Ishini Weerasinghe Scam (Oct 2020) Reeal the fraud Behind It.

Ishini Weerasinghe Scam (Oct 2020) Reeal the fraud Behind It.

Ishini Weerasinghe Scam (Oct 2020) Reeal the fraud Behind It. >> In the above article, you read about a Canada based Sri Lankan social media influencer and her scam.

With the increase in social media trends, we all have seen the rise of various social media influencers who are being liked by the public for their content.

Ishini Weerasinghe is one Sri Lankan influencer who is popular among the United States people for her fashion and lifestyle content.

She used her popularity to collect funds for the 2019 Sunday Easter attack victims, and she was successfully able to manage a considerable amount. However, there has been some news of her not using this money for donations to the victims.

To know more about Ishini Weerasinghe and Ishini Weerasinghe Scam, do read the following article.

Who is Ishini Weerasinghe?

Ishini Weerasinghe is a 21-year-old lady. She is a Sri Lankan and is based in Canada.

She is popular among the United States people for her content on Social Media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. She has become a famous social media influencer recently and has over 173k followers on Instagram.  

Her content on social media is mostly related to fashion and beauty tips, and her lifestyle, with which she aims to influence teens and young adults.

Story of Ishini Weerasinghe Scam:

Ishini Weerasinghe being a famous influencer among the people, started a fundraiser on 21st April 2019. She initiated this campaign on the platform, wherein she requested people to donate for the Easter Sunday terror attacks that happened in 2019. 

Since a popular figure initiated the campaign, many people donated for this social cause. She was able to collect almost $ 82,882 for this social cause.

However, many donors have accused Ishini Weerasinghe of not donating this money for the purpose with which it was collected. It has been almost 1.5 years since the collection, the donors are asking for proofs which show that money was donated to the victims.

Response by Ishini Weerasinghe:

Ishini Weerasinghe Scam does not seem to trouble the social media influencer. 

She has straightforwardly denied these allegations, even though she borrowed an ample amount of Rs. 15 Million in June 2019. In response to all the allegations, she has said that she has donated all the money to the needy people. However, she is facing some issues due to political and legal reasons, which has delayed the receipt of all the proofs of donation. 


#IshiniGate has been trending on social media because of Ishini Weerasinghe Scam. Many people have used this hashtag on social media such as Twitter and Instagram to spread the story about this social media influencer who has been accused of siphoning approximately $82,882.


With this Ishini Weerasinghe Scam story, it is clear that not all influencers are as right as they appear to be. This influencer has robbed people of their hard-earned money in the name of charity, and to date, has not been able to prove herself.  

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