Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Real Or Scam? Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Real Or Scam? Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Real Or Scam? >> The review is based on analysis and research to help our customers to know more about the online site that is selling footwear. Reviews– Do you know that the beautiful journey begins with the fabulous pair of footwear? Are you one who is willing to have a crazy collection of shoes, flats, sneakers, etc. in one place? The is a branded footwear store with a massive collection of fashionable shoes, sneakers, chic heels, stylish flats all under one store with a considerable discount, hot deals, offers, and coupons codes. 

The central company vision is to provide stylish footwear with excellent quality and design within the United States and worldwide.

The company focuses mainly on a new design, quality, and customer satisfaction, so the company product design is as unique as the individual as you. For more details and updates on the website, please go through the reviews online.

What is

The United States-based company is only 57 days old in its field and aiming to set its standard high in the fashion world by providing quality and unique design pair of footwear at reasonable prices

The main idea is to offer the latest trends and news on shoes for both men and women with fashion-forward worldwide. For those who embrace fashion trends at a reasonable price, please check out the company website.

The portal believes that customer satisfaction is a top priority. The company trusts its products so much that it offers an excellent return, refund, and exchange policy. One can find happy customers on Reviews available on the website.


  • Website type: Branded shoes, heels, sneakers, flats, etc.
  • Website URL:
  • Email Id:
  • Address: Meledo company Limited ( Add: 107-111 Fleet-street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom EC4A 2AB ) ( Not a return address)
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy: The company focuses on delivering items as quickly as possible. It takes 15-25 working days for standard shipping. Shipping charges vary for different countries.
  • Shipping to other countries of the world- $ 7 on standard shipping. Shipping time varies for different countries.
  • Return Policy: If the customer is not happy with the product, the company will help and offers a 7days return policy.
  • Refund Policy: If the company is responsible for product issue like shipping the wrong items) size, then the company refunds the full amount to the original payment method within three days of receiving the item
  • Exchange Policy: If the customer wants to exchange the product, it allows an exchange deal to report to the help desk within seven days of receiving the item.  
  • Payment methods: The Company accepts the amount through PayPal; if the customer does not hold the PayPal account, then the credit and debit card payment option is also available.
  • Social media links: Active on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram 
  • Domain age: Based on the research, it is 2020-08-24

Pros of

  •  The company website and its interface are easy to use and handle
  • Reviews available on the internet
  •  Great collection of footwear for all occasions at one stop
  • The company is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • The company address is mentioned on the Website.
  • Right return, refund, and shipping policy available

Cons of

  • The company is only one month 25 days old and difficult to trust
  • The contact number is not given on the website.

Is Legit or a Scam?

The company’s authenticity depends on the domain age, customer feedback, and many other factors. Based on the research and analysis carried out on Reviews, we found valid address details, positive customer feedback, active social media networks, and the right quality products at a reasonable price. 

As the website is very recent and only one month twenty-five days old, so we can’t decide and judge its legitimacy. So please buy products here after doing thorough research and analysis.

Customer Feedback on

Customer feedback plays a significant role in knowing more about the company. The positive response from the customer on the website as well on the Facebook page creates positive vibes for the company. The customers are happy with the design, size, and quality available on the website. 

At the same time, some customers showing interest in buying online from the website on the Facebook page. Overall we found positive responses from the customer over the internet. 


The company domain age, accurate details like address, contact details, and the customer reviews provided on the Website help us decide the company’s legitimacy. But the company is very new to trust and to decide its legitimacy and do business online. There is no contact number available on the Website.

The Website has a Reviews section that has positive and happy customer feedback. The social media links like Facebook and Instagram are active and found a timely reply from the company for customer queries and comments. 

Based on the thorough research and analysis, we would like to conclude that the company is very recent to decide its legitimacy. So before purchasing here please thoroughly research the website. 

Please do comment in the comment section below to share your views about the company.

64 thoughts on “ Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Real Or Scam?

  1. Placed my order on Oct. 2 Today is Oct. 25 and I have yet to get an email to say my shoes have shipped. I sent an email asking about my order- had to send it twice before anyone responded. Didn’t really get any clear answers. Payment has been taken out of my account.

