors (of the Northern Heavenly Sect) fought against the evil Silent Night to keep the world safe for about decades. However, the story begins to become addictive when Silent Night attacks. The manhwa is super-popular among the readers because of its amazing story, which has full surprises.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120:

According to the updates, chapter 120 has already been published on Thursday (10th February 2022). The manhwa was released only in the Korean language, according to the news. But, for international readers, the story will be released in English too within a week. Following the notification, the manhwa will be released at 9 AM (Pacific Daylight Time), 11 AM (Central Daylight Time), and 5 PM (British Summer Time). The international fans are already waiting for its release, as we found a number of queries regarding the publication date, & time, etc.

Is Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120 available in the raw scan?

Well, for those searching for chapter 120 raw scan, we want to inform you that the raw scan is available. But as per the news, the official release will be on Wednesday, and the raw scan will be published on Tuesday. That means it was already published yesterday. So, you can now read the raw scan as well as the official copy if you wait for a little bit.

Where to read this manhwa?

Tappytoon is considered the most recommended platform, where you can read this Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120 as its the official publisher of ‘Legend of the Northern Blade.’ But, in accordance with international fan’s recommendation, Manhwabookshelf.com is another preferable platform besides Tappytoon as here you can find the latest released chapters with English translation.

The Bottomline:

The Legend of the Northern Blade fanbase has spread Worldwide; the story is available in Korean and English. Here are the reputable sources, chapter 120 is released in English translation on 16th February 2022. For further updates, check out our latest blogs. Do you have any queries about ‘Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 120‘? Please write below.

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