Laurens Wedding Ring (Jan) The Popular Ring Design!

Laurens Wedding Ring (Jan) The Popular Ring Design!

Laurens Wedding Ring (Jan) The Popular Ring Design! >> This post details Lauren Bushnell’s much-hyped wedding ring gifted by Chris Lane during November at their family’s backyard.

Laurens Wedding Ring had garnered quite an attention from fans across the United Kingdom and the United States, second to the country star Chris Lane’s grant proposal to the Bachelor alum star Lauren Bushnell in the backyard of their Oregon’s home. 

While that did become one of the celebrity highlights, what turned into a highlight herein was the sparkling ring, it soon became a favourite amongst many Hollywood A-listers.

So, are you also curious to know about this beautiful wedding ring that is garnering praise? Well, then please do read the entire article below.

The Enchanting Engagement Ring

Laurens Wedding Ring is a 3.5-carat emerald cut diamond gifted by Chris Lane to his lady love Lauren Bushnell while popping the question going on his knees. The engagement ring is a bright solitaire dainty band that charmed other Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence who opted for the similarly shaped rings.

One being asked to elaborate the fairy tale proposal, the 34-year-old country star stated how he decided to keep it simple and casual. 

It has been a trend for celebrities wherein most have opted for rings similar to Laurens Wedding Ring that are elongated diamonds consisting of emeralds, ovals, and elongate cushions. That gave the ring an enchanting and flattering look by amazingly lengthening the wearer’s finger’s look.

The Crazy Wedding Proposal

As per Lane, after taking suggestions from Bushnell’s parents about which place should he take her for popping the question, he decided it would be best to ask her the question, during a family cookout at the backyard of their family house in Oregon. 

The glimmer to the proposal was when the sang a beautiful song before popping the question to his lady love. The highlight beside Laurens Wedding Ring was when Lane sweetly changed the lyrics by singing “Right now we are back in her hometown, and I am down on one knee” thereby charging the air with romance and love.

The celebrities had confirmed their long-term relationship during November by appearing together at the BMI Music Awards, Nashville. After Bushnell’s first engagement with Ben Higgins in 2016 where he gifted her a 4.25-carat Art Deco Style ring at the Bachelor’s show, this time with Chris Lane, the ring has again garnered much attention.

Laurens Wedding Ring: Conclusion

It complements her style of simplicity and elegance. The charm of being popped the most awaited question by her love did add to the glamour and setting. From then on, the wedding ring and its style have become a favourite amongst many Hollywood A-listers including J.Lo and J.Law who opted for similarly styled rings made of ornate style that added length to the wearer’s finger.

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