    1. Same here. Placed order on 12/5/20 and have yet to receive order or even a tracking number. Sent an email inquiry on 12/25. This was reply…” We feel sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
      The package has been sent to the post office, it is currently in the transit. Sometimes the tracking information may be delayed.
      Once there is a tracking number updated, we will send to you as soon as possible,
      Your kind understanding will be highly appreciated.”. Still no tracking number and sent another email inquiry yesterday.

    2. I placed my order for two pairs of shoes on 11/4/20. I received one pair on 2/3/21 but they are the wrong size. The other pair has not come. Do not order from this company.

    3. So I believe this company was formally known as My order took over two months to arrive, the only way to contact anyone was through email, and someone answered sporadically. Finally got shoes, they were very cheaply made, I got five pair. I haven’t seen Sofiawears anymore and suddenly Jellipops starts showing up on social media. Here’s the interesting part, the red chunky booties Jellipop advertises, is the exact same pair I ordered from sofiawears. Ladies, don’t buy, it is a waste of your money.

  2. Really want to order from them so your review helped. I have “fallen” for social media advertising before and always disappointed with the amount of time it takes to ship. With that being said, I have decided not to order from them at this time. I will be keeping an eye on them though.

    1. Same. I keep getting a generic “Sorry, they are backed up in customs, hope you get your order soon”….wth? Money has been taken out of my account. I ordered on Oct. 25th and to this day… I have emailed them 3 times, with quetions, only to get the above response. I will wait another week and then I will dispute it with my credit card company as fruad.

      1. Don’t do it! Shipping is terrible and customer service is even worse! There is no customer service! All you get is a computer responding the same answers to different questions! What a joke! Save your money!

        1. Ordered the Jellipops shoes from an advertisement on Facebook and I could not be more dissatisfied with both the shoes and the customer service. The shoes took a LONG time to reach me and when they did come, it was obvious even before trying them on that these shoes are so cheaply made that the guaranteed customer satisfaction is only a ploy. The chemical smell alone of the shoes was enough to keep me from wearing them. In trying to return them, I was offered coupons, replacement anything other than a refund. When I pushed for a refund, I was told the return shipping would cost MORE than the price of the shoes and shipping originally paid. Avoid this company at all costs!

      1. I have emailed them over 15 times and I keep getting the same response! I received product from China! Very poor quality for the money! They don’t have a live person, it is a computer response! What a joke!

        1. I ordered on October 3 it is now November 30, have received nothing, when I try to contact them they say my order is in customs or its being shipped. I’ve asked for my money back no response.
          I’m sure this place is a scam.
          I made a mistake, will continue to write bad reviews everywhere I can.

  3. Thanks for feed back was worried could never get feed back from anyone who has purchased from them. Think I will hold off.

  4. Nervous! I’m about to order something too, because I really like these shoes, so I guess I’ll give feedback if I get it…or don’t get it. I’ve ordered some things on other websites like this and it often takes over a month to get it, but I eventually got it.
    It sucks that they have the cutest clothes and shoes on these sites, and you can’t find anything as cute in real stores.

  5. I ordered on 10/22. Never got a shipping email but they have responded to every email I have sent just saying it has been sent to post office I should get tracking info soon, thank you for being patient…….😒They did say it says on website it can take 15 to 25 days but I dont see where it’s says that!

  6. I placed my order on October 7. I received no emails from them, until I emailed them on Oct 23. They immediately replied that it was at the post office and may take some time. I have now followed up twice. I received a tracking number yesterday, which in not able to be located on track it. I will give them 2 more days and then start my dispute via paypal. I would be VERY wary before I placed another order.

    1. Same here. Seemed awfully convenient they took the product to the post office that very day. I did get some sort of tracking number, however, that stopped in Shanghai on Nov 10th and never moved again. I tried contacting Paypal. Guess what, no transaction ever took place through Paypal. I read somewhere else that they are using a copycat Paypal site. Now they have my credit card information too. Working with my bank now to close out that card.

    2. Ordered 10/28/2020. No shoes delivered yet. I emailed 5 times updating them that I have no shoes. They sent me tracking saying it shipped from HONG KONG! I truly believe I was scammed because when I did ask for a refund, the communication ceased.

  7. I ordered on Oct 19th. I have been going back and forth with an automated email system. I would never order from them!!!! I have contacted a lawyer to try and get the money refunded to me.

