Kpouy Reviews {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Kpouy Reviews {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Kpouy Reviews {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Read this review if you are searching for outdoor entertainment for your kids.

Do you want to purchase something exciting for your children to play in the summer heat happily? Then you must visit the Kpouy website. 

Summers usually make it difficult for kids to have their share of fun outdoors. In such cases, you, as a parent, want to appease their little hearts and ensure they enjoy to their fullest. If you are exhausted from the endless search for the perfect items your kids can play with, you must read this Kpouy Review.

The website has many products to choose from and offers to ship to countries apart from the United States. If you want to know more about the site, then keep reading this review. 

What is Kpouy?

Kpouy is an online store that sells a variety of products, which range from indestructible shoes and clothing items to QVC style products like retractable windshields and hardware machines. All of them are priced affordable. 

It is difficult to give a clear description of the website’s product range as there is no mention of product categories. There is an HTTPS protocol detected on the site, which is a foolproof way adopted by the website to ensure its customer’s protection. 

It protects the customer from any man in the middle attacks. There are also multiple customer Kpouy Reviews available on the website. However, according to the popular website cyber bunkers, the Kpouy website is not very popular. 

This points in the direction of the website having a very recent date of creation. Now, this quickly raises suspicion as it is shared with scam websites. Read this review further to find out the analysis of the Kpouy online store. 

Specifications of the Kpouy:

  • Products- toys, clothing, hardware machines, tents, car accessories, phone covers, etc 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- Not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- within 48 hours 
  • Delivery time- 7-30 business days 
  • Shipping fee- $5.99- order under $39, $9.99- VIP Shipping, $14.99- international shipping 
  • Return- must be made within 45 days from receiving the order 
  • Exchange- not provided 
  • Refunds- Full refund in case of defective products within 14 days 
  • Online Payment- PayPal, Visa card, Master Card, and American Express

Pros of the Kpouy

  • The website provides multiple ways to make online payment 
  • The website ensures a full refund after examining the return 
  • There are numerous products to choose from 
  • Concise product details offered 
  • The website has a padlock present on it 

Cons of the Kpouy

  • The website layout is cluttered 
  • No clear product categorization 
  • Customer reviews on the website could be fake 
  • The site is registered to a company in China 
  • The website was created a month back 

Is the Kpouy legit or a scam?

There are many signs on the Kpouy online store that point towards it being a legitimate website, such as its email ID and the detection of an HTTPS protocol. Still, they don’t always guarantee the validity of a website. 

While a secure network for the customer is of top priority, it is also essential to check out the website’s creation date. The Kpouy has a one-month-old date of creation, and coupled with that; it has a terrible trust score index. 

This tells us that purchasing from the website at the moment would not make for a wise idea. 

What are the customers saying about Kpouy?

There are currently only Kpouy Reviews available regarding the ultimate leisure hammock. All of the reviews are connected to customers in the United States, and they claim the hammock being a fantastic purchase.

Some comment about the hammock being great and quickly locking themselves in a nesting mode while using the product. But it is strange how there are 32 reviews available regarding only one product on a website that a 1-month old creation date. 

Some online review sites call it potentially safe for surfing and purchasing from, and they support this claim by mentioning it not being listed as not registered as a suspicious one. At the same time, others have given it a deficient trust score rating. 

Final Verdict- 

The Kpouy website’s analysis in this review brings us to the conclusion that the site has a very confusing layout. From prior experience, it can be safely assumed that multiple product options without precise categorization are standard amongst scam websites. 

The suspicion regarding the site only doubles when its creation date is checked. Hence, we do not recommend making purchases of any products from this website. 

0 thoughts on “Kpouy Reviews {August 2020} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. Just got my order from kpouy, total fraud. They sent me a hammock, just the hammock. When I ordered the hammock with stand. I ordered two of them and they just sent me 1. Good thing I made my purchase through PayPal.

  2. I wish I would have seen this before ordering. They have horrible customer service and do not send items as described. As stated on my order page. 100% customer satisfaction and full refund without reason within 30 days. Both are false claims. I was offered $5, 15%, 20% refund on product…never full refund. I have escalated my case to Paypal. Stay very far away…

  3. All above are true. They do not ship the merchandise, the product does not match the picture. Then they offer 5% refund!! It is completely absurd they are stealing from the customers!! Completely a scam. It is too bad I did not find these reviews before ordering from them.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. The website is a scam. I have the SAME experience with the hammock. Ordered the frame and hammock and only sent me the hammock after SEVERAL months. DO NOT PURCHASE.

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