Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol (Oct) Reality

Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol (Oct) Reality

Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol (Oct) Reality -> Read the full post to know about the real star of this musician’s family and her disorders.

Are you curious about this blame it on Alcohol? Do you want to know the inner details? Well, here is all you need to know about Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol and her death. The musician Jamie Foxx used to call her sister a real star of his family despite her disorder. The musician’s sister was actually 36 years old when she died.

Foxx from the United State had a special connection with his sister, who had down syndrome from her birth and was crazy about dancing.

Everything you need to know about this brother-sister duo:

Jamie Foxx is a 52 years old musician from the United State who is a father of two daughters from two different relationships in his life. And deondra Dixon was his sister, who was suffering from severe down syndrome and died at the age of 36 years. Well, the musician had a very deep connection with his sister and used to organize a lot of parties at home for her where she used to dance. 

Well, users also search for  Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol to get the full information about the music video of Jamie Foxx in which her sister rocked the show with her amazing dance.

What is the story behind this ‘blame it on alcohol’?

Deondra Dixon, who was the global ambassador of the global down syndrome foundation, had a craze about dancing and used to dance a lot in the house parties with her boyfriend and his brother. And talking about this Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol, then while the making of the music video of blame it on Alcohol, she used to ask her brother to give her a chance in the music video and she appeared with Quincy Jones.

How did the musician reveal his sister’s death?

Jamie Foxx, who used to have a heartly connection with his sister, got shattered after his sister died at the age of 36 years. The musician shared a long post on the social media account, sharing the precious moments captured with his sister. A lot of Foxx’s fans search for Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol to know the entire story of this brother-sister duo. 

The musician mentioned that his sister was the real star of the entire family, and his sister will always be alive for him in his virtual memories.

Final verdict

Users searching for Jamie Foxx Sister Blame It on the Alcohol can get all the information here including the real reason the musician’s sister’s death and their love for each other. The musician used to take his sister with him at almost all the award functions and musical shows.

Moreover, the musician has poured his heart out in his recent post after his sister’s death, along with some pictures and mentioned her diet habits.

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