  8. I made an order on 10/06/20… is 11/03/20. I’ve emailed them twice with no clear answer on when they will ship. They have taken my money as well.

  9. I ordered on October 13. Sent them an email on October 21 asking for shipping tracking. They said my order was prepared and will be sent to post office. Today is November 4 and still no email on shipping tracking or package! Will never order from here again!

  10. Has anyone gotten tracking or anything. I ordered oct 17, got a quick response that my ordered had be fulfilled and headed to the post office. I have not received anything since. I guess they are still trying to get to the post office or something. I emailed them today again asking and if I get no tracking by close of business Friday I will file a claim with paypal.

  11. Ordered Oct 19th and still haven’t received shipping info. Money has been taking out of account. I contacted them through FB messenger and they say it’s shipped. Their webpage tells you to download an app called shop for tracking, there is no listing for the store. I am disputing with PayPal and my credit card. I think they are a scam.

  12. Placed an order on Nov 2 and have yet to receive any shipping confirmation. Sent an email today so hopefully I will get an update from them. I do hope they are a legit company because they have the cutest stuff. Will update when I hear back from them. Fingers crossed!

  13. Placed an order on October 11. Have yet to receive a shipping confirmation. The customer service responds to me within 24 hours, blaming it on the post office. However, their story on this has changed, and they are literally back to one of the original stories, making me think it is all nonsense. I have asked for a refund 3 times, and their customer service has failed to acknowledge that request. I strongly urge people NOT to use this company.

  14. I found all these shoes on another website months ago. They were based out of China. I ordered them in January and never got them, by June I had to file a dispute with paypal. They kept saying they were shipping them to me, they were just taking a long time. I think these shoes are so cute but I have a feeling this is the same website from before just a new name. I wish I remembered what the other website was.

  15. This terrifies me!!! I ordered on 11/3 and besides my card being charged and an order confirmation email. I have emailed them at least 3 times with no response. I will be asking for my money back through my Credit Union. BE WARNED!!!

  16. Same issue as others, automated email response with wording that was a bit off. Additionally, along with charging my card, I noticed that they collected city tax from the place where I live. Never had that with online orders. I’ll be bummed if this is a scam.

  17. I ordered some boots in September and still haven’t received my order. I will be filling fraudulent charges and get my money back.

  18. I did receive my order, but it came from China. I ordered the leather slip on shoes. The shoes I received are not leather, they are at least two sizes to big. There’s no writing what so ever printed in the shoes, such as size or brand of shoes. And the shoes were in a zip lock bag, instead of a shoe box. There was no shipping/return label.

  19. Placed my order on Oct 26 along w payment. Still have not received the shoes, I did receive a UPS tracking number but evidently has not reached the UPS location. Starting to think this is a scam website!

  20. I placed an order on 10-17-20 and have yet to receive it. Keep being told stuck at post office. Will not order from them again and would not recommend anyone else to either. Also have been charged

  21. Ordered on October 31. It will be 25 business days in two days on November 27. I have been tracking the package and it still hasn’t even been shipped yet. That’s too bad, because they are cute in the advertisements. Who knows what I’ll get or if I’ll even get them. Has anyone received their shoes yet?

  22. I bought from them and wish I would have saved my money! Very poor quality Shoes! Waited over a month to receive straight from China! Shoes were too big and I wanted to return. No way to talk to a human and the customer service is a computer! SCAM

  23. I ordered some boots and was so excited. The funds immediately were deducted from my account. I never received a tracking number. I emailed the company and did not receive a response. I placed my order on November 7th and started a claim with PayPal on November 24th. It seems that I will be receiving a refund. Do not order from this Company. This site and a few others on FB are a complete scam. I am so thankful fir PayPal and their policies.

  24. I ordered from them almost 2 months ago. Have been corresponding via email about my order. All I get is they are sorry for the inconvenience and my package has been shipped. I don’t think I will ever see this package. I say they are a scam… do not order from them. They scammed me out of $80. Guess it could have been worse.

  25. Placed an order 10/18/2020. Nothing has arrived. There was a shipping status sent saying it had arrived at UPS. Still nothing. Never order anything off of Face Book/social media.

