k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage {Jan 2021} Be Techy!

k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage {Jan 2021} Be Techy!

k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage {Jan 2021} Be Techy! >> Now you can enhance your child’s technical knowledge! Wondering how? Read article for details.

k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage: Do you want to teach your child about the technical lesson?

If you want to enhance your child’s knowledge regarding the computer, internet safety, and related technical field, then you are on the right article.

k5 Technology Curriculum portal has become a headline, and parents in the United States are talking about it. It is said that the site has been developed to design a modern education system.

Today, in this writing, we are providing you absolute research-based information about this particular platform. So if you are curious about this site, check the entire article.

k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage:

This e-platform is mainly designated to enhance technical literacy from the kindergarten stage. The entire curriculum has been proposed and created by Brittany Washburn, who is the famous educator and host of her website, where she teaches lessons on technology.

It is mainly developed for children from kindergarten to 5th grade to make them literate about technology from the very beginning.

What is the login procedure?

There are 2 blank boxes on the left-hand side of the landing page, headed with ‘Log In Here,’ students with parents’ guidance need to fill those boxes with a proper username and strong password.

Beneath the password, there is ‘Remember Me’ option, once you click, login credentials will be captured and you need not fill repeatedly. 

More about k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage:

After headed through https://www.k5technologycurriculum.com/homepage/, a visitor will obtain the following curriculum categories- Samples, PreK, Kindergarten, 1St Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Extras, Sub Plans, and learning units.

The entire above curriculum again divided into sub curriculum categories like K Mouse Practice, Word Processing, Mouse and Keyboard Review, Typing, Project Making, Rules and Procedures, Internet Safety, Online Search, Coding, Technology Vocabulary, Spreadsheet Software, Presentation Software, and so on.

The ‘Extras’ option from the menu panel again possesses 16 separated extra lessons; for example, it includes Keyboarding, Tech Vocab Words, Activities, Logic Games, Color-Coded Typing 7, Hour of Code, Sorting Tech, etc.

With the k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage, parents can get to know about the curriculum designer from the top ‘Teacher’ option along with it; the home page contains the Policy and terms of this portal. For new students, there is a video describing the entire introduction.


k5 Technology Curriculum homepage includes all the necessary information for the new joiners. This portal offers an LMS learning system and it is a digital classroom where the entire curriculum is distributed in a straightforward manner so that kids have no struggle with studying. Just do login and select your lesson and start learning.

We searched for its reviews; however, no remarks are available about k5technologycurriculum Com Homepage. So we could not provide info to our readers regarding United States citizen’s perception.

Have you used this platform for your child or any other? Please tell us your remarks about this educational portal.

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