Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money? Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money? Reviews (Sep 2020) Are You Losing Money? >> In this article, we will be reviewing an e-commerce website dealing with several types of products.

Online clothing has become one of the finest businesses in the digital market platform. And almost everyone now prefers this because it’s better from going out in these covid-19 lockdown situations. Kiss is also one company dealing with all the clothing products, many accessories, and footwear. So in this article, we will be providing you information about Reviews.

Kiss is an online e-commerce website of the United StatesWe will be giving you all the details of this website about its shipping, return, refund, delivery, other terms, and policies. So you may have questions about its safety of this, whether it is legit or scam.

So, after reading Reviewsyou will also get all its information related to its legitimacy and safety. It will help if you read this article till the end.

What is Kiss Girly?

Kiss is an online shopping company in the United States, which deals with clothes, accessories, footwear, etc. you will see many varieties on this website. You can easily order the products of your choice.

The company says that they are the first online store, making you look fabulous by wearing their clothes and footwear. If you are tired of wasting time buying these products, you will find many more products and the best quality.

If you ordered something from here and don’t like it, you don’t have to take tension because you can quickly ship the product back to the address they have given you. And you will be given the refund of the product amount you paid.

The other details about Reviews are given below.

Specifications of Kiss

  • Website type: e-commerce website.
  • Shipping policy: the product will take a longer time to be delivered due to some issues.
  • Return policy: you have sent the pictures and receipt of your product. If they say yes, then you to ship them back to their hub.
  • Refund time: the refund will be initiated once the product is reached the hub.
  • Company address: United States.
  • Phone number: not provided.
  • Email:
  • Payment methods: Pay pal.

Pros of Kiss

  • It offers many different types of products and styles.
  • They have described their products correctly.
  • The refund will be given as soon as the product reaches the company back.

Cons of Kiss

  • They only support one payment option.
  • The product return shipping fee is to be paid by the customer itself.
  • The delivery process will take a longer duration of time.

Is Kiss Girly Legit?

As this website has low traffic, you should check this website’s status, whether it is safe or not, before buying products from it.

Firstly, the most confusing fact is that this site’s name is kiss, and there is one another website named Kite

If you visit both sites simultaneously, you will find that both these sites are selling the same products at the same price. Also, all the details were the same as these sites. The same options, same tabs, same notices, same effects. This shows that this only a scam.

The contact email id is also almost the same; they have just changed 

from to So we don’t whether this email works appropriately or not. So you have to take a risk if you want to buy products from this site.

If you asked them for a return, they would tell you an address, and you have to self-ship your product by paying the shipping fee on your own. Also, nowadays, your product delivery will be delayed due to some issues with their shipping process. Even if they do not receive your product, then you will not get any refund amount.

You will not be able to find any Reviews on their website. They might have a terrible customer experience because they have not uploaded them on their official webpage.

So Kiss is a scam company.

Customer Reviews of Kiss

As we have already written above that, there are no Reviews available on the website. 

Some of the customers who used this store said they were very angry with their products. They were entirely made up of threatening quality material. 

Final Verdict:

This article provided you all the details of this online store. Now you can easily decide that using this website is unsafe because it is a scam. 

And if you purchase products from here, then you will be very disappointed with your decision.

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