  26. I sure wish I would have seen all these bad comments before I made my purchase with this fake company. we have been scammed. I orderd shoes Nov 7th & it’s now dec 4th. I have emailed several times & askd for a refund when they can’t tell me where my package is ,& the tracking # given isn’t valid. I just hung up with my bank & started my claim through PayPal..hopefully I will get my $ refunded. all I have been told when I try to email customer service is “please be patient.” what a dissapointment & waste of time waiting on my package.

  27. BUYER BEWARE! Do not order from this company. I ordered 5 pairs of shoes on Oct. 11 and received one and the one I did receive is garbage. PAYPAL will not back you up on the transaction either no matter how documentation you provide. I am out $161.00 and I have one crappy pair of shoes that are not even wearable.

  28. Today is 12/8/2020…ordered my shoes (5 pair) in October…received 2 pair on 12/4….wondering where my other 3 pair are arriving…Money has already been taken out of my account!!!!! Notable to get any response from the company

  29. I ordered shoes for my mom for Christmas on October 24th, and after reading all the reviews and emailing the company I found out that it was a scam. I don’t have a PayPal account but I paid through PayPal express and now I can’t get a refund. Has this happened to anyone, and how did you get a refund if you didn’t have an account. I am a college kid with barely any money and I just wanted to get my mom something she really wanted, and now I am sick to my stomach.

    1. Order 2 pair of shoes on November 14th, today is December 11th and all I’ve received is 5 automated response saying be patience, or your order is sitting in transit at the post office last one before I canceled said “your package was forgotten due to the volume of packages at the post office it will ship out soon” did some research, saw it was a scam, asked for a refund but I know I’m not getting that so I’ll call my C.C company and dispute it out with them, Ladies be smart, it’s definitely a scam! Don’t read these comments then go give them your money because you won’t receive anything but a automated response and a knot in your stomach from wasting your money!

  30. I ordered on October 24. Said they were shipped November 1. Here it is December 9 and all the response I get is it is in transit to USPS. I GOT SCAM BY THEM

  31. I ordered on 12/8. Cannot get any shipping update info. Guess I overlooked the ship from as Hong Kong or I certainly would not have ordered from them! I sent a request fir an update; it’s obvious the responses are computer generated and useless!

    1. Ok…well….I ordered on October 16th….had two correspondents with “Adele”….could not track with the number she gave me. I also decided I had been scammed!
      I just received my boots yesterday. 10 weeks after I ordered them. And. .. I really like them….they are made well, comfortable, and look really good. So…be prepared to wait quite awhile if/when you place an order.

  32. I wish I would have read comments before ordering. Like others, I placed my order, the money was taken out of my account, and then waited and waited for arrival. Upon arrival, I didn’t even need to take them out of the packaging to see that they were poorly made. I’ve been trying to get a return address to ship back. They show a satisfaction guarantee on their website, but they try endlessly to get the consumer to keep the product. I have yet to get a return address. What a SCAM!!!

  33. Horrible company out of Vietnam. They don’t send until you complain. It took two months. They will not cancel an order. They have figured out a way to bypass paypal so you can’t get your money back. They sent me total garbage and jewels were missing off the shoes. How do they handle it? They tell me I have to pay to send back the shit they sent me. They also offer to give a coupon to order more garbage. No thanks. I’ll post my review.

  34. I ordered Dec 14, on my phone I have an app called “shop” it’s very useful. It says received order, in transit etc. It’s been a little over 6 weeks. The company apparently “opened” Aug 24, 2020. So. Maybe they are such newbies, they are not handling the volume? Sitting here, still hoping I am not getting screwed. I ordered 3 pair. I usually have great luck ordering in social media sites. So. They are due to arrive Monday. We shall see. Hoping uf all does NOT go well. Paypal will cover it, and give a refund. Always do PAY PAL. Got screwed out of a swimming pool this summer. Got refunded super fast. #sickofshadypeople

  35. I ordered 2 pair of shoes. Took 4 weeks to get them. The sneakers were fine, but the pointed toe dress shoes were horrible! Very cheap plastic! I ordered a size 10, they fit like a size 11. The response from customer service was to give them to someone as a gift, pay the expensive shipping to return them, or accept a coupon for my next purchase! Do not order from them!!

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