Jbl c100tws Review (Oct 2020) Read Before Your Order!

Jbl c100tws Review (Oct 2020) Read Before Your Order!

Jbl c100tws Review (Oct 2020) Read Before Your Order! >> In this writing, we will discuss a Bluetooth in-ear headphone and will explore its legitimacy.

Are you looking for fantastic quality ear-buds at an affordable cost? Let’s look into the Jbl c100tws Review and see what kind of experience these in-ear headphones can provide you.

JBL is one of the most renowned brands in India and has introduced a new music experience to the customers. The in-ear headphones technology can blow your mind with their specifications.

We all know that many brands offer the same in-ear technology at a much lower price than the earphones’ typical cost. The question is which brand to choose and which brand provides maximum specifications at a specific price. 

This detailed review will provide you with all the quality this product consists of and how it is different from other products offered by other brands. We will give you an in-depth analysis of the function available in these headphones. 

About JBL C100TWS: 

JBL C100TWS are the in-ear earphones introduced by JBL to provide you with a seamless headphone experience with excellent sound quality. 

The ear-buds are designed to fit in your ear and are so light in weight that you won’t be able to recognize the extra weightage in your ear. 

One of the most common experiences we all must have encountered is working out at the gym or home with your wired headphones. The exhaustion we feel when the earphones’ wire gets stuck at every step cannot be explained in words. 

With these Bluetooth in-ear headphones, you will not think of to worry about the wires at all. JBL C100TWS in-ear Bluetooth headphones have received a lot of insightful Jbl c100tws Review from customers.

Specifications of JBL C100TWS:

  • Bluetooth variant: 5.0 
  • Response frequency range: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Weight of the device: 58 grams 
  • Type of battery: 60mA / 3.7 Volts Lithium-ion
  • Total charging time (if fully discharged): Less than 2 hours
  • Play Time duration: Maximum 5 hours + 12 hours with charging case
  • Built-in microphone available 
  • Siri / Google assistance
  • Types of ear tips available: small, medium, large
  • Colour variant: black, white

Pros of buying JBL C100TWS:

  • Fast charge technology 
  • Long-range Bluetooth connectivity
  • The ear-buds gets auto-synced once out 
  • Hands-free call technology 
  • You can access Alexa features 
  • Matte finish charging case
  • Excellent noise cancelling 
  • Zero sound leak 
  • True wireless 
  • Excellent bass quality
  • Deliverable to all locations in India

Cons of buying JBL C100TWS:

  • The physical button might cause some discomfort 
  • The size of the charging case is a little large 
  • Decreased call quality 
  • There can be a connectivity issue with different brands of mobile 
  • Many customers faced problems with the left ear-bud connectivity

Is JBL C100TWS a legit product to buy?

JBL C100TWS is cutting edge technology introduced to customers to allow them to move freely without getting their wired stuck into place. 

The Jbl c100tws Review revealed that the majority of customers are satisfied with the quality of these ear-buds. The ear-buds have long-range Bluetooth connectivity; therefore, you can move around freely without your phone at a considerable distance. 

The ear-buds have auto-sync technology, hence as soon as you will take them out of the charging cable, they will connect each other, and if your phone has Bluetooth on, the ear-buds will be automatically connected to the mobile. 

You will not have to disconnect the headphones manually; just put them in the charging case, and they are disconnected from your phone. The earphones offer you noise cancellation and zero sound leak; therefore, the person sitting next to you is not disturbed. 

Overall we found this product legit and worth giving a try. 

What is customer feedback about JBL C100TWS? 

The in-ear earphones have received a lot of complimentary Jbl c100tws Review and therefore seemed satisfactory to customers.

Customers have appreciated the excellent bas quality and the noise cancellation features of the Bluetooth earphones. The fast-charge technology charges your earphones in less than 2 hours to provide your 12 hours or excellent audio experience. 

Few customers have experienced left ear-bud connectivity issues; they claim that after using it for a significant time, the left ear-bud couldn’t connect to the right one. 

Final Verdict:

After going through the features, specifications, and Jbl c100tws Reviewwe concluded that this product buying. The price of the product justifies its quality and unique specifications.

We would suggest you inquire if your phone model is compatible with these ear-buds before buying. 

Please comment below and share your views about this product. 

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