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Keypadworld Myshopify Com (Sep 2020) A Reliable Site?

Keypadworld Myshopify com

Keypadworld Myshopify Com (Sep 2020) A Reliable Site? >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells fashion clothing for women and refurbished electronic goods.

Don’t we get excited about the goods that are available in the stores at low prices?

Well, Keypadworld Myshopify com is one such store that is selling clothes and electronics at breath-taking prices. With its low prices, it has managed to grab the attention of customers all across India. However, customers are advised to go through the complete website and its reviews before ordering from this store.

To know more about Keypadworld Myshopify com, read the following article and let us know your feedback in the comments section.

What is Keypadworld Myshopify com?

Keypadworld Myshopify com is an online store. Its product portfolio includes fashion clothing and electronic items. In the clothing segment, it currently sells night suits only. As far as electronic items are concerned, headphones and smartwatch is available.

Only limited stock is available in this store. However, all the products are available at very cheap prices. The electronics sold in this store are sourced from refurbished dealers, helping the website sell these electronic products at low prices.

This store operates in India. The payment options available on this site include all the popular mobile wallets, making it convenient for the customers to order and pay online.

Specifications of Keypadworld Myshopify com:

  • Website: Sells women fashion clothing and refurbished electronic goods
  • Address: Not Available on website
  • Contact: Not Available on website
  • Email Address:
  • Shipping Time: Not Available on website
  • Shipping Cost: Not Available on website
  • Delivery Time: Not Available on website
  • Return: can be done by contacting the customer support team via email.
  • Refund: Within 7 to 10 business days
  • Exchange: Only if the product received is damaged.
  • Cancellation: Free cancellations if the order has not been shipped; otherwise, they will be treated as returns.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, credit cards (Visa, American Express, etc.), Mobile Wallets such as Freecharge, airtel money, etc.

Pros of Keypadworld Myshopify com:

  • Keypadworld Myshopify com offers the products at huge discounts.
  • Multiple payment gateways are available for the orders.
  • Cash on Delivery option is also available for the customers having difficulty in making online payments.
  • Clothes available on this web store seem to be trendy.

Cons of Keypadworld Myshopify com:

  • Minimal options for products is available in this web store.
  • Customer Reviews are not available for any product.
  • This website does not have a presence on social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • New electronic items are not available on this website.

Is Keypadworld Myshopify com Legit?

Keypadworld Myshopify com seems to be a doubtful store. The store does not mention its address and contact details on the website. The products are available at a low price, which raises a question about their quality. Electronic items sold here are not new and are purchased from refurbished dealers, and no information is available on this website about these dealers.

A minimal collection of products is available on this website, currently ranging between 10-15 products. The website gives no information about its customers, nor does it have any dedicated section for customer reviews and ratings.

Thus, the store does not seem legit, and customers are advised not to shop from this web store.

Customer Reviews on Keypadworld Myshopify com:

With its low-price products, the customers might get attracted to this store. However, the absence of reviews and ratings on the website might discourage them from buying products from this website.

However, as per some reviews found on some online sources, the store does not seem relevant for the customers. In the first instance, the customers were delighted with the extremely low prices of the products available on this web store. But, they have complained about the non-receipt of their orders. Some people have said that they paid online for their orders and have not received their goods even after a long span of 30 to 40 days.

The refund requests raised by these customers are not taken into account by the customer support team, and they have not received their money back, which they paid while ordering goods from this web store.

In all, no positive or even neutral customer review has been found about this web store.

Final Verdict:

Based on reviews and the website, this store certainly does not seem to be a legit one. Customers are advised not to fall in the trap of the low prices offered by this store and avoid shopping from here.

Do let us know about your shopping experience and comments on Keypadworld Myshopify com in the comments section below.

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  1. I ordered a mini drone from this site but i got shocked when I received two earphones. I just suggest don’t buy anything from this site. They show extremely low price of their product but it’s a total scam.

  2. yes almost this site was trap , i have ordered for laptop mini, but received JBL headphone, also there was no response from the customer care as well.

  3. I am buying a mini laptop. But no Any response by mail. By mistake write a wrong pin. But no any mail from I no what wrong.

  4. Yes, definitely it is legit one. I purchased table on this web site but no any response from the company on email and product not delivered to me. I lost my money, no proper fulfillment on this web like other portals such as amazon, flip kart for customer like no order summary, no login, no customer review and even no customer care number and company address is available. Still in the trap of low price I got pulled down and booked a tablet which is not received from more than month.
    *****Friends, request you all do not purchase anything from this site be aware from fraudulent.

  5. don’t trust the keypad world never it can scam you and there is no contact to follow up for the wrong order I hade order a mini drone and got a watch instead I don’t even wear a watch to be honest

  6. Hi this is Balraj chipiri from Hyderabad india and I have paid for tab rupees 999/- last two weeks back
    Till iam not recieved tab ok my request how many days took to receive please answer me
    Balraj chipiri

  7. Hi this is Balraj chipiri from Hyderabad india and I have been waiting for delivery for my tab I paid 3 week before till not recieved
    Iam very disappointed pls inform